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First Trials with I
Citation:   LucidStudies. "First Trials with I: An Experience with 2C-I (exp67025)". Erowid.org. Nov 27, 2007. erowid.org/exp/67025

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16 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  22 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
I would like to share a little about my first two trials with 2C-I. This was the first halo-phenethylamine that I have taken. I recorded quite a few of my thoughts after the first experience, and I had a very good feeling for what the drug's properties are after only one try. The follow-up experience allowed me to discover how the effects of 2C-I differ across the dosage spectrum, however I preferred to include the second episode as a footnote rather than a separate report.

I had taken only one phenethylamine before this, that being 2C-E. I hoped this would provide a lighter, more enjoyable experience, but I knew quite well the unpredictable power of the 2C family. I took my 2C-I in the form of gel capsules. My sample of 2C-I hydrochloride powder had a classic appearance to it: Puffy and fluffy in consistency. It formed into white, spherical pellets that stuck together. These ultimately build up into interestingly textured structures that somewhat resemble styrophome packing kernels.

-First Trial-

16 Milligrams were taken orally at 11:30AM on a Sunday. Nothing much was felt for at least 45 minutes.

Around T+1:00, I started to feel mildly stimulated, and time seemed to be drawing out, but in an uncertain way. I could not tell whether the flow of time was speeding up or slowing down. I felt the substance as a warm, bubbly blob melting down in my stomach. It was a benevolent-feeling thing.

Around T+1:30, a strong, immersive bodily feeling developed, as well as a brightening of colors. First I felt the substances warm energy coursing out into my fingers and toes. Whereas at first the 2C-I just lurked in the center of my body, now it was fully enveloping all my features. Then it seemed as if an invisible ring passed down over me, hovering from my head down to my feet. As this dividing line moved by, broad sections of the color spectrum were replaced with new, brighter tones. The vivid new colors stayed for the next several hours. In spite of the brightened colors I saw, there was no visual movement whatsoever. Lines did not curve, textures did not crawl, walls did not breath or flow. This made the overall visual effect decidedly subtler than with the other psychedelics I have taken.

Around T+2:00 I began experiencing 'emotional hallucinations'. I turned on my television at one point. An appalling hack comedian appeared, performing a tired puppet act for a somewhat baffled audience. A typical bad TV show. Except that every mediocre joke, every hint of social awkwardness, every irritating element stood out immensely. My ordinary ability to tune out annoying words and thoughts had been snatched away. I realized that my emotions were wide open and exposed to all stimuli.

At T+2:30 I was listening to familiar music and keeping my mood in positive territory. The music itself sounded normal, with no auditory distortion. However, my feelings about the music were intensified. Excitement for music, relaxation from music, nostalgia and memories of the people who introduced me to certain songs, these emotions were tremendous. The music itself was small in relation.

Throughout the 2C-I experience, I found myself alternating between intense internal dialogues within my own mind, balanced with the impulse to socialize with others. At some point on 2C-I, the urge to talk to a friend or just go find people to be with can become overwhelming. I could socialize just fine on 2C-I, and functioned rationally. I may have seemed a bit hyper-sensitive, however, as a result of my increased empathy, the openness of my thoughts and feelings was difficult to conceal.

The effects changed very slowly over the course of the peak period, which was mainly from T+2 hours to T+6 hours. Initially, I felt the drug sinking into my stomach, giving off warm tingling sensations. I visualized it as a little energy reactor in my stomach, discharging miniature lightning bolts in random directions. Later the sensations shifted from my stomach up towards my head. The 2C-I eventually manifested as a swirling light in the back of my skull, touching its tendrils into my thoughts and ideas, amplifying any emotions it chose to. When the light receded, it left behind a slight dizzy, aching feeling in my head. The drug's effects ended after about 8.5 hours. The after-effects were mild and I was completely back to normal by the next day.

-Second Trial-

About a month and a half later, a 22 milligram capsule of 2C-I was taken at 12:05PM on a Saturday afternoon.

