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Short, Intense, Lucid, Introspective
Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia) & Cocaine
Citation:   else-some. "Short, Intense, Lucid, Introspective: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia) & Cocaine (exp66345)". Apr 15, 2020.

10 g oral Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (sclerotia)
    repeated oral Cocaine  
I was staying in a hotel in The Dam on a weekend away with some friends from work. They were being very boring considering where we were and what's on offer. They conformed to the english abroad stereotype a little too much for my liking. Why go to a foreign city for a break then sit for hours in an english themed sports bar watching Premiereship Footbal? At times over the weekend I'd sympathised with the Dutch attitude to the english and actually felt ashamed to be english. Anyway I'd been making excuses to skulk off alone all day and had been looking forward to waving normal human experience goodbye for a few hours. My brain needed a defrag after a tough few weeks.

Alone in a room with only me for company, should be fun, I love my own company, I can usually make myself laugh and have yet to have a bad trip, probably because I never forget it's all in my head and I can control it if I need to. I've done it to nightmares so often that I enjoy them like a horror film now, a bit of lucid dreaming I guess.

I'd had some skunk, cocaine, hash, alcohol, pseudoephedrine, RedBull and modafinil earlier in the day. By the time I'd gotten back to my hotel I guess only the modafinil would have been active.

Before embarking I locked myself in and gave myself strict reminders not to leave the room until the Stones had worn off. I also set up a couple of reality checks that I could use to snap out if needed. I find camera phones useful for this. I used my phone to take notes during the trip and have fleshed them out below.

01:44 Orally took some cocaine, then chewed 10 grams of Philosophers stones. They taste better than liberty caps (or perhaps having a mostly numb tounge helped). I recall thinking that they'd go really well in a praline/truffle type chocolate. They had a bitter aftertaste. In case any CoffeeShop owners are reading this.

02:00 Strong subauditory/subsonic inferference [white noise] building up towards a high. Low level visual distortions increasing in intensity. Bells/chimes/distant chior, trickling rivers, forest floor. Typical

02:17 Extasy type rushes (combined with intense internal visuals) on demand by focusing on the 'interference'. Mostly the visuals are internal.

02:45 Everything is very shiney, some false patterns, creeping textures, echo & feedback effects on vision. Strong need to dance to the music the stones are playing in my head. This leads into another E-type trance.

03:00 During this trance my wife reassured me that she would be looking out for me during the trip, we had a brief chat in the folded space between my ears.

03:03 odd feeling of a presence over my shoulder, probably my conscience. I morph it into a devil/angel pair but cant tell which is which as they have each taken on charateristics of my two bosses at work (who incidentally occupy opposite shoulders of the office) I don't see either of them as good or evil. Maybe a gender thing, I don't know enough women. There was lots of this kind of introspection aided by a cast of characters from my life. A very lucid trip, very controllable, mostly comfortable.

03:11 Disturbed by other people coming into the Hotel. Snapped out of my reverie. Got a bit creeped out/paranoid/frustrated at this point.

03:25 Strong UV like visuals. Got a really bad attack of the shivers.

03:45 Became aware of my brain's desire for more dopamine. Something like 'no more tripping until you give me more dopamine'. So I did a little more coke but it didn't seem to get me back into trip land this time.

04:40 the trip seems to be over. My brain's still arguing with itself. The Mushrooms were arguing with the Cocaine. I told them to shut up and got to sleep pretty quickly.

N.B. I'd been dabbing at the cocaine throughout.

The after glow lasted almost a week and thinking about it while writing this evokes similar sensations.

All in all I'd say it was a very good trip. The cocaine may have been the icing on the cake, it probably helped bring on some of the more intense early rushes. But arguing with it might have drawn things to a premature close.

Most of the time I was in total control and could tune in and out of the trance/rush/trip states at will and control their content. It was characterised by internal dialogue and introspection once it got going and this was fine so long as I kept it in my head. Very much a brain trip.

I am absolutely staggered that my wife was the embodiment of the 'spirit guide' in perhaps the most intense trip/trance/rush of the evening. I was so overwhelmed at the time that I might have cried when she told me she loved me and would be here if I needed her, just take her advice and I'd be OK. This was the great insight of the trip. Before I left (in the real world) she said let me know if I found anything useful while I was defragging my brain.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66345
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2020Views: 943
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Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (133) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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