It Works
Yarrow, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Love Lance. "It Works: An Experience with Yarrow, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp66199)". Nov 17, 2007.

1 oz oral Yarrow (extract)
  4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  0.5 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Since this experience was a while ago, I don't remember it perfectly. This report is still complete, though. I was taking 10 mg of Lexapro (an SSRI) which is the starting 'trial' dose. It interacts with different chems in different ways, but sometimes I can't notice the interaction at all.

Before I went to the local herb store, I made an effort to read as many experience reports as possible. I wound up with ten bags, each consisting of an ounce, of different herbs that I had not ever used. The herb that I was most surprised that this herb store carried was Yarrow. Yarrow only had one review, and it was positive! Also, I hadn't noticed it on any online botanical websites, so seeing it at the local store seemed kind of contradictory.

Anyway, having read that the active constitutent(s) are likely alcohol soluble, I made a tincture from this oz. Essentially, all I did was pour the oz of dried, mostly crushed, and in no way fantastic quality leaf/material into a giant cup, and then added approximately 150-300 ml of skol $9.99-per-handle vodka. By the way, the oz. of Yarrow cost me either .99 or $1.99. I let the mixture sit for a day in a cabinet. A bit of the alcohol had probably evaporated. I strained out the leaves, and as I recall, the alcohol had changed hue a bit. Also, like the other experience said, the alcohol's odor and flavor changed drastically. It became planty and bitter, but interesting. The unknown strength of the already-dried plant, my use of vodka rather than grain alcohol, the fact that I didn't grind the material (though it was already fairly ground up), and the fact that I only let the mixture sit for one day with only one wash are all reasons why my tincture was less strong than it could have been.

I ingested the entire maybe 4 shots of the liquor (which was all that I had), mixed with orange juice. I became no more impaired than the alcohol would have made me by itself. The impairment was qualitatively distinct from alcohol, though. I felt equally euphoric, but not tipsy. My speech would not have been slurred, and I wasn't having any trouble remembering what I was talking about. I felt connected with people, and my thoughts were flowy and insightful. All of this was quite mellow, but I could tell that I was on to something good. The curve of the effects mimicked the alcohol's curve.

Then, I decided to smoke a little bit of ganja because I could tell they would synergize. I smoked a little bowl of schwag (which was high-grade schwag, but still just schwag). It allowed me to focus on and understand the effects I was feeling more clearly. This little bowl of schwag would not be enough to get me stoned, but it would be enough for me to feel really relaxed while watching a show or two that I love before drifting to sleep.

The effects are difficult to describe. There was a euphoria, a connectedness with people, the way music and sound effects on the television and in my video games seemed very human and 'constructed' rather than just existing. For instance: I noticed the repetition of several sound effects in the game I was playing, which 'cheapened' the novelty of the game. I have played that game for nine years and never once noticed this cheeziness. So, it allowed me to creatively evaluate sensory input, even if it didn't hallucinogenically change it.

The effect that I found most shocking however, was the clarity that I felt concerning the world. It was kind of psilocybe-like. For example, I continued to 'play my computer game,' but really all that I did was stay in the game and type to people about things. I wanted to suggest concepts to people and to consider their reactions. I didn't spend a minute actually playing the game. It was boring. What people had to say, though, now that was worth my time. This was undoubtedly not placebo, and the preparation was cheap and simple. The cannabis, though it was a small amount, synergized well with the yarrow and did not overpower it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66199
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 17, 2007Views: 18,216
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