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Various Experiences with MAOIs
Syrian Rue vs B. caapi with P. cubensis
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Various Experiences with MAOIs: An Experience with Syrian Rue vs B. caapi with P. cubensis (exp66874)". Mar 2, 2009.

  oral Banisteriopsis caapi
    oral Syrian Rue
Quite early on in my career of psychedelic dabbling, I learnt that MAOIís could intensify and lengthen the course of the natural psychedelics, and reasonably safely as long as certain precautions involving diet and intoxicants were adhered to.

I decided on Syrian rue, which seemed to be the most potent and easily available plant source of short acting, reversible MAOIís.

First of all I made a tea using the seeds, simmered slowly over a few hours in a slow cooker. The taste was one of the foulest concoctions I have managed to produce before or since. It really did taste like poison. A friend and I glugged it down and then consumed some fresh cubensis mushrooms. After a while, my friendís eye lids became heavier and heavier, and he finally collapsed onto the floor. This was during a conservation with my mum, myself and a family friend in the kitchen, and was unexpected to say the least!

After literally dragging my friend to the sitting room, we both sat down and began to trip. We were both heavily sedated, and nauseated, and any movement whatsoever excavated this. One thing I did notice was that the tracers, or trails left by moving objects-such as my hand-were incredibly vivid, to a degree Iíve never seen topped since. My hand seems to leave visual ripples in the time space continuum.

Whenever I blinked, it seemed like lightning was flashing beneath my eyelids. This was my Syrian rue overdose, and was not pleasant. There seems to be a narrow margin between an active dose and overdose of rue, and this may be down to the other toxins the seeds contain.

Following this experience, I used 1gram of supposedly 10x Syrian rue extract half an hour before a mushroom or san pedro trip. This was successful, and greatly deepened, and lengthened the trip, making the dose of the mushroom or san pedro required at least as twice as potent as it would be without MAOI potentiation.

I had many successful, blissful trips with this combo-indeed, my only time seeing an entity was on rue extract, followed by 10g of fresh Hawaiian Copelandia cyanascens. The random fractals and geometries all suddenly coalesced into a perfectly formed, mushroom octopus creature, from which the hallucinations were spurting, like octopus ink maybe. This was very interesting, and is definitely not the first time Iíve heard of octopoid references to tripping, particularly shroom tripping.

Another time, I took 2 drops of rue tincture half an hour before consuming mushrooms. This was a nasty experience. I got very sick, but had the nasty experience of being unable to purge, try as I might. The effects of the rue were powerful, and actually seemed to keep me sobered up from the drifting, dreamy effects of the shrooms. There was also a noticeable anti depressive effect. I couldnít sleep for a while, and had nasty sensations like hot needles being poked in my face-what I believe may have been a mild form of serotonin syndrome.

One of my most profound, intense and blissful trips ever was a combination of rue extract followed by 60g of fresh Philippine cubensis shrooms. This produced total ego loss in me and is something Iíve never experienced with anything else, ever, and indeed no other shroom trip before or since has even come close to this. What makes this stranger is that my friend, who is a lot smaller than me, had exactly the same dose of both substances, and didnít experience anything near this magnitude. I forgot everything about my life prior to then, and thought I had entered the final nirvana, and kept asking my friend ďIs this it?Ē over and over. I knew I was some kind of ape beast that had ingested some strange, fungal growths, but thatís all I had to work with. It was massive sensory overload, and my emotions were going haywire, alternating between laughing and crying every few seconds at a time. The high was essentially an all body orgasm, and Iíve never managed to reach such a state since (bar once with DMT in the mix as well). While incredible, I assume this combo may be a strain on oneís sanity.

However, not all times with the rue/mushroom combo were so easy. On a few occasions, usually prior to the peak, I would feel a sensation of incredible intensity in my head, that was simply too much. It only lasted a second, but it was sufficiently unpleasant to remain in my mind. It possibly has something to do with changes in blood pressure.

Skip ahead a few years, and my friend and I take some rue extract followed by some san pedro in gel caps. While I eventually purge briefly, my friend purges and purges, over and over, until he is exhausted and just lying down in the grass. Even 5-6 hours after dosing he has to sprint to the toilet, the sickness suddenly just creeping up on him.

Following this incident, this was the last time I ever use rue. From then on, I switched to powdered Banisteriopsis caapi, taken in 8 Ď00í gel caps, half an hour prior to dosing with mushrooms or san pedro.

I have remained using caapi ever since. Caapi is much gentler than the rue, and seems a lot cleaner and smoother on the body, and the margin of error between an active dose and over dose is GREATLY increased. There is a tendency to purge on caapi however, but I really donít mind this now. The MAOI influence of the caapi seems to give a stabilised mindset when exploring high doses of mushrooms, stopping those sudden mood swings that can sometimes occur around the peak. The experience tends to be deeper, and more earthy. Caapi is also surprisingly potent, whether taken in gel caps or drunk as a tea.

My friend also shares my views on caapi. Caapi is also reliable, and when I want a stronger dose when taking a pharmahuasca combo, I do three extractions on 20g of material, which is then boiled down to a shot of potent brew, which tastes more of lemon juice more than anything else. This method tends to be very reliable.

So, if youíve had nasty experiences with rue and have given up on MAOIís, maybe give caapi a chance.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66874
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 2, 2009Views: 17,820
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