The Natural Acid
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   0 Time. "The Natural Acid: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp66317)". Oct 20, 2009.

3.3 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
Ive recently begun working with entheogens again after a long hiatus. This time around I wanted to approach them in a manner that was scientific, psychotherapeutic, and spiritual. The spiritual element was never lacking before, but a laze faire approach really prevented me from doing any really deep work with them. As I am also doing various consciousness experiments, Id selected specific psychotropic plants to use, although not specifically for specific reasons. However, Ive always wanted to try LSA containing plants, or seeds rather, for their close chemical relationship to LSD which has been very valuable to me in the past. For this purpose I employed Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds as they were very easily attainable via mail order companies.

I was in the midst of a busy weekend so I had to do several things in the midst of preparing to do the Woodrose seeds. Id read in a book about how the shamans in Mexico would grind Morning Glory seeds down, macerate them in water, and strain them in order to take them. Since, as Id read, the nausea inducing part of the seeds is in the skin, I decided that the Mexican way is the best way. Before going to bed on Friday the 5th of October, I smashed up five seeds (0.45 grams), gathered them up into a small filter, and tied it up with dental floss, rendering them into a teabag. I then warmed up some water, but did not bring it anywhere near a boil, and put them into a mason jar that I tucked away into the cupboard. The following morning I transferred it to the refrigerator where it would stay until that night.

I had to go to dinner that night with some co-workers from Burma and my girlfriend. Feeling wary of the potentially nauseating effects of the seeds, I ate as lightly as I could short of offending my Burmese hosts. My girlfriend and I returned home at about 9:30 pm. Not wanting to chance any nausea, I waited until about midnight before drinking the decoction. I also picked some fresh peppermint leaves from my garden in preparation. I briefly prayed to the Universe, the Earth, and the Woodrose spirit itself before drinking the tea. Both my girlfriend and I were very tired so I only drank about 2/3rds of the decoction.

I was nearly stunned as I began feeling it within 15 minutes of drinking it. I was feeling much energized, despite my body feeling ragged. I thought naively, Oh, Ill just go to sleep on this stuff, no big deal. Its only a medium dose. Ill just have some colorful dreams.

Ha, ha. I started feeling very cold- despite it being 80 degrees in the house- so I put on a sweater, pants, the works, and crawled into bed. Not even two minutes into lying there, I started having heart palpitations. This concerned me, so I sat upright. Then I thought it would feel good to lie on my stomach on the floor. Apologizing to my girlfriend, I got up and got a comforter and a pillow, and lay on my stomach on the floor. This only lasted about two minutes before I leapt up and went into the living room. The paradox of my cold body and racing heart had me pacing about the living room.

I found myself seized with myriad impulses to touch and feel different things. First, I wanted to lie on the floor then rub the right side of my face on the carpet then go outside to smoke my tobacco pipe. I was restlessly rolling around on the floor and couches for about a half an hour. Wanting to sleep, I thought Id drink lots of water and flush my system out. At this point it was around 1 a.m. and I found myself clock watching. Time slowed to a crawl. I found myself doing crazy modern dance like moves for what seemed like ten minutes at a time only to see that only two or three minutes had elapsed.

I had calmed myself down by then, even though my deep breathing was interspersed with sighs. I tried closing my eyes to see what the closed eye visuals were like and quickly found myself being suck into an otherworldly dream. Not feeling ready for that, I decided to pace around in the basement. By now, my open eye visuals resembled a small dose of LSD, infrequent color flashes, melty walls. I also noticed that I was clenching my jaws a lot, just like on LSD. When I used to trip with my friends as a teenager, everyone would talk about how the strychnine in acid made them clench their jaws what a load of shit. I had confirmed that this was merely a myth, as my body felt the same as it does on acid. As I paced about the basement, I had a desire to find a pen and draw, however, I knew that there were no pens in the basement. So I let my body lead me to a place to sit down, I wandered over to a cooler and popped a squat. I looked down and lo and behold there was a pencil on the floor beside it. It would seem that the HBW seeds turn on the physio-subconscious guidance system. I also found a yard stick and decided to take the two objects upstairs.

After going out to star gaze for awhile, I came in and sat down. It was about 2:20 a.m. I was now hot so I stripped off my winter coat and sweater and got a cold wet rag. Still enjoying tactile sensations, I found myself rubbing my face and arms repeatedly with the rag. I then found myself having sexual fantasies about girls I knew and then promptly refuting the fantasies, saying no I have a girlfriend. I must have carried on with this juvenile struggle for an hour before I decided to lie down on the floor again with the comforter. I thought to myself this must be the contemplative part of the trip and I am juxtaposing my inner conflict.

As I was lying there, I was becoming aware of pain again, as I felt a slight headache coming on. Still very clenchy, twitchy, and energetic, I drank a beer to try to relax. Lying on the floor I closed my eyes. There I experienced very intense vivid daydream-type dreams. They were science fiction themed with a menacing alien element to them. Audibly I would hear a crackly, buzzing sound, like electric guitar feedback, then the dreams would come on. I kept pulling myself out of the dreams as I felt like I was being suck into them and may never be able to get out. I immediately accused the plant spirit of trying to kill me only to later realize that it was merely fashioning dreams out of my conscious struggles from earlier. This fact really came home when I had a dream in which two rival scientists battled it out in their laboratory.

A few minutes later my girlfriend came out and laid down with me. After about twenty minutes and me shaking a real spider off of my leg, she coaxed me back to bed where I passed out without any incidents. It was about 5:30 a.m. at this point.

The next morning I apologized to the plant spirit for falsely accusing it of trying to destroy me, and made a list of the following things:

- I should not do high doses of psychedelic drugs if I am fearful of having a heart attack. I can- and should- only do high doses if my heart is healthy via exercise, healthy diet, and faith.
- The Woodrose makes dreams of my thoughts, so it may prove to be valuable in overcoming psychological blocks.
- I should not use Woodrose when I am feeling drowsy or fearful.
- A sensual nature is accentuated by HBW, but only becomes sexual in the later stages.
- It opened up physio-subconscious channels that operated like a guidance system to my conscious mind.
- And last but not least, I experienced absolutely no nausea.

In retrospect, I will have to experiment more with this drug at earlier hours so that I am not fatigued and fighting with the drug. I will also have to take it in a setting where I do not feel the need to create an inner conflict that will be augmented by the drug. LSA is indeed very much like LSD, I would like to take the more traditional Mexican Morning Glory to compare with this one. LSA is like a subtle and natural LSD trip.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66317
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 20, 2009Views: 23,236
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