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Trapped Within the Gears of Life
Salvia divinorum (20X Extract)
by Drew
Citation:   Drew. "Trapped Within the Gears of Life: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20X Extract) (exp66038)". Feb 20, 2018.

.2 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Since the first time I had heard of salvia I'd wanted to give it a try. I'd heard of the most insanely random trips imaginable (ie. living the life of a chinese man in 1 ten minute trip), and this really excited me. What may have attracted me to it even more was the fact that the convenient store just a couple blocks from my house sold it! In my past I had only ever smoked marijuana, and taken half an 'E', so in no way was I prepared to face this overwhelming psycadellic experience that awaited me.

It must have been about one in the morning when my friend text messaged me, telling me to meet him at the park outside my house. I got there shortly after, and met up with him and a bunch of other people I knew. They had gotten a gram of 20x salvia, and had each smoked it, without tripping AT ALL. I told them they must have done it wrong, as I knew that many people online, had experienced incredible trips on it. From what I had learned, you were to smoke the salvia in a pipe, hold the smoke in your longs as long as possible, then slowly exhale. What I hadn't learned was the instant climax of psycadellic phenomenon.

I pulled hard on the pipe, clearing a small bowl of salvia extract (which was extremely harsh!), and must have held it for at least 35 seconds. The last thing I remember after that was an uncomfortable buzzing noise and feeling that started subtley and rose to an unbearable level within a second or two, and that my friend in front of me became constructed of some sort of bricks.

It was at that time that I had my breakthrough. After what seemed like a thousand years, my mind became active, and as far as I was convinced, I was nothing more that some sort of coloured object rotating back and forth rapidly, and so was everything else around me. Everything was connected to some sort of endless rotating machine, and I knew that that's all I ever was, that my life had been a deception, a lie, and thats all I ever would be forever. Everything I had once known now meant nothing to me, as I was sure it was fake. I had found the ultimate truth in life, which was that we are nothing more than bacteria. There is nothing special about us. No spirits. Nothing.

Suddenly, I began concentrating extremely hard, which I believe was my concious self trying to awaken once again, and I began to recognize/remember little details about my life, and what I was (or from what I had learned, what I was lead to believe I was). At that time, I remembered I had smoked the salvia, and suddenly I found myself, now partially restored to my ego, able to relax, and simply watch what was happening. Everything seemed normal, I turned around and glanced at my friend, who asked me how I was doing. I replied, 'Oh man, I think it's over n-'. I trailed off, my eyes rolled back into my head, and everything went bright solid white. In the distance, I could see a small speck, which got closer and closer until it stretched verticly across my field of vision, and I noticed it seemed to be a film strip, with my actual vision on it! It bent, and rotated for a short while, then finally zoomed in and that seemed to end my hallucinations.

This experience left me confused, and amazed. I wasn't sure what I had just learned, but I knew it was very important, and that salvia is not a laughing matter.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2018Views: 817
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Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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