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Cannabis & Alcohol
by FamousNinja
Citation:   FamousNinja. "Darkness: An Experience with Cannabis & Alcohol (exp66372)". Dec 4, 2011.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  3 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  6 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


For sake of security, all names and places have been changed.

I've been smoking marijuana for about a year now, started out smoking joints, then moved onto smoking from a bong, which my friends and I have discovered is a very efficient way to get absolutely blazed. This story is about probably simultaneously both the best and the worst experience I've had on the green stuff.

It was a Sunday night of the Labor Day weekend, and after a marathon weekend of pub crawls, my mates Sunny, Jake, and I decided that the best way to end the weekend was to get absolutely blazed and chill at Sunny's massive house on the edge of our hometown, complete with big-ass projector, pool, sauna, a bed for everybody, as well as the new Nintendo that Sunny had just bought. We had just stocked up on supplies, massive amounts of chocolate, chips, a couple of slabs of coke cans, as well as some quality local beers. The stage was set for an epic high.

It was 9:30pm. We sat in Sunny's laundry as Jake chopped up in our usual mix bowl, and I stood over the sink cleaning out the pipe, which is what we refer to our bong down here. Jake had just reached the point where we would usually add some tobacco to the mix, but here came the first shock. Neither Sunny or I had any cigarettes left, and Jake doesn't smoke tobacco. We contemplated making the rather risky drive down to the small milk bar to get some smokes, but we realized that the small local store would be shut and a drive into town would be required, and all of us having a beer just before chopping up, would be fucked if we were pulled up by the local fuzz. So we decided to try it green.

Our cone piece is deceptive. it doesn't look that big, but is about a 25% bigger than a standard piece. Jake being the chopper, packed the first cone, lit up and sucked back a rather epic hit. You could see it in his eyes, as well as the grin on his face of exactly how high he was going to get. Sunny was to his left, he packed, lit, sucked and inhaled. Upon exhaling, he smacked his lips together, nodded and passed the pipe my way. By this time I had forgotten that the mix was fully green, and packed the cone all the way to the top. Striking the lighter, I started to draw it in. It took about two massive breaths to draw all the smoke into the chamber. and in one foul swoop, *shook* it was all inhaled.

The immense rush as I realized that I had done a full cone of pure green, compared to the usual one gram, one smoke mix was intense. I held it as long as I could, before exhaling, putting the pipe down on the stool next to the mix bowl and slowly sitting back in my chair, whilst a massive grin crept over my face. We sat in the laundry with a small set of speakers and an IPod listening to some random Dream Theater songs for about ten minutes, when we thought of having another hit.

Once again, Jake started, Sunny was second, and I was last. Once again, I packed a full cone, yet it took only one breath to draw it all in, and once again, *shook* it was gone. I leaned back into the chair, and felt as if I was being embraced by the chair, being drawn into its warmth, the energy was almost sexual, no, it was more loving, as if I had an attachment with the chair. After another ten minutes, which to me felt like an hour, I realized that I had the *worst* cotton mouth, and fumbling, I eventually found my beer. I brought the bottle up to my lips and took a massive sip.

I have never since tasted a beer that was that refreshing in my life, and only a few Belgian beers have come close to tasting as good. It was so fulfilling, so encompassing in its refreshment, it reached my stomach and the cool feeling spread throughout my body. I had remarked at what an awesome beer this was to both Sunny and Jake, and Jake's normal smart-ass response was to say 'It's Mountain Goat. Of course it's good.'

After my small semi-erotic experience with the chair, we decided to listen to some Dream Theater on Sunny's massive 5.1 system. We retired to the lounge where I fell into a large leather recliner. Now if the deck chair I sat on before was somewhat erotic, this recliner was almost orgasmic. Sunny turned every light off and closed all the curtains, and put on Octavarium by Dream Theater, the song, not the album.

This is what I will describe as the best experience I've had on weed. The opening of Octavarium is a fingerboard/pedal slide solo heavily inspired by Pink Floyd. The ethereal nature of the instruments began to manifest themselves as visual hallucinations, like a visualization, continually shifting, before the began to change. Without any visual input, my mind had started to create it's own visuals, and at the end of the intro, I had begun to see recognizable objects. 4:21 into the song, a mellow acoustic guitar starts up, with a flute playing the melody. I looked out the window and saw sun begin to rise, then set again. I say the sun cycle about 5 times before I felt I was moving, surrounded by golden streetlights, streaking past the windows of the vehicle I was in, driving through a city filled with golden lights, in a cab driven by a man who was quoting the lyrics to Octavarium word for word. I was in this cab, driving for what seemed to be hours, watching familiar sights go past, but I couldn't name what they were.

