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Now I See It
LSD & Cannabis
by Owl
Citation:   Owl. "Now I See It: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp66615)". Mar 11, 2011.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
A few friends and I had been planning a day to trip and hang out. The original idea was just to have some mushroom tea and relax tripping outside all day. We all met up at a friendís house that was in a place where we could act unusual and not attract attention. My friend was moving out of this house soon and this was most likely the last day we would be tripping at this location so we decided to take acid instead. My other 2 friends have both done acid a few times but this was to be my first. I have taken mushrooms many many times and even had some surprisingly intense experiences but I really had no idea what to expect with acid.

We took our first hit of acid around 4pm. After about half an hour my stomach felt funny....not upset or unpleasant just strange. We decided to get up and walk around while we waited for it to kick in. We walked around the yard talking and goofing off as we usually did and I noticed I felt strange but couldnít figure out exactly why I felt strange. After about 45 mins I knew something was different but I still felt extremely sober so we all took another hit and continued with our aimless walk through the yard talking. Eventually we all agreed that we were feeling strange. Tho both of my other friends were obviously feeling the effects more than I was.

I remember that I kept thinking I felt sober but at the same time I knew I wasnít. Itís hard to describe but whenever I thought about my level of sobriety I decided I wasnít feeling the effects of it yet...But at the same moment I would think about something I had done 5 mins earlier and not see my logic behind my action. This made me think about how strange this drug was in its ability to make me unable to realize I was feeling the effects of it.

After about an hour and a half both of my friends were getting mild visuals, it was starting to get dark, and one of them suggested we climb up onto the roof and stare at the sky. I consider myself to like tripping outdoors more than indoors so this seemed like a great idea. After all of us climbed up the side of the house we layed out on the roof on our backs and stared at the sky paying attention to all the stars, clouds, and aircraft that inhabited the clear night sky.

We layed around on the roof for a long time. This is when I began to notice my legs were jittery and were shaking....This is something that happens to me almost every time Iíve tripped on mushrooms so I thought that the acid must be approaching the interesting part....however, I still felt clear minded and sober apart from the jitteryness in my legs. I donít remember most of what we talked about on the roof just that we were all laughing alot and having a generally good time. I do remember seeing two planes flying in a line through the sky and the plane in the back had red and blue flashing lights on it and we joked around about them being space cops because the way the 'space cop' plane was flying behind the other one made it look like it was pulling the other plane over. One of my friends said he was seeing sparkles in the sky and compared the stars sparkling to that of a sparkler. My other friend told me later that he saw and heard something blow up in the sky while we were up there.

After quite some time had passed we decided it was time to climb down from the roof. We all stood up and moved towards the edge of the roof. We stared at the ground from the roof and we all thought that it looked like just a small hop to the ground. Looking back on it that was probably the first visual distortion I noticed but at the time it seemed normal and I still felt sober. Though it looked like a small hop we all knew that it was much further down than it appeared and we all descended back to the ground the same way we got up.

We all went back inside and sat around on the couches in the living room. The Xbox 360 was hooked up to the giant widescreen high-def tv with the visualizations up full screen listening to music that we all liked. I noticed both of my friends were paying deep attention to the tv. I was still only having a trip in my head and no visuals and since this was my first time I figured I would be having a much more intense trip than either of them. I began laughing at how interested they were in the TV. They began asking me if I could see the way the letters on the tv were waving around. I thought they were just messing with me and I told them I didnít see anything.

About 4 hours have passed since I started feeling 'different' the giddyness and laughter started to die out and I thought my trip was coming to an end. Up to this point it was all a mild head extremely pleasant one that I enjoyed immensely but I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't have the extreme visuals I was expecting to have. I was starting to feel even more like myself with only a slight stoned feeling comparible to when I first come up on mushrooms. I was expecting to feel almost completely back to normal within an hour or two so I decided to buy some weed to keep the buzz going. One of my friends left before we smoked so it was just me and one other friend smoking a bong.

