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Heating the Body for Pleasure
Citation:   Poopypickle. "Heating the Body for Pleasure: An Experience with Crack (exp66157)". Erowid.org. Jan 5, 2020. erowid.org/exp/66157

  repeated smoked Crack (freebase)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
No Longer a Crack Virgin

Hi, I'd like to share my experience with crack. I've read a few other experiences on here about people not smoking it right, about people using tinfoil and a straw, and another person holding the lighter too close. It's funny, I smoked it and somehow I smoked it right.

It all started when I was searching for weed. I wasn't in my home town so I couldn't pick up from my usual dealer. So I asked a few people on the streets, and eventually got an attractive young lady to hook up me up and ended up with some weed, but I also ended up getting some crack. So I took it and decided to try it with the young lady that hooked me up, who I also later found out that she hooked me up because she was a crack head and just wanted crack, while all I was looking for was some weed. I wanted weed but she wanted crack... Oh well... I'm always up for new experiences anyways. So we went back to my place to smoke, she was already hitting the stuff from her own personal pipe
While I was driving back, and when we got back we made a bong to smoke it from.

Well she was smoking most of it, and I hadn't smoked it before, so I figured I'd try it. I took one large hit from the bong she made with her pipe and held it in. I felt euphoria, energy, and pleasure as I exhaled...but that was the only hit I took... She must have taken 10 hits or more while I was with her. Anyways, she smoked what she had but I took most of it and put it aside because I knew she was a crack head and would likely just smoke it all if she could. After she was done I rolled up a joint with the weed she got me, smoked it with her, then drove her back to some hotel where she'd meet some guy to have more crack.

So the next day I decided to smoke the weed and crack I got the night before, I smoked the joint in the afternoon. I was planning on saving the crack, but I decided to hell with it, I'd experiment with it this evening since I'd have the house to myself and had nothing else to do. I had done powered cocaine before, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, besides the nasty effects it had on my nose, the drip it caused, and the fact that I couldn't sleep that evening. But crack was different, it was much more pleasureable.

I would guess that I had around a half gram of very good quality stuff. I also decided to buy some beers and a prime time cigar. I had some wine in the house that I also consumed that night.

I used a plastic water bottle 3/4's full of water that had a small hole burned through it from a cigarette cherry. A metal pipe from a pen was used as a stem, and I used zig zag white slow burning papers. The crack was broken up and rolled up like a joint, and rolled up into the metal stem. This worked very well, when I lit the lighter, I held the flame as far away from the tip of the crack joint as I could. I could inhale the smoke well this way, and after my hit, the crack joint would not still be lit. Anyways, I cracked a brew and took my first hit.

All I can say is wow. I've never felt anything like it. The energy rushed through me and it felt very much like a full body orgasm, but continuous in pleasure, rather than in waves.
... No it felt better than an orgasm... Sex was nothing compared to it.

You know that feeling you get?? The feeling of pleasure... The feeling of the release of dopamine. You've felt it, we've all felt it... Whether we're watching a hockey game and our favourite team scores a goal, we feel that good feeling of energy. Or maybe you were that dude that scored the goal and the crowd is going wild. Or maybe you're at a concert and your favourite band is playing your favourite song. Or we get a mild release of it when we are really hungary and eat food... Or much more while having sex. Or if you smoke cigarettes you could relate to it during those times when you really want a cigarette... And you smoke it, and it just feels really really good. Dopamine is a reinforcing reward our brain's provide

For us when we've done something good. Well cocaine blocks the reuptake of dopamine in our neurons. So the dopamine is released from the neuron, but it just builds up at the synapse rather than being reabsorbed back into the neuron. Crack does the same thing as cocaine... BUT crack hits me faster... Because the crack molecule is just a little more fat soluble, and passes
Through the blood brain barrier as soon as it gets there. So imagine that great feeling... The feeling of the release of dopamine and multiply it by about 100. I know what you're thinking... That amazing feeling by 100??!! Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, that great feeling multiplied by 100. That is crack. That's what crack is. The intense part probably only lasts for about 30-60 seconds, and then I still feel good for awhile after. I'd say about 15 minutes, but it's hard to tell because I was drinking at the time too. I'd take a big hit in about every 10 or 15 minutes. But still, what a feeling... I couldn't believe it, I'd been smoking weed all my life when I could have been smoking crack!!! Suddenly smoking weed became nothing, weed almost seemed like a pointless thing to do when I could be smoking crack, I felt like I wasted all my money on weed, when I could have made a great investment in crack instead!
Suddenly smoking weed became nothing, weed almost seemed like a pointless thing to do when I could be smoking crack, I felt like I wasted all my money on weed, when I could have made a great investment in crack instead!

Instead of chasing women, I could chase crack! And it would be so much more rewarding too! I felt like I died and went to heaven.

