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Songs That Define Purity
LSD & Cannabis
by The J-Man
Citation:   The J-Man. "Songs That Define Purity: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp66300)". Dec 21, 2015.

1 oral LSD (cookie / food)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This given day began upon an atmosphere of intense anticipation. I was anticipating my first LSD trip. I had experienced mushrooms and some more mild hallucinogens prior to this day, and considered myself ready for a day of consciousness expansion and to perhaps learn something new. I picked up my friend C from his house around 10:30 in the morning and we drove over to my other friend T's house. T has a garage with colorful spray paint on the walls and instruments everywhere. Not to mention an amazing neon clock which has a circular neon tube around it that illuminates the whole room with a green glow. In short, a perfect place to have a trip. No worries, nothing negative, and a lot of scenery to look at.

We had procured 6 sugar cubes a week earlier, and so at 10:45 we took our doses.
C took 4 hits, and T and myself took 1 each. (These cubes were not precisely measured, so I perhaps had a hit and a half in mine, because I tripped harder than T.) We sat around in the garage waiting for the onset. In about 30-40 minutes we started feeling the trademarked anxiety and anxiousness. It was definitely not a bad feeling, we just felt a general change in consciousness slowly beginning and the anticipation of a good trip. We noticed C coming up way faster and were not surprised, he was already extremely out of it when I had just began to feel the onset. He kept saying, 'do you see this and this,' and we reminded him that he took much more than us.

At 1 hour, C was laying on the couch enjoying his visuals and mindset, and me and T still didn't feel the full effects. We decided to start drawing to pass the time. By this time I already felt a mood lift and my emotions were all over the place. It felt much easier to laugh, and as I was drawing these feelings intensified. Did I mention this whole time we had psychedelic trance or psy-dub such as Ott, and Shpongle.

I began attempting to draw sound, as I felt some sensory confusion. I noticed my perception of color was intensified and I was immensely aware of what I was drawing. I kept repeating, something is missing, and then I realized we had no red marker. At this point it had been around an hour and a half, and C had finally rejoined us and was watching us drawing, remarking on how intense the drawings looked. In 15 minutes we had pretty much lost our attention span for drawing, and my trip was going strong. Colors were bright and vibrant as expected off of one hit, and I noticed the walls pulsating minutely. We found it extremely easy to laugh and were laughing at stuff on the walls. At one point we just all looked at each other and laughed because nobody could find the right words to communicate with, but we were all thinking alike. At another point I went to the bathroom and just laughed at myself in the mirror, for no reason.

I looked out the window at the sunny day and determined we needed to go outside on an 'adventure.' The others agreed, and I poked my head out the window in the garage. I was awe-struck by the beauty of the sunny day, and we remarked that it was like another dimension outside. The colors of plants and flowers shown out remarkably and it was impossible not to smile and laugh. It was then I realized how precious nature is to mankind. We climbed up the hill in T's backyard and went out to the open space preserve behind his fence. It was a small space with a few trees and after getting hit with wispy tree branches, we soon decided to go back in. When we crossed back into the indoor dimension I noticed a few more visual disturbances. The walls now were pulsating and rippling, and all the colors of spray paint seemed to be battling each other for dominance of the wall. I looked at the rug below me and this same effect was happing except it was moving more rapidly. I looked at the chair that I was sitting on and noticed its leg's were no longer straight, but they were curving slightly, the same went for any straight line in the room.

At this time me and C were tripping hardest, and T was at the lowest intensity. We went walking out on the suburban streets of the town. (T lived in the most upper class neighborhood of our city.) We were laughing at how confined and annoyed most people who drove by were. They were all businessman or snobby rich people frantic to get somewhere. Everyone seemed generally pissed off and always looked at us with distaste. We went down a very steep hill in the neighborhood, and laughed greatly at a huge yellow sign that said 'SLOW DOWN.' We found it odd that the sign writers didn't care who was going down the hill, and they were just excercizing their authority telling whoever is going down the hill to SLOW DOWN. We decided that it should've been written as 'Decrease your speed by 1 mile an hour.' We were extremely happy and content and the body high in this trip was amazing. We noted that clothes and shoes felt like a nuisance, however we still had enough sense to keep them on. We wandered around enjoying the scenery and bright sunny day, and remembered our acuaintance that lived nearby.

We showed up at his door and found him extremely stoned. T decided to buy a 10 sack off him, and I agreed, not being able to find a 'why not' type of reason. We attempted to understand some great mysteries of life and found ourselves mind boggled. The concept of time was greatly difficult to wrap our minds around, as we found that it was only 2 at this time and we had only been tripping for a couple hours. Walking back up the same enormous hill, T remarked that the SLOW DOWN sign should say 'Decrease your speed by one inch per minute.' We found this statement confusing and hillarious. Back at the house I found myself feeling empty and generally odd. During the trip my mind was scattered and I couldn't tell what emotions or feelings I was experiencing, but C had a hunch that we were hungry and thirsty. After eating some microwave burritos and 'pizzas' we felt amazing.

I found it interesting that the cheap man-made factory produced food felt non-wholesome, and that we were doing ourselves a disservice by eating it. We kept looking at the bubbling greasy pizza and saying, 'should I eat this? It might hurt me or something.' This was generally the moment where we began coming down, and after looking at some psychedelic art (Alex Grey) and watching visualizers, we were finally arriving back to reality. (At least enough to know how we were feeling and what was going on around us.) I realized I had work in 45 minutes so I took C home and went to work. For the three hours at work I still felt odd, and generally just out of it. My mind had a million things to think about and was going in several directions at once.

I made it through work just fine and went back over to T's house. After smoking our green from earlier, we sat in the garage and finished our artwork from earlier. MJ made it easier to find more things to fill up the blank portions. All in all it was a pleasant trip. Let me add that the title of this experience comes from a moment where we were sitting in the garage singing along to the preprogrammed songs that T's keyboard came with. C was laughing and remarked 'what are these songs!? How do you classify these?' They were children's songs such as 'when the saints go marching in, and I've been workin' on the railroad,' and T replied. 'They are songs that define life, songs that define purity.' And we all laughed.

It was an amazing day and I realized in the end how lucky we all are to be alive, and the human mind is a remarkable thing, and there are many parts of it that we cannot understand or experience unless they are unlocked by an external medium. This world can be an amazing place if we all choose to make it happen. Wish much peace and love to everyone.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66300
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 21, 2015Views: 2,197
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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