Feels Like Rolling for Twelve Hours
MDMA, Cacti - T. bridgesii & DMT
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Feels Like Rolling for Twelve Hours: An Experience with MDMA, Cacti - T. bridgesii & DMT (exp66730)". Erowid.org. Dec 1, 2007. erowid.org/exp/66730

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 0:30 7.0 g oral Cacti - T. bridgesii (dried)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 10:00 2 hits smoked DMT  
I am a 23 year old male, weighing 120 pounds, with an extensive background using a variety of psychedelics. I have combined MDMA with Trichocereus peruvianus twice in the past, with extremely positive effects. This was my first time attempting the combination of MDMA and Trichocereus bridgesii. I like the bridgesii cactus because it is more potent than the peruvian torch. Ten grams of bridgesii on its own is for me a good strong dose, equivalent in effects to about twenty grams of peruvianus. I am slightly insensitive to the effects of MDMA, preferring doses over 150 milligrams. I have one prior experience smoking DMT.

Substances, dosages and timing:

T + 0:00 pure MDMA 300 milligrams
T + 0:00-0:30 a handful of Trichocereus bridgesii cactus (about 6-8 grams)
T + 10:00 2 large inhalations pure DMT
Cannabis smoked throughout and the odd bit of blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) as well.

Set, Setting and Intent:

A good friend arranged a Halloween psychonauting party. Costumes mandatory (I went as the village shaman), about sixty people in attendance, most of them on 300 milligrams of MDMA. Most attendees are highly experienced with psychedelics but we had a few first timers too, so we took care to make sure they were having a good experience and staying hydrated. Several people there were DJs and there was a 2000 watt stereo system set up, so the music all night was fantastic. Starting out with mellow electronica, fading into some nice psytrance while the MDMA is peaking, and mellowing back out later in the evening (well, morning technically). Even heard a little Enya thrown on the tables at around 5 AM.

I had a bag of 50 grams of Trichocereus bridgesii that I was intending on sharing with several psychonauting companions as a complement to the MDMA we were dosing. In my experience, combining cactus with MDMA makes me feel like I am rolling along nicely for twelve hours. Just as the MDMA starts to ease off, the cactus will pick up keeping me at this beautiful empathic plateau for hours and hours. I handed out handfuls of cactus (ranging from about 5 grams to up to 10 grams) to half a dozen people, ate a good handful of cactus myself, and used the remaining bits of flesh in the bottom of the bag to give several more people “just a taste”. Not enough to effect them, judging by the alkaloid content. But the spirit of this plant is very powerful and it was more to connect us all on a group level, share a group tripping experience. You don’t need a psychoactive dose to connect with the cactus, especially around other people. Especially if all those other people are on MDMA. The potential for contact highs and shared vibrations is enormous.

My intention for this trip was two fold, to connect with others deeply through an empathogenic experience, and to work on opening my heart chakra, sharing loving energy with those around me and remembering also to love myself. As always I found the line between “recreational” and “spiritual” use to be blurred in a situation like this. The kind of recreation I had in mind is a spiritual journey in and of itself.

The experience:

It took perhaps 45 minutes before I could feel the MDMA coming on, a nice smooth entry despite the high dose. Because I’d been eating cactus too I just sat and rested a little bit to let the slight stomach discomfort and nervous energy dissipate. To eat the cactus we were just chewing up pieces of the dry flesh and swallowing them with water. The more you chew it, the faster it kicks in, if you can handle the terrible bitter taste while doing so.

When the MDMA hit everything was definitely ecstatic. Myriad who has never done drugs before and is having her first experience on 300 milligrams of MDMA and a few tokes of pot, is blowing up hard. As am I. We hug each other very tightly and then kiss. “I’m a lesbian.” she then says, to which I reply “That’s alright! You’re a beautiful lesbian, you’re going to have girls all over you.”

“I’ve never had a girlfriend,” she says and I tell her I’m sure that will change in the future. She really is stunningly beautiful. “OMG,” she saws with a tinge of awe and amazement in her voice, “We’d never be doing this if we weren’t on drugs!”