Well, I drank about 8 beers, and 2 glasses of wine while I was smoking crack... And I really didn't have any negative effects from the alcohol at all... Usually it becomes difficult to drink afterawhile... But instead it just tasted great! I could drink the beer and wine like it was water, and my liver wasn't even sore from drinking it like it usually would be! In fact, my whole body just felt great! I read somewhere on the internet hat cocaine and alcohol together make a 3rd compound cocaethylene, and I really do think that drinking really did make smoking crack so much better an experience. Oh and did I mention that crack smoke tastes pretty damn good!? It tastes better than weed smoke or tobacco smoke... And it's SMOOOOOOOTTTH.

Well... So the night was great... I was all alone, drinking and smoking crack, and really I couldn't ask for anything better in life... Until... My crack was all gone... I seriously broke out into tears for a solid 10 minutes and felt horrible.
I was all alone, drinking and smoking crack, and really I couldn't ask for anything better in life... Until... My crack was all gone... I seriously broke out into tears for a solid 10 minutes and felt horrible.
So I just decided to pass out and goto bed...

Some negative effects now... My liver hurt pretty bad the next day... Actually... It hurt really bad. I'm the type of person that get's liver pains after I drink. But yea... I drank 8 beers and 2 glasses of wine usually I'm wasted out of my mind after that much alcohol, but last night I just felt a little drunk but it felt like a very good drunk. I also felt depressed the day after... The world wasn't that great and I felt bad about my existence . I knew I went against everyone that I've ever known... And everyone that cares for me... Smoking crack.

I could not tell anyone about this experience, not even my best friends.

I don't think crack is nearly as physically addicting as everyone thinks it is... In fact I really had no withdrawl
Symptoms other than feeling a little depressed the following day. BUT... I keep thinking about going out to the streets to find more crack... It's the experience that I look back on that makes me hunger for more. Yes, it is powerfully psychologically addictive, rather than physically addictive. Yes and just thinking about how much pleasure it brought me... That makes me
Wish I had more to do!!! In fact, just thinking about it gives me a release of dopamine in my brain.

Really if I had a crack rock in front of me right now, I'd be right on it...smoking it up...inhaling deeply... Holding it in to maximize absorption... And then... Total bliss...I'd goto heaven for a minute or so, and it would be worth it! But no... I know everyone I know would disown me if I fell into the void of smoking crack... Where nothing else matters, just smoking more crack.

Really, I should have listened to all the people that I've known that have tried it... And that is, if you haven't tried it, DON'T TRY IT!!! People have become consumed by crack. My one friend... A practicer of traditional chinese medicine, and accupuncture. He wouldn't stop smoking it, after rehab, family intervention... The whole nine yards. My dad's friend, he was a president of a successful company... Lost everything, his job, his marriage, his house, his car... All to crack. My high school friend is in jail because he'd steal cars for more crack. I've heard of rappers spending millions on crack... Famous singers. Presidents of successful companies that had millions of dollars at one point in time. Prostitues have sex as if it were a chore, just so they can get a fix for the sweet pleasure of a crack rock. My one friend told me it's just stupid... You smoke it and you just want more. Another friend told me if you haven't ever tried it, don't ever do it. Another friend has been on such bad crack binges that he told me the crack would start talking to him. Another friend who had just tried it one time told me he felt like he was on a rollercoaster and absolutely loved it. Funny thing is, I've heard all these stories before I ever smoked crack. But then... I just felt like I should try, just to see how it is...I mean... All the people I know that have tried it seem to really like it.

Yes... Crack has the power to consume a person for everything they are worth since crack becomes something that is worth everything. I would say... Stay away!!! No for real, it's just too good. I thought of getting more, like just a little more
Just to do it one more time! Just once, then I'll stop.

But a little more would just adds to the great experience of smoking crack that I had. And the more I experience it
I'm sure the more it will become a part of me, and eventually, it would become everything that I am. So... I will stop... And even though I only did it the one night... I will refrain from doing it again... But I do somewhat fear I will give in just because I don't think anything in life feels better. And really, I actually now wish I never had that experience...

All one needs to know is that it feels too damn fucking good to be true. And it feels so good that it will consume all a person is and suck a soul dry to the point where one will become a selfish person wanting only one thing in life, and that is crack. All desire for anything and everything... Becomes desire for more crack.

In my opinion... Crack is cheating the body for pleasure. I'm getting intense intense pleasure that I shouldn't be getting. The pleasure system in the human body is made to reward good behaviour, not bad behaviour. And yes smoking crack is bad behaviour. And yes crack is cheating to get that pleasure.

All I can do is pray to GOD that I wont' be tempted to smoke crack again... Even though I say all this... I'd still smoke it again... Maybe I'll pray to God and ask him for just one crack rock to smoke... But all I know is he'll tell me he's not the dude to ask for that... He'll tell me to ask the devil instead.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66157
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2020Views: 3,482
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