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My Thoughts Become That of the Movie
by K fan
Citation:   K fan. "My Thoughts Become That of the Movie: An Experience with Ketamine (exp67092)". Feb 21, 2018.

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1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
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'Experiencing' Movies

It was a normal Saturday evening, my roommate and I picked up 2 vials (2ml) of liquid ketamine and took it home. We dried the liquid by spreading it out on our glass table and blow drying it on low heat and spreading it around till it becomes a chalky white paste and eventually completely dry. We then scrape it up and into a powder for snorting.

With my experiments with ketamine as a dissociative I Ďbecomeí my environment, so we decided to experiment with movies. We have surround sound with a mid size HDTV and a very dark room with 2 beds and comfortable bedding.

In my opinion movies with more action or large landscape shots are the best (Iíll explain why later). For this trip, we chose Chronicles of Riddick. We start the movie and place the tray of ketamine on the table in the middle of the 2 beds. I split the pile into 6 even lines about two and a half inches long and a little less than the width of a pencil.

Note: even as a casual user (maybe once a weekend in moderate doses) my tolerance escalated very rapidly.

About 15 minutes into the movie we each snort our first line and get under the covers and relax.

5min: the numbness starts to begin slowly taking over the body like a cold blanket.

10min: most of the body is numb, the speech from the movie becomes slurred and the picture a little blurry. I sit up and snort the second line.

15-20min: itís as if my body is gone, itís only my head is present resting on what is supposed to be a pillow, but feels more like a cloud. The movie is the only thing that I can concentrate on, my thoughts become that of the movie, I become the characters, walking with them speaking with them. I feel as if I am in the room with them, my mind somehow creates the rest of the room that the camera did not capture.

20-40min: the movie becomes more distant, I lose track of it. The trip becomes more of a physical trip that a mind trip, kind of like a second stage. I feel as if my bed begins to rise of the floor, it spins in the air; I come to the realization that I can control it, I can control everything. The colors of the movie fill the room and create an alternate reality around me, changing as the scenes do. Some of the visualizations become so vivid that I am convinced they are real. At one point of the movie there is a scene where he is in space, I look up and the roof of my apartment is gone and I see nothing but stars and galaxies. The hallucination seems more like a reality when the starry universe seems to take over the whole room; Iím floating in spaceÖ Completely detached from reality and the world, a complete out of body experience. As the scene changes, the environment I am in does as well, the colors influencing it, reds make the room actually feel hot, blues cold.

40-50min: As the ketamine starts to wear off the trip goes into a different stage, less hallucinations. Now itís as if Iím just flying around into my bed, reality is still nothing, I still have no perception of the room around me, the movie is starting to make a little more sense. At some point I snap back into my body; I can feel my hands and feet again, I move my head for the first time since the trip started. Although in my trip I saw everything that was happening around me, I had never once moved my head to look around. I take a deep breath and look around, everything is spinning.

I get up to use the restroom; itís extremely hard to walk, worse than being extremely drunk. I feel like the world is not just spinning, itís tumbling, pulling me every which direction. I finally make it to the bathroom and turn on the light. Everything is changing shapes and sizes rapidly, at one point I feel like Iím 40 feet tall, and the next I feel like Iím hugging the toilet as I pee.

After about 1 Ĺ to 2 hours the dizziness fades and I almost feel back to normal, except for the sinus pressure...

Conclusion: At higher doses, environment is everything, as well as mindset at the time. I can have a complete out of body experience in whatever environment I wish, by learning how to control the hallucination and choosing the right environment.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67092
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 21, 2018Views: 1,937
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Ketamine (31) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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