The sun started to rise as I crossed a bridge, and as the sun rose, I became aware that I was not in the city anymore, but rather driving along the coast, with big leafy trees everywhere, pure white sand, crisp blue waters, and huts built along the edge of the sand, with beautiful tanned residents more than happy to welcome me, offering drinks after such a long journey. It turns out it was Jake who was offering a beer, but I was that high that I couldn't tell. The lights were out, and I sat, relaxed, chatting to the people I met in the tropical paradise, before something happened. The music changed. There was a chase, someone was running from something, as if something in my mind had come to ruin my world of paradise.

This is point where it goes a tad screwy. I managed to jump into a nearby plane, or what I thought was a plane, which turned out to be a starfighter, a la Star Wars. Our pursuers followed, and a long chase scene through canyons ensued, weaving left and right through the sun drenched desert rock, any gain in speed or piloting skill was matched, our pursuers were gaining, I started to panic, and took a wrong turn, which lead to a dead end, of which I managed to pull out fast enough. leaving the pursuers to crash into the canyon wall.

I climbed higher, and left the planet. What ensued was a massive space battle between two massive fleets, just like the end of Return of the Jedi. The rest of Ocatvarium plays out like that film. I opened my eyes, and realized where I was, completely spent, and looked around, barely making out Sunny and Jake on the other recliners. I let out a massive sigh, and got up, starving after my massive journey, I turned a small light on and began to devour a whole 450gm block of chocolate. I cracked another beer and went into the laundry for another hit with Sunny in tow. Jake said he was high enough and went through Sunny's IPod to find something to put on, before coming to watch us smoke a cone.

One cone later, I was ready for another journey.

This is by far the worst experience I've had on weed.

Jake put on the AEnema album by Tool, and I sat back into my recliner, as the opening of Stinkfist starts playing through the stereo. I started to hallucinate again. This time I felt like I was somewhere I wanted to be, but there was something wrong. I felt like I was being ignored, looking around I was in a club I had recently been to, and was captivated by a girl at the bar. She looked like she was barely 18, dressed in a skimpy catholic schoolgirl's outfit, complete with the white stockings and hair in a ponytail. I tried to get up and talk to her, but she would always walk away just before I got there, as if to deny me any form of closure, rejection or otherwise. They walked out of the club, and still wanting to know, I followed, as the group got smaller as they all got into cabs. I saw a way to get to her, a shortcut, where I hid as she walked past. I jumped out and took her by surprise, and she began to fight back.

This is where it gets creepy.

She kept hitting me, fighting, yet all I felt at that point was love for her, and she was refusing my heartfelt offer of kinship. I felt that I had to share the overwhelming desire I had for her. I held her down, gently whispering to her that it was all going to be alright, that I loved her, and this was going to be glorious for both of us. I then held her down and quite violently began to rape this schoolgirl, the more she fought back, the harder I would give it to her.

As Stinkfist ended, I felt an indescribable feeling, as if I was being ripped from my own body, only to be reformed not far away, as I ran, after hearing a girl's cry. I ran down the alley, which seemed so familiar, after all I had followed the girl this far. I turned a corner to see the image of myself raping what was now, clearly an underage schoolgirl. The dark version of myself looked over to me and said 'Release and free your pain, blood and tears keep me sane.' I reached into my pocket, pulled out a gun and shot the dark version of myself, uttering the words 'release me and free my pain, blood and tears make me insane', before tuning the gun on myself, and just before pulling the trigger, Sunny & Jake had gotten up and turned the lights on for a split second, before realizing they had just removed me from a rather deep trip.

I sat up with a start, and looked over with what they described as a look of total fear on my face. I didn't sleep for three days afterwards. It took about a month to digest what I had seen. I wrote non-stop about the experience, mainly writing music, and sometimes short stories. I guess I'm just sensitive to marijuana. I still smoke weed, and I'm seriously contemplating trying LSD and 'shrooms just to find out what it's like. But I know what my mind is capable of now. I know what to expect.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 4, 2011Views: 17,149
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