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Halloween 07
Citation:   Schinns. "Halloween 07: An Experience with 2C-B (exp66867)". Erowid.org. Jun 10, 2008. erowid.org/exp/66867

30 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
Well, where do I begin? Iím a super senior at a state university. I am majoring in Secondary Ed and English Writing. I was living at my mothers place while finishing up my final credit during the Fall semester. She lives an hour and half away from my university, so the drive every week was not the most enjoyable, but I managed. When not in school I spend my summers hopping music festivals and just trying to get the most that I can out of life. I am pretty well experienced in every form of mind alternates. I have eaten 14 hits of good LSD in one night, smoke nuggets daily, and have dined on enough mushrooms to visualize God. All this along with getting too deep into certain substances Iím not proud to have indulged in.

Well enough background, now on to this story. It was Halloween 07 and I was up at school for my one class of the week (Iím finishing a single credit course). This guy thatís a few years younger than me briefly told me that he had some doses of 2-CB. Being the psychonaut that I am, I was all about dosing on some 2-CB for Halloween. Now about the kid I was getting this from, I wouldnít really consider this guy a friend, heís always been more along the lines of an acquaintance. In the past I have helped him out with 2-CI, so I figured he knew enough that the substance would be of good quality and properly dosed.

After a lot of running around and waiting, he finally told me to meet him on campus and we would trade, some nuggets from me, for some 2-CB from him. He hooked me up with two small tinfoil folds that each contained a trace amount of powder. He told me that it was 30mgís a piece, and that his hookup has tried it, although he didnít as of then. I asked how the guy consumed his dose and he said his hook-up insufflated one packet, and all the guy proceeded to do was go ďWow, wow, wow.Ē Good enough for me. I was going to stay in my college town and party for Halloween, but all my close friends had class the next day and were waiting for the weekend to party. So I decided to head home.

I was one hour into my hour and half drive home, and I made one of the dumbest mistakes anyone who knows anything about psychedelics could make. I decided I would insufflate one of the doses, and with this rational I would make it home right as the dose was kicking in. Ha! I am a fucking idiot.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I sniffed the miniscule amount of powder, thinking I was strong enough to handle anything this little packet of powder could put out. First off, this shit burns really, really bad. About ten minutes later I started talking to myself, trying to talk myself down. Then another ten minutes later, I could no longer see the damn road. I knew I fucked up.

I made it past one town, and it was another fifteen minutes to my momís house. And it just kept getting more intense. I donít know if the 2-CI I had previously was not dosed as strong, or if 2-CB is just more intense. I soon realized if I didnít pull over, I was going to kill someone, or kill myself. So I went to pull over and stop, well I hit the brakes, and the road kept coming 60mph. I couldnít tell if I was in the road or off the road. I tried to open the door and I couldnít find the door handle. I tried rolling down the windows, I felt a cold breeze, but the window wasnít open. So I sat there, foot on the brake, freaking out. I tried to dial my ex-girlfriends number, and my momís number because I knew this was not going to end in a good way. But I couldnít see my phone, let alone dial the people I love.

So I sat, and waited. I still had another dose on me, and it was dark in the car, I was trying to put it in my sock, but ultimately failed. I was also trying to grab my hash and nuggets in the console to stash those as well, but I couldnít open the fucking console. I kept seeing flashes, but then they would go away. My voice was echoing when I talked to myself. I felt on the verge of a psychedelic breakdown. After sitting there for who knows how long, I finally heard someone say, ďAre you alright?Ē But it was echoing, so I didnít know if it was real. I looked out the window and seen a guy standing there, but he looked haphazard like he crawled out of a car accident.

ďOh fuck, I hit someone!Ē I felt for my seatbelt and sure enough, I was hanging upside down from the ceiling of the car. ďI hit someone, Oh God, Oh God, what the hell have I done!Ē was all I could think. I looked out the window again, and the guy was gone.
Again, I have no idea how much time lapsed but eventually I seen some blue and red flashes, and even in my precarious mind state, I had an idea those flashes were the real thing. I looked out the window, and there was this boy dressed as a cop, (It was after all, Halloween) I went to roll down the window, and he screams, ďPut your hands on the wheel!Ē I donít know exactly what I did, but I was looking down the barrel of this boy-copís gun. Needless to say, that scared the shit outta me.

