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A Full Day of Insight
by MDA
Citation:   MDA. "A Full Day of Insight: An Experience with MDA (exp66663)". Jul 22, 2008.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:15 1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:15 1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
[Erowid Note: Most MDXX tablets weigh 300mg or less including binders. Futhermore, the intensity and effects described are inconsistent with a 945mg dose, which is considered an extremely high dose (see MDA Dose Chart). It is unlikely that the dose was as high as described.]

It was neither my, nor my friend D's, first time with MDA. We do have some previous experience with pills containing both MDMA and MDA, as well as pure MDMA. As both reports and our own experience dictate, MDA has less euphoria, and more hallucinatory/intellectual aspects.

We were recently introduced to some pills which were almost certainly verified to be 315 mg of pure MDA. I got 6 total, expecting to have multiple experiences. My friend and I are fairly intellectual and spiritual people, so we were expecting and planning on having a 'good, meaningful experience' rather than solely intending on just having a fun time on drugs. We do our research, and understand (mostly) what we will be getting ourselves in to before trying anything. We approach things with caution and respect, and this was no different, although you will see later some mistakes were made, and learned from.

Initially D came over at about 10:15am. I was expecting the experience to last approximately 6 hours or so, and I wanted us to be out of the apartment by 5pm since my room mate would be coming home, and he is far less tolerant of substance use than we are. We had a very deliberate and anticipating mindset. We knew these were not MDMA, and that the experience would be different. We prepared by getting some fitness water, light salty snacks, good bubble gum, organizing our very wonderful collection of trance music, and making sure the apartment was clean and tidy for a positive environment. We also had a few playstation video games in mind to play if we had the desire to. Now prepared, we dosed one 315 mg pill each at 10:45am.

The effects were quick to come on, we were feeling lightly buzzed after 30 minutes, and by 45-60 minutes it was definitely there. We waited another 30 minutes just talking in the living room. We tried to play a couple of the video games and gave up after about 15 minutes of play time, it just did not feel right. It was like the game was nearly an invasion, getting in the way of what we could accomplish. At 1pm we realized we were at our peak for this experience. We felt strongly buzzed, almost like a strong alcohol consumption level. Our bodies felt tingly and simultaneously numbed. We were experiencing light visual hallucinations, such as walls and carpet having a wave effect, and certain things would look 'color scorched,' where a section of the wall may look burned with a brighter color, or skin would take on a slight but noticeable blueish hue. Coordination was almost completely intact.

We again realized this was MDA, and not MDMA, and the experience was to be more intellectual and visual rather than empathic and straight euphoria. It was resembling more of a light trip on mushrooms than the classic MDMA 'roll.' However, we felt that we could definitely be peaking stronger and be fine, and had the desire to be. We were missing that piece of euphoria we were hoping for, albeit not expecting it too much. At 1pm, we decided it would be ok to take another one of the pills. In our minds, we were slightly anxious, because we knew this was going to be 630 mg of pure MDA, reportedly 5-6 times the strength of a 'strong dose.' We also have some good experience with mushrooms, DXM and Salvia, perhaps skewing what our perception of 'strong' was.

For the next 30 minutes we sat in my room listening to music and talking about interpersonal relationships. This was definitely a communicative drug, very similar to MDMA. After about 30 minutes, we definitely began noticing the effects of the second dose. There was another brief period of anxiety, followed very abruptly by excitement. We knew we were going to be in for a good ride. After another 30 minutes or so, we were definitely at a second, higher peak than before. I can only describe the effects as stronger. The body buzz was more intense, but stronger were the visual hallucinations and mental effects. It felt as though I was slightly split, or perhaps vibrating, but this was more of a mental feeling than physical. Our conversations turned a little deeper, and we found ourselves getting occasionally lost in our discussions. We may forget what we were talking about, we would stutter a bit when trying to formulate thoughts, but for the most part we could still communicate well. Coordination was also moderately affected, similar to the effects of around 4 beers.