I spent a long time chilling with my friends Cala and Tom in their room, as we were feeling a bit overwhelmed in the main area of the party. All of us were peaking on the MDMA and the cactus was starting to affect us a bit as well. We had some great conversations, these are people I’ve hung out with a fair bit but we’d never sat down and had a good chat like this before. It turns out we have all sorts of things in common, the love of plants especially trees and of course also the love of funky psychedelic ethnobotanicals.

I recall at one point being handed a log of poplar wood that Cala and Tom had picked up somewhere and spent some time infusing with loving energy. I couldn’t help myself, I had to cradle the log like you would a cute little puppy dog because the feeling of loving vibration coming from the wood was so comforting. Cala gave us both back massages which felt amazing. At some point our other friend Kali joined us in the room and we ended up in a four-way reciprocal foot massaging cuddle puddle.

After awhile I began to notice the pattern of blue flowers on the blanket taking on a life of its own, waving gently as if blown by the breeze coming in the open window. During this time we smoked a couple of joints of very potent weed, with some blue lotus mixed into one of them. The blue lotus adds a nice relaxing mellow vibe, taking away some of the stimulant edge.

Sometime later I went back out into the party to chat with others and smoke some bowls of pot. The MDMA was wearing down a bit, the peak definitely gone and I felt a bit worn out. But the cactus wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. The combined effect was like I was still rolling at a good strong MDMA plateau, except I was a little more tired and there were definate visual effects going on. Lights and colours were heightened, as if the whole world had been rendered by Renoir or some other impressionist painter. It felt nice to just sit in a comfy chair, breathing in the serene calmness. I was totally mellowed out but at the same time wide awake, no hope of sleep, and still incredibly empathic towards everyone.

Back in Cala and Tom’s room, we smoked a nice joint the three of us and this other girl curled up together on the bed, under the blankets. None of us were sleeping but we all just lay mostly in silence tripping out on the patterns on the walls. There was a rainbow lightbulb screwed into the socket, which cast gentle patterns of colour on the ceiling and walls like stained glass would. As I stared at the colours I would see them shrink and grow and the shade would fluctuate, purple to red, red to orange, then back towards purple again. Bunches of dried herbs and some sticks and such attached to the walls cast strange shadows which shifted slowly in a liquid fashion.

The DMT Nightcap:

Most people were either passed out, mellowed out, or gone home. But for some of us, the cactus was still running strong. It had been about ten hours since dosing. Star comes up and softly whispers to me “Do you want to do some DMT?”

“Definitely!” I reply

“Okay, follow me to the little room at the end of the hall.” Andreas and Condor come with us and we discretely depart the room, as Andreas only has a few doses left. The material is a clean white crystalline powder extracted from Mimosa hostilis root bark.

Out comes the little freebase pipe, dedicated solely to DMT and already encrusted with much residue from the last time these people went crazy on DMT. Sitting comfortably against the wall with a pillow at my back, Star started melting down the DMT onto the walls of the freebase pipe. It was only my second time doing DMT but I was confident it would go smoothly and that I would be able to let go easily as I had the first time.

As Star held the pipe and heated it from the bottom with a lighter, a ball of billowing white smoke formed in the chamber. I drew in my breath, long, slow and deep. Held for a few seconds, exhaled, and immediately began another long, slow inhalation. This time when finished I held the toke in and settle back as the initial comeup is already setting in.

I hear the DMT carrier wave, a sharp, clear and pure note of sound like a turning fork rung inside my head, which grows in intensity and rises in pitch as I begin to fall into the trance state. My thoughts are surprisingly completely clear and lucid through this. “Follow the carrier wave” I tell myself, slumping forward slightly with eyes closed.

The DMT rushes over me in waves, the first wave makes me catch my throat a bit, an odd constricting and mildly threatening sensation. I concentrate on relaxing and just breathing. My breathing pattern falls naturally into a meditative pattern, deep inhalations pulling as much energy in as possible and then deep exhalations letting go of all the tension.