Again, I donít know what happened, or how much time passed, but an ambulance came, and even with me helping, no one could open the door to the car. It was at this point I realized I was sitting upright, and I must not have got in a car accident. When they got me out of the car, I kept saying something about how I needed to call my mom and my ex and how my phone wasnít working. Apparently I was sitting in the middle of highway, with all the windows rolled down, except for the drivers window, and my foot on the brake, despite the fact I turned the car off. It was about 30 degrees out, and I was only wearing a t-shirt.

So, they load me into the ambulance, and I just keep saying how something is not right. The first thing they ask is if I took any narcotics. Well, of course I lied. They finally get me to the local hospital. I see the boy-cop again and realize he is an actual cop, and not dressed up for Halloween. They put an IV in me, and take my blood to analyze it. By this point Iím looking out the door to the ER and I see my kid sister, and I can see she has been crying. I felt like a real fucking asshole at that point. I couldnít see my mom though, which kind of weirded me out. Then I realize I was looking right at my mom, but I could barely recognize her. I was tripping really hard. Before I dosed on this shit, I was under the impression it was like E with a slight LSD kick to it.

They ended up finding my glass bowl I bought at my first Bonnaroo, but they didnít say anything about the hash or the nuggets. I still donít know if that shit is still in the car, or if the cops just took it without much fuss. They did a catscan and the boy-cop shows up again and tells me they found my bowl, and that I wouldnít get charged for it. He didnít say anything about the other dose of 2-CB or about the hash/herb.

Eventually they get my drug screen back and they find benzoís in my system (Iím prescribed to xanax), and they of course found pot. Well, boy-cop has an idea that xanax and grass donít make you act or say some of the shit I was popping off with.
I wouldnít talk, and they couldnít find what I took that made me obviously loose my fucking mind. So again, I have no idea how much time lapsed. But eventually my mom left, and they put me in a gown. There was one point that I want to tell about, where they needed some urine from me. Not being much of an exhibitionist, I couldnít pee. I think the hospital thought I was trying to mess with the urine or something in the bathroom, so they sent this bald guy in with me, to hold my hospital gown up while I took a leek. I could tell he was kind of embarrassed, and being in my mind state, I made some smart ass comment about how fun his job must be. Well he quipped back with, ďItís either this, or we put a catheter in your urethra.Ē Eventually, I was able to pee.

Well, I somehow passed out and woke up at 5am, still feeling a little off, but much more in touch with reality. Something was in my sock itching my leg, I reached in, and there was my other dose of 2-CB. I was glad the cops didnít find it, and I actually thought of eating it to destroy the evidence. Looking back now, I am glad I choose not to. That morning, they let me out of the hospital at around 10am. The cops and Drís knew something more than grass was making me loose it, but they couldnít prove anything. It's nice 2-CB can't easily be tested for.

Now, I am sitting in my momís computer room typing this. I decided enough was enough, and I talked to mom about all the rumors she has been hearing since I began college about myself dealing, or simply doing drugs. I guess you canít lie forever.
Needless to say, after not touching anything for even this short week, my head is much clearer. Will I trip again, probably. Will I ever dose again while driving? Never.

Now that I told a shortened version of the events of Halloween 07, I will talk about dosing. Apparently a heavy 2-CB trip when insufflated is 7-10mgís. My doses were 30mgs and meant to be eaten. Lesson learned. Looking back now, I am simply glad I didnít hurt anyone, or kill myself. I am also somewhat happy I am not the first guy arrested for 2-CB in my motherís small town community. Could this have ended better, yes. But could it have ended much worse, for sure.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66867
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 10, 2008Views: 29,469
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2C-B (52) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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