At T+0:45, Initial effects were detected. Color brightening occurred fairly suddenly. A slight tightness in the chest was noted. There were racing thoughts and the urge to socialize. Energy crept out from the stomach towards the fingers and toes.

At T+1:30 the psychedelic effects of the substance had fully developed.
While I was walking outdoors, I noticed two visual effects that were not present during the first experiment. First, there was a slight tracer effect, most evident with bright lights. When I looked at a traffic light and then looked away, the red or green light would carry, superimposed briefly over whatever else I looked at. In a second or so it would fade away. Second, there was closed-eye imagery that was definitely more vivid than what I would see while sober. I remember seeing numerous glowing white spots when I closed my eyes, flashing like never-ending fireworks. However, there was still no movement or curvature of straight lines with eyes opened.

Around T+2:15 I came back from outside and realized that a nasty physical feeling was setting in. I was dizzy, sweaty, jittery, and a little nauseous. Sadly, once the bodily feeling became uncomfortable, I began to doubt and question the substance. The rest of the experience became tainted with my own negativity. For the next couple hours, I felt the need to take care of my mildly ill body and I could not be out in public. Sadly, this undermined the magic of 2C-I, as I see its social element as being a large portion of its potential. My body and my mood improved over time, but there was a nagging discomfort that couldn't be entirely shaken. The symptoms were reminiscent of coming up on my first 2C-E experience, especially the sweating and temperature irregularity that occurred. However, these side effects manifested more mildly with 2C-I than they had with 2C-E.

Around T+5:00 an unusual effect was noted: Auditory hallucinations. I detected a crackling, hissing undercurrent in a mostly-silent room. It was subtle, but noticeable. It was as if I had begun to visualize the substance's jittery energy current using my ears. I was hearing the excess energy within my own body.

Around T+6:00 I noted something else unusual: Fairly extreme pupil dilation. This seemed odd given that the visual, emotional, and physical effects of the substance were all at full strength by T+2 hours, and pupil dilation at that time was mild. It seemed like, only when the compound's effects were finally beginning to recede, did full pupil dilation occur. During the first experience, pupil dilation was consistently mild. Strange...

The effects at this dose lasted about 10 hours. Again, I was completely back to normal by the next day.


I found that 2C-I emphasizes emotional and physical effects primarily, with subtle sensorial alterations. During both trials, physical effects and altered colors were noticed first, and empathogenic qualities developed a bit later.

The first time I took 2C-I I was a little disappointed by its subtlety. I had read about some users seeing vivid, 2C-B-like visual effects. This was nothing like what I encountered. There was no persian rug overlay flapping about, or even shifting lines and wiggling textures. The experience, however, was interesting on an emotional level and enjoyable on the whole. The substance certainly showed some promise.

The second time I took 2C-I, I discovered that its subtlety is it's charm. Higher doses seem to have little to offer. The slightly fuller psychedelic effects at a higher dose were worth examining, and it does start to become partially synaesthetic (as with lower doses of 2C-E). But the overriding feeling of the experience becomes far less euphoric. The need for balance quickly became apparent, and 6 milligrams was just too much of an increase.

This substance could be good for socialization, and probably has some therapeutic value as well. It was not quite as stimulating as expected, with little raise in pulse rate, especially at the 16 milligram dosage. In fact, it might even be possible to meditate on a low to moderate dose of this substance. 2C-I would be a reasonably good option for initiating the unfamiliar into the world of the phenethylamines.

I am not experienced with MDMA or any true empathogen and I do not have any particular passion or obsession for the family. The only drugs I seem to be able to completely accept and love are the psychedelics. And due to my own prejudices, I find 2C-I a little bit dull. Those who have a true and equal appreciation for both empathogens and psychedelics will consider this to be a treasure. It is not the most sensorially immersive substance in the world. But it enjoyable at the right dose, with a unique and worthwhile effect.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67025
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 27, 2007Views: 26,979
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