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A Night in Hell
by Zifko
Citation:   Zifko. "A Night in Hell: An Experience with Caffeine (exp67021)". Oct 16, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1200 mg oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:15 30 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)


[Note: this is not a report for ambien, it was just used to help me get to sleep, most of it was puked up anyway]

Before I tell my story, I fell I should give a little info about myself. I'm 15 years old, and about 155 pounds. So far in my life I dont drink alot but I have in the past. I have used pot, opiods, inhalants, caffeine (if that counts) and ALOT of DXM and adderall (my drugs of choice). I have also used prescriptions such as ambien and valium.

On the day of the experience I had been completly clean for about 2 weeks. (thats why I was desperate enough to use caffeine).

The Pre-experience

It was a sunday morning, and so far the weekend had been pretty boring. My friend S (another drug user, roughly as experienced as me) called me up and wanted to go to the mall. Since we live in a small town, we would be driving to the next town over. Its about a 30minute drive. His mom would be driving us.

We got to the mall at 6 and decided to walk around for a little bit first. We made a loop around the mall, mostly talking about drugs. We stoped in at Spencers and messed around for a bit, playin with their novelty stuff and looking at the drug posters. S saw a big sticker with a pot leaf on it and decided to buy it. Thats when I noticed the boxes of Jolt mints. I did some quick calculations in my head to estimate the entire box had about 1000mg of caffeine. (calculations at end of story). S and I both decided it would be worth buying it, then eating all the mints within a few minutes.

We got back to S's house around 8, after we ate dinner and shopped around the mall some. We went down to his room to play video games and talk, and I wanted to take the mints now. We took all of them, and proceded to play video games.

The Experience
[Note: S didnt take any of the mints, he decided instead to use up his inhalers he no longer needed]

After about 15minutes I started to fell the effects. It started out as nothing, and it seemed like the mints were a complete waste of money.

The effects werent any stronger, but I satrted to notice them more now. My body was shaking slightly, and I was able to concentrate more on the games we were playing. Also, the conversations we were having seemed to be deeply interesting, even though they were just random crap.

I went home at 10, since tomorrow was a school day.
This is also when things started to get bad. The effects were no longer remotly fun. I had the shakes to a point where it was hard to walk, because my feet were shaking so much. My heart was pounding extremly hard, like I had just ran 5 miles without stoping.

At this point I was scared for my life. I wasnt really sure if the shakes had stopped or not, because every time my heart would beat my body would jump. I was the only person home at the time, so I had no way of getting to a hospital, even if I had wanted to. I decided I needed to lay down, and try to go to sleep. I took 30mg of my prescription ambien (3 times my normal dose).

Even with the ambien, there is no way I would be sleeping tonight. The plus side is that I didnt take enough to get into an ambien trip, as that would make the night 10 times worse. By now I was so scared for my life I called up S to tell him what was going on and ask if he had any advice (Hes had alot more caffeince experiences than me). He said I should find a way to get some of the caffeince out of my body. That ment pissing out as much as I could, then puking up the rest.

I started to become extremely paranoid, another effect of overdose. I drank about 8 glasses of rootbeer (no caffeince) then took the longest piss of my life.

After sitting and watching TV for awhile, I satrted to fell like I was being watched (paranoia). The effects hadnt decreased at all, so I figured id puke out as much as I could, maybe it would help. My stomach was pretty empty so I went to the batroom and made myself puke.

Still fell the same and I decide I better try to get to sleep. Since I had just puked, I also lost most of my ambien that was in my body. I took another 40mg and went to my room to try and fall asleep watching TV.

Its about this time that I fell asleep, thank god. I couldnt take much more of this.

I wake up for school, completly lethargic. I couldnt really tell if this was from the ambien or caffeine. Probly both. The effects were completly gone, and my heart was beating normally again. I went off to school and had to aftereffects for the entire day.

The Post-Experience

I have decided I will never EVER take caffeine recreationly. Even when I dont have negative effects, it isnt that great anyway. Even at lower doses. I told S about this whole thing, and he decided against taking all the mints.


It was a pack of Jolt mints, 60 mints in a box. Every 5 mints has as much caffeince as a cup of coffee (about 100mg). There are 12 servings in each tin meaning I got about 1200mg, maybe a few hundred less. The tin costed about $4, which I would much rather spend on a bottle of cough syrup.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67021
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Oct 16, 2018Views: 770
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