It was now 2pm, and we were faced with a decision. We knew that we only had 1 pill each remaining, and that just 1 was not quite strong enough for us as a session. Our intention was to use 1 of the pills with some LSD, but decided this would not be a good idea as this substance was not euphoric, and was intellectual and visual, thus possibly quite strongly influencing the LSD trip in a negative way. We decided, since I would have to be out by 5, to see if I was ok to drive.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I want to warn you now, this was poor planning. Driving on any substance is a bad idea, and can endanger yours and others' lives. Plan your day better for unseen circumstances. So we get in the car, and take the other 2 pills with us, another dumb idea. I drove around for a few blocks, and decided I was 'fine.' I just stopped in the middle of the street in a back neighborhood and we each took the other pill right there, then drove right back to my apartment. I would like to point out that the type of people we are, this is a very good indicator of how our judgment was being affected at this point.

We arrived back at my apartment and went to my room, again just talking and listening to music. We had ingested a grand total of 945 mg of MDA, nearly a gram, about 8-9 times as much as what is considered to be a 'strong dose.' The stronger effects came on again at about 30 minutes after ingestion, and hit their peak after another 30 minutes. It was now about 3:15pm. At this stage, we were completely blown away. When looking at D's face, I would see neon blue and purple highlighting nearly everywhere, which would wave and melt. Looking at bright colors such as white would display a nearly phosphorous brilliance. Looking at my computer monitor, I saw about 10 pink dotted circles rotating around about 3 other smaller similar circles. Vision was quite blurred and fuzzy, and conversation was intensely challenging. We would be constantly stuttering, and needing to put every effort of focus we had on formulating thoughts and conveying them. Most of what was said at this stage was closer to nonsense, we could barely understand each other except on a fundamental level. I would look at my friend, see him talking, hear roughly what he is trying to say, and then just magically comprehend exactly what he is conveying. We were at a very high dosage now, and knew it. The euphoria was not all there, but was definitely good. Thoughts were also getting quite disjointed.

We spent the next couple hours until about 4:45 just hanging out, listening to music, and trying to talk. The experience here was pretty mind blowing, although we were not experiencing much in the way of revelation. Our communication was strong however, even as difficult as it was, and I feel we were able to strengthen our relationship even further, as well as discuss interesting topics about other people, such as why certain people are the way they are, what they have gone through, and why they are genuinely “good” people. At 4:45, we also very poorly decided to drive back to his place (which was really on small streets and only about 5 minutes away). We picked up his girlfriend, and we FINALLY now had a sitter/driver. I eagerly gave her my keys, now realizing some of my follies clearly, and gave her control of the vehicle.

We went up to D's brother's apartment and hung out for a little while, and then went down to the city to drop off something for a friend of mine at 7pm. I would like to point out that we were slowly coming down around 6, indicating the first pill was slowly wearing off 7 hours after ingestion. After dropping off the package for my friend, we went back down to D's apartment and spent the rest of the night listening to music and just relaxing. We had headaches and severe muscle tension from jaw clenching.

We very, very slowly came down until 4:30am, at which point the visuals were not very intense, but still noticeable. Mental state was still fairly intense, and we had been having some deep conversations about some interesting topics such as animal cognitive abilities, multiple dimensions, various forms of psychology and so forth. I felt ok to drive home, and did so to try and get some sleep. Lights had halos larger than anything I had ever seen, headlights and stoplights would blur across my vision dramatically. It was very pleasant and rewarding at this point, although I was truly beat. We were still under the effects with moderate strength (similar to the experience we had at just 1 pill), and 17.5 hours had passed since we initially dosed!

I lay in bed until 11am, not sleeping a bit, but at least resting with some slight tossing/turning. I got up then and still had very mild visual effects, albeit very minimal. I did have a decent head buzz still going although the deep thoughts had mostly vanished, and felt very unbalanced. It is now 5:45pm the next day as I write this, and there is no question my mental state is still not back to normal. I attribute this partly to the lack of sleep, but there is something else still lingering.

Overall, this experience lasted fairly strongly for about 14 hours, with residual effects lasting to 17+ hours. This was completely unanticipated. More MDA not only increases effects, but the longevity of the experience as well. I feel that this was not only an aesthetically and physically exciting experience, but very intellectually charged. It was great for relationship development and understanding, and I feel I have taken quite a bit from this. I have also learned to watch myself and definitely get a sitter, so that unplanned events that may occur can be well regulated. The altered mind is much different than that of normal consciousness, and even the best of us sometimes make a mistake. I know better now to watch my bounds and plans with an even closer eye than what I had been doing before, and believe this will positively affect me for the span of my life, in either state of consciousness.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2008Views: 19,745
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MDA (34) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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