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A Wonderful Breakthrough
Citation:   Brain Damage. "A Wonderful Breakthrough: An Experience with Methcathinone (exp66893)". Erowid.org. May 8, 2009. erowid.org/exp/66893

280 mg oral Methcathinone (powder / crystals)
Tonight I may have taken the largest dose of Methcathinone I have ever taken. I must say that I am both surprised and pleased by what I am experiencing. I have taken this drug many times before and have never had the 'breakthrough' type of experience that I am having right now. It has never affected me in the way it is now.

First, I will offer some thoughts about my previous experiences with the drug. I often take the drug before going to work because it helps me work harder. It also helps me be motivated to work since I don't really have any motivation to work besides getting to take drugs such as this one. Every other time I have taken the drug I have felt somewhat stimulated and quite euphoric. Overall, all my previous experiences I would rate a +2 according to Shulgin's rating scale. The drug is strongly intoxicating but most of the time, it was easy to put it out of my mind and forget that I was on it. While I was working or concentrating on something I would forget that I was on it. But when I would sit down or my mind was free to roam, I would instantly remember that I was high.

This new experience is different in a few ways. First of all, I must say that I have never taken something which reminded me so much of MDMA. One of the first things I noticed when the high was really kicking in was that my sense of touch was greatly heightened. This is something I had never got from the drug before. This sensation felt strikingly similar to MDMA. Everything felt so wonderful to the touch. I found myself rubbing around on my chest, the sensation was exquisite. I also had the euphoria that I always got with the drug although it was stronger than before. This time I had something more along the lines of a +3 experience because I was unable to ignore it like I had before. The drug just took control of me and led me down its path. After I got off work I spent 25-30 minutes just laying in my bed and rolling around, experiencing the blissful state and the heightened senses. While in bed, I reminisced about the first time I had taken MDMA and was doing basically the same thing (rolling around in bed in my euphoria). Although I was just lying in bed part of the time, I was nowhere close to falling asleep. With lower doses of the drug, I would often fall asleep after a few hours. With this dose, I feel that I may be unable to sleep.

Another thing I did when I got off work was eat some chips and salsa. My sense of taste was wonderfully heightened as well and the food was excellent. The drug is definitely affecting my appetite, but anorexic is not the right word for it because I feel that I could eat if I really needed to. I feel that all the times I have taken the drug before was just practice, just a warm-up, just the precursor to this marvelous new thing I am feeling. I feel that this is what I have been trying to experience by taking this drug every other time I have taken it.

Methcathinone is known to be a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It will cause there to be increased extracellular levels of serotonin although it is causing this in a much different way than MDMA does. The MCAT experience is a much more 'natural' one than the MDMA experience. This is logical when one considers the structure of the molecules. MCAT is much closer to being a natural substance than MDMA. MCAT is simply Cathinone (a naturally occuring alkaloid in the African Khat plant) with a methyl group attached to the nitrogen at the end of the chain. The closest natural thing to MDMA is Safrole which is nothing like MDMA. It has a different isomerization and lacks a nitrogen atom or any methyl groups at the end of the chain. The MCAT experience and euphoria is less of a 'forced' one and a much longer lived one. It also lacks MDMA's psychedelic components such as a very distorted perception of the world. Some people may not miss this though, I know that I do not. Personally, the way that MCAT affects me is much more preferable than MDMA. It also seems that the way MCAT causes euphoria is less prone to exhaustion than the way MDMA causes it. I believe that I may have forever lost the magic of MDMA from abusing it so much in the past. MCAT may indeed be providing more of a euphoria than MDMA would for me.

Something I have noticed that seems to be universal for all doses of the drug is the course of action which it takes. For the first hour or so, the drug is more of a speedy one. After the first hour or so, it becomes more euphoric. At the beginning of work, my eyes were darting around rapidly and I was doing things very quickly. After the one hour drop off, I found myself unable to do things as quickly although I was still very much high and very touchy-feely.

Five hours after taking the drug I still feel quite intoxicated although my high may be fading slightly now. My heightened senses are one of things disappearing most rapidly. I still feel quite stimulated though. My guess at the amount of drug which I took is 280 milligrams. My dose may have been slightly higher or lower, I cannot say for sure. My scale only weighs to tenths of a gram and it teetered on the edge of 0.2 and 0.3 grams. The drug may also have had some small amount of impurity though this was probably miniscule because this is some of the purest MCAT I am able to get. The color of the drug was tan, it was very chunky and crystalline. Some of the MCAT I have seen was very dark brown and basically was a wet, gooey mess.

That is more or less everything I have to say about the drug and my experience tonight. I have a newfound appreciation for the drug. MCAT has never done anything so wonderful to me before and I never thought that it was capable of this. The only unfortunate thing is that I may now be much more addicted to MCAT than ever before. I may always be tempted to take high doses of the drug to achieve what I am feeling now. Feeling like this all the time is a very tempting thing and I already feel myself wanting more of the drug. I have had a wonderful breakthrough and thought I needed to share what I have gone through.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66893
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 8, 2009Views: 49,751
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