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Questioning Everything?
Citation:   Expansion91. "Questioning Everything?: An Experience with Ketamine (exp66112)". Dec 27, 2018.

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1 bump insufflated Ketamine
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The first bit is just history on me and how I obtained this mysterious substance.

So as most reports get I'll give you a bit of my history. I tried weed for the first time in grade 9 and became an avid weekend user and then stopped for a bit and started going to parties drinking alot and smoking weed the odd time. I tried shrooms once but it was a low 'Threshold' dose as my friends were way too cautious and in the future I see a few more shrooms trips with higher dosages though. That's about it alcohol, weed and barely shrooms.

So Me and my buddy who tried shrooms and were satisfied but wanted it to be a bit more intense decided to get more. So I talked to 'Buddy' and he said he'd try but there a seasonal thing and they are very rare so I might be SOL. Anyways he texts me back and says I can only get half a vile of 'K' no shrooms... I'd been sketchy on Ketamine not knowing what it was though several friends said it was awesome. This 'Buddy' told me he just recently tried it and said it was trippy like booze and shrooms thoughts for a short period... So I said hell yeah! Plus for some reason I love the idea of snorting a drug... It could just be my inner rockstar.

So I got the half vile and I really wanted to try it. I watched some TV and when everyone in the house was asleep I went down into my room pulled out the vile, Axis: Bold as Love and my pick. I spread 2 small bumps on the Legendary CD case and lined them up with my pick. I took a 20 dollar bill and snorted the first line... Waited 5 minutes... Snorted the second and for the first 10 minutes I felt nothing. I laid back in my bed and my nose was a bit stuffy so I snorted all the flem into my throat and WOAH! Hello chemical drip.
WOAH! Hello chemical drip.
From then on I started to onset and I just laid on my bed felt weird almost drunk but with a hint of weed and everything I looked at expanded as in got bigger. Eventually I laid down and fell asleep on the fine substance Ketamine.

Now to the real experience... It was 4 AM I had just gotten home from work and had most of the half vile left minus 2 small bumps. I spread a quarter of a full vile into a line (again on the Bold as Love case) snorted it (with the right technique) and again with the chemical drip. I started the trip and began to feel a bit tipsy/weed trippy. Things started to expand... So I snorted the other quarter vile and chemical drip again. Suddenly I heard a noise from upstairs possibly my father so being on a substance much further than Weed/Alcohol I oddly ran to shut off the light and then laid down on my bed.

I began to have these thoughts... I thought about Why the hell am I playing football what is it gonna do for my life? I'm wasting too much time I should just quit! I laid in my bed with my arms spread and legs together and said I'd never smoke weed or try any other drug ever again I'd just drink. I thought what the hell am I doing with my life I've only got 1 year left of high school. I had all these thoughts and I pictured myself playing football and I saw myself almost as if an OBE (out of body experience). As I laid there I began to pray that God keep me safe on my journey and told him of my new revelations (I am christian but I'm not like really religious) and as I laid there with the same form as Jesus Christ himself on the cross I began to see my self from the point of view which was floating in the air and I began circling myself fast as if was a ghost. I started to think why I would do Ketamine and that was the highlight (as the lights were off there wasnt much visuals) was the thoughts and they were so odd yet fun. But as I looked over at my alarm clock I could so about four of them moving around and I thought that was amazing.

So that's my experience...

But I'll tell you this... My approach to drugs other than marijuana right now is very conservative... I usually try it once at a very low dosage just to get a feel for what I'm about to do and to see how my body reacts. I did it with shrooms and Ketamine and will do the same thing with E.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66112
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Dec 27, 2018Views: 767
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Ketamine (31) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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