I feel I am inside a living crystal, which pulses and resonates with glowing energy. It’s not a “visionary” experience (no elves, no landscapes, no parables), rather just intense sensations of colour and light, vibrating and fading, brighter, softer, brighter and softer again. Several progressive waves come over me putting me in a deeper and deeper trance state. I hear one of my guiding friends ask another a question in a quiet and gentle voice, trying not to disturb my journey. It doesn’t disturb me at all, but I smile inwardly as complex moving patterns of colour are manifested by the sound of their voices. I am seeing what they are speaking as shifting and twisting colours!

There came a point where I knew the DMT had peaked, the waves started to become less intense, less involving. Just starting to come out of the DMT trance I felt exactly the way I feel on a good dose of ayahuasca – there was an emotional overtone, a feeling of subtle energies within me moving around. I felt compelled to open my eyes now, and when I do I simply stare in amazement at a little patch of carpet with some scattered bits of paper and garbage. The plain grey carpet is covered in beautiful patterns, fractal mandalas, star flakes in gentle reds and blues and greens, which shift and change as I look at them. Creeping and growing, expanding, shrinking. It’s like a skin that rests right beneath the surface of all reality, these beautiful textured living patterns of life that DMT has opened my eyes to.

DMT is the most profoundly visual substance I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. The strange part of the experience is that my mind stays so lucid, so clear, just like a deep state of meditation. There’s no interfering sensation of being “high” so all I can do is marvel at the light show and feeling of absolute ENERGY. How can this substance be so visual and yet leave me feeling like I am standing right there inside the patterns, a sober observer to the swirling energies on all sides?

The last waves of DMT are washing over me now, in between I feel almost out of the trip and have a strong desire to communicate what I had just experienced. I am awed at the power of this substance, and yet also at the very natural feel to it. DMT seems to swim through the brain like a fish in water, it doesn’t feel like a drug, just intense life energy radiating, pulsing, shifting and reforming everywhere. There’s a great feeling of wellbeing during the afterglow too, I feel totally revitalized and like my brain has been “reset” and is running more smoothly as a result. Thoughts are crisp and clear and the ability to fall into a mild trance state using meditative breathing lingers after the initial DMT flash.

Nearly back to reality, I chat a few moments about what I’d been feeling and seeing and then make my exit from the room before the next space monkey makes his entrance to the DMT world. The first words out of my mouth after smoking the DMT are a heartfelt “Thank you.” I head upstairs and hang out, feeling chatty and social and enjoying the afterglow.

This DMT experience had a very different feel to the last time I did it. I would attribute this mainly to set and setting. The first time I did DMT I was in a natural forest environment with pleasant afternoon sunshine, and I took a little more time to calm and prepare myself before smoking the DMT. The resulting trip was one of deep connection to the earth. The second time was in a small, dimly lit room and I definitely got a stronger dose on this second trip too. The effects lasted longer and there were more waves than the first time I had smoked DMT. What was the same both times was seeing these amazing energy patterns underlying everything, the constantly shifting fractal patterns of life. Also both times I felt remarkably lucid and aware enough to remember everything that happened, even at the peak of the trip.

This combination seems pretty innocuous physically. Sensitive individuals experienced some nausea, but no one vomited or had signs of hypertension, serotonin syndrome or anything like that. It did take two whole days to return fully to baseline after this experience, mind you. This was unexpected, as Trichocereus bridgesii on its own seems to last 12-16 hours and I’ve never felt an MDMA afterglow for that long. Everyone who had eaten both the cactus and the MDMA reported this lingering effect, even those who had eaten only small amounts of cactus. Some kind of interesting synergy appears to go on between these substances. The two days after the trip were very enjoyable, as everytime I sparked up a joint this wave of love and empathy would wash back over me. I also found I was very sensitive to the food I was eating. Meat and dairy products and any heavy food I found very unappealing. I ate a lot of fruit and grains, as this seemed the easiest to digest. On the third day I experienced an emotional crash (not unexpected with such a large dose of MDMA). By the fourth day several subjects including myself had developed a head cold. I think this combination might run down the immune system somewhat. Stay safe and happy tripping!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66730
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 1, 2007Views: 44,652
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Cacti - T. bridgesii (448), MDMA (3), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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