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Definately Returning 'Home' One Day
by Aether
Citation:   Aether. "Definately Returning 'Home' One Day: An Experience with DXM (exp66296)". Jul 26, 2010.

500 mg oral DXM


I'm a total newbie when it comes to drugs, though I've always been fascinated by them. I'd done ecstasy before, twice and loved it, but I still hadn't experienced that psychedelic state of mind famous for creating so much amazing music. A close friend of mine, who too is cautious but experimenting with drugs, recommended DXM as a good step-in experience. He relayed stories of lying on the bed face down, laughing his head off and imagining himself looking through a chain-link fence into eternity. Well, I was sold. I wanted a slice, and for $11 bucks from the local chemist, how could it go wrong?

It didn't. It rocked.

My bandmate and total champion friend came over for a night of guitar hero and drinks, and he stopped off for a bottle on the way over. I'd bought one prior, and we didn't have at it til around 11o'clock. We were very skeptical, hoping it get a decent experience, we cautiously poured about three quarters of each bottle into glasses and drank up. It tasted tolerable at first, but I was warned that afterwards I'd never want to taste it again, to much truth. We kept playing playstation for about 20 minutes, but I felt distinctly nautious and needed fresh air. We hung out in the backyard for another 10 minutes before I had no choice but to throw up, the nausea was very intense and simply got the better of me. I was fairly disappointed, throwing up probably got most of it out of my system before anything could happen right? Defeated, I went back inside.

My mate said he felt a bit sick, but he could hold out. We hadn't had much to drink so that wasn't part of the equation. We decided to go for a walk simply out of boredom to the local supermarket open 24 hours, it was there that things took a turn for the better. Hanging in the large construction yard across the road, it completely crept up on us. Within moments we were pushing discarded trolleys around and attracting attention for looking over a half-gone brick wall and laughing at the ground. I'm not usually like this, but the biggest effect it had on me was atmosphere. The construction yard was huge, flat, barren, and lit by bright yellowish lights at every side, it felt so alien like no other place on earth.

We zigzagged slowly making our way across the yard and into a small park-like area at the back of a row of shops. My mate felt the burst of nausea then, and threw up big time while I was cradled in the corner saying I wanted to leave. I didn't really, it was just very compelling in what seemed like an endless forest. We tested out a few more sensational effects, such as dragging your hands down a wall and such, and then found a car ramp leading up to the roof of the local Subway restaurant. Here, we spent the next 5-6 hours in the most bizarre experience of my life.

We dubbed it 'home', because whenever we attempted to leave, we suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation of loss and longing and stayed. We kept looking at the time, and what seemed like hours and hours of experimentation and stupid games was really minutes. It was brilliant, we had all the time in the world and invented a myriad of fun crap to do. One game was footsteps, you stand at opposite ends of the field and close your eyes and attempt to locate the other person just by their footsteps. Marco polo, just without any talk. All I can say is that it was munted, we must have walked around in circles for ages and looked batshit insane, but man it was the funnest thing ever. Another main trait we noticed were 'ins', periods of time when we were socially aware of each other and in control, and 'outs' where we were literally out of it and doing messed up stuff unknowingly. It very noticeably waves 'in' and 'out' every quarter hour or so.

To keep the next 6 erratic hours short, we also lay belly down on the floor, getting your sight as close to the ground as possible and saw a landscape that looked like it was from Tron. Another thing we found strangely entertaining was, for whatever reason, we shook hands, and then jumped up and down pressing as hard as you can each time into the ground. It only works mid handshake though. The ashphalt floor was also completely indistinguishable in the shadows and we thought we were walking on nothing for quite a while. It was an awesome experience in summary, I suppose the DXM still reached me with full effect before I threw up. I've done it again since, with the same mate, still had the best time of my life, didn't throw up, but the effects didn't seem any more intense then anyway.

And just to not give the wrong impression, there were parts of it that sucked. Not necessarily sucked, but detracted from was ultimately a good experience I didnt want interfered. Scratching. The most painful, intense, burning itch all over that came in and out over time. When it came, holy god, nothing would quell it, all I could do was scratch as hard as I could in vain until it went away. This happened again the next time, and is so far worse than the nausea, and the only thing to make me reconsider another trip. There were also moments where I felt genuinely detached from reality, as though in a waking dream, it was quite a scary situation. Moments where I simply looked up at the sky and felt completely sad as though I had to get out of that moment -straight away-. Though, that could be a reaction to my disorder, Aspergers syndrome. My mate didn't say anything about feeling that effect, the nausea was the worst part he claims.

All in all, the positive outweighs the good I believe. The peak was satisfyingly potent, it seems to last forever, theres a very slow trailing comedown (which can be sad, realising your new found affectionate 'home' just turn back into the local Subway) and I didn't feel much of a hangover afterwards. For $11 bucks, anytime, legally, hell yes.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66296
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 26, 2010Views: 1,446
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DXM (22) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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