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Holy Smoke
Salvia divinorum
by j
Citation:   j. "Holy Smoke: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp66831)". Oct 25, 2018.

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I've journyed to salvia-land on several occasions, however, I visited a number of websites, forums and headshops beforehand. The vast majority instructed me to obtain a sitter. So, heeding their warning I ventured home, somewhat proudly, with my newly puchased 20-x salvia and instructed my wife.

She wasn't as hip to the idea as I was hoping. But, after a little coaching she seemed ready to sit me.

We really figured the only trip that was going to happen, was the trip the shop owner would be making to the bank with my $40.

I took three good tokes, holding the smoke for about 15 secounds each with no pause in between.I held her hand and in secounds I was off! Now let me just say I am a very experienced tripper, but nothing ever compared to this. I was on a rollercoaster but I was stationary! I leaned back on the bed and started yelling. It was exhilarating. But, my wife got angry believing that I was just clowning around. I squeezed her hand tightly and was trying to relay the adventure.

She eventually stormed off. I lay there unable to move watching all sorts of things appear from my childhood. There was and old chair that my father used to sit in spinning out in front of this rollercoatser I had become. She came back after a few seconds and started to yell at her to come in to this place too. I guess I thought if she smoked we'd be together!

She really grew upset as she felt I was pressuring her. I really just wanted her with me.

As with anything different, it dawned on me that we had emplemented a safety plan. Worried that she my call for help, I forced myself up and out of these visions to go and reassure her before she went for help!

I was very heavy and clumsy and when I tried to even sit up it was as if I was being held down. I opened my eyes only to see that the bed had totaly grown around me. I mean, I had to literaly climb out of the bed! I was in a valley and had to climb up about eighty feet just to get out.

When I reached the top of the bed, I lept to the floor. The colors and old spinning chair was gone but I could feel that world pulling at me. I wanted to just close my eyes and go back but I had to tell my wife that I was fine.

Now on my feet, and feeling heavy and that messed up leftways pulling that salvia likes to inflict, I made it out to the couch to show I was back from th trip. Stupidly I attempted to explain my voyage but she was so pissed that she wanted to hear none of it.

Over the next two months I've used salvia about 10 times, alone and with a freind. I've ventured to my childhood and to hell. I found a realitvly small toke held fore about 7 seconds brings on a sillyish buzz. But, hold it to long and away I go.

The salvia induced world seems to be more real than this one. I'm happy to haved travelled there, but this is the one that I belong in! Salvia was flushed about 30 minutes ago.

My wife never saw the lush green feilds, the dark overgrown forrests, the garden gnomes. She never felt the pulling of the demons, the clawing dark faceless creatures. She never heard the singing elfs. She never tuned into an arrow being shot across the plains or a hammock being stretched by the trees. But I did, and I've had enough.

Holy smoke! I really believe in God, And He doesn't exist in that strange land.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66831
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 25, 2018Views: 831
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