Once I noticed I was high on the weed my friend said something along the lines of 'you really donít see those letters moving around?' So I looked at the letters on the TV and all of a sudden I noticed the letters start to wave, wiggle, and stretch all over the tv screen. I had thought the apex of the trip was over and I would be returning to normal and all of a sudden out of nowhere I was having intense visuals....everything around me was moving and stretching all at once. It reminded me of the way the song 'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd starts out. I became extremely interested in watching all of the new changes taking place before my eyes as the colors from the tv moved outward painting the walls with bursts of color. I kept thinking how the weed was like the key to unlocking the visuals in that particular trip. And it felt to me like it was hitting me fast and more intense than my other 2 friends experienced that night.

As I said before Iím not a big fan of tripping inside and with all the extreme visuals I was having I felt overwhelmed and decided to go back outside where I felt more comfortable. As soon as I walked outside the wind hit me and made me feel 'at home'. This is another part of the night that I donít remember all that well but I do remember being extremely interested in the moon. It looked like a giant yellow blow in the sky with a purple/ dark blue outline that kept changing in shape. I remember not being able to pry my eyes away it was so simple yet so interesting all at the same time. I remember staring at alot of things outside and becoming deeply intrigued by what I was seeing. I remember whenever the wind would blow I would see flashes of light out of the corner of my eyes.

At this point I was tripping heavily and experiencing a wide variety of feelings. I did feel nauseous at some points during this time but only briefly. Then 2 other people showed up and were just hanging around. I remembered feeling awkward when being around them because they werenít tripping. I looked over at my friend who was tripping with me as he went to take a sip from his drink and to me it looked like his bottom jaw dropped down about a foot to his drink and his mouth looked like a chimps mouth as he slurped at the drink. I knew this was a hallucination and I was comfortable having it and thought it was kinda funny but the 2 non-tripping friends were still hanging around so I just zoned back out and started paying attention to my hallucinations again.

I remember seeing hundreds and hundreds of shooting stars that night. I know most, if not all of them, weren't real but they were fun to watch so I let myself get caught up in that. Eventually the non-trippers left and I felt that awkwardness of being around people that werenít tripping leave along with them. I was beginning to feel like I could handle being inside again and so I walked inside. Everything was still wiggling around but not with the intensity that it had started with. We sat around for a few minutes as I watched the wiggling become more and more intense and it became clear that for a comfortable trip I was going to be s pending most of the night outside.

Back outside again and tripping heavily me and my friend talked for hours. We talked about everything that we were experiencing and even delved into out-of-the-box philosophical ideas. One that comes to mind is the thought that what we see and what is reality are two different things. And that if we truly canít trust our eyes whatís to say we're not just a thought. I know that doesnít make a whole lot of sense so Iíll try to explain. Everything we perceive is just signals sent to our brains from our sensory organs. This leads us to believe that what we see and feel is reality. But if itís our brains stimulating the sensory organs rather than the sensory organs stimulating the brain then what we perceive to be reality could simply be thoughts inside our head. We played with this idea for a while thinking that if what we were seeing and feeling everyday...sober or not....was just a product of our minds then everyone we know could be just another product of our minds. At one point my friend looked at me and said 'You just made me think your not real' and we burst out laughing and went off into many other conversations.

I remember seeing alot of things and appreciating the clarity of the visuals in comparison to mushrooms. Mushrooms is more in my head visuals....unclear patterns and vibrant colors. But Acid was extremely clear like what I was seeing was distorted and not my vision itself. I spent alot of time staring inside from outside because outside was so calm and inside was so visually hectic. I remember seeing the foosball table. It was waving in such a strange fashion that it appeared that the floor of the table was bubbling melted plastic and all the foosball players (the little guys on the poles) were melting into the table.

Eventually I noticed everything was starting to wave alot less than before and I had a feeling that Iíd be comfortable inside now. So we both went inside and as soon as we walked in the doors I felt noticeably different. Like a sudden mood change going from outside to inside. Not a bad one or anything like that it just felt distinctly different than outside. Anyway as it turned out I was right the trip was finally dying down and I now felt comfortable being inside.

Not much more interesting happened that night. The trip stopped around 2-3am Monday morning and I went home and fell asleep. I slept most of Monday and woke up for a few hours. I donít remember much of Monday just feeling really tired and not quite myself still. Still a slight mushroom stoned feeling in my head and I couldnít think as well as I wouldíve liked to.

All in all it was a very interesting experience and I had alot of fun despite being overwhelmed and nauseous through some parts of it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66615
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 11, 2011Views: 7,710
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