Sunday Night
DOB & Cannabis
Citation:   Unknown. "Sunday Night: An Experience with DOB & Cannabis (exp67108)". Dec 31, 2007.

T+ 0:00
1 hit   DOB  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
To start off, Iíve done many drugs such as LSD, Cocaine, DXM, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Salvia, hash etc. Iím a pretty smart person with drugs, but this was an experience I never would have thought would happen to me.

It all started off Sunday afternoon. At 5pm two of my friends randomly came over, one of my friends told me he had DOB for sale, I decided to buy 1 hit for my first time. I took it then and there, but my friends were completely sober. After about an hour I said I felt nothing, but I knew it took a while to kick in, so I decided to smoke some weed. After about two hours I felt it start to kick in. My body had the same sensation it had when I was on LSD. I was sitting there talking to my friend when suddenly everything just went completely black for a few seconds, I just yelled out 'Ohh shit' in a calm state of mind. As soon as I said that everything returned to normal.

My one friend decided to go home, as me and my other friend walked down to my boyfriendís house, while walking there I heard the sound of birds flying overhead, I decided to look up, and saw about 15 birds flying in the sky. But my hair was slightly in my face so I moved it away from my eyes, and noticed there were no birds at all. Once we got there me and my friend and my boyfriend went in his shed to smoke some more weed. Then my boyfriend decided to go in the house for a minute. There was a CD on the ground, I picked it up and was looking at it in the light. So many colours were created because of the light shinning off the cd. Colours at this pint were extremely bright. I started stairing into the cd, and I noticed that the cd was like a gate way into a map. Through the cd I could see a map, I could see trees and water, I was looking at North America.

Me seeing this clearly, slightly scared me. I threw the cd down and started yelling 'No, no, thatís not possible', since at this point I felt sober, other then the hellucinations. I was completely amazed that I could see what just happened, but things began getting more intense. Once my bf came back into the shed I picked up the cd once again. This time after looking into it I saw the earth, like I was looking at it from space, then the view changed, and I could see the space station and space ships, and look back at earth again. I threw the cd down on the ground, thinking it was impossible what I was seeing. Then I picked up the cd for the third and final time, I was stairing into the cd, trying to be calm, but after several minute of looking at the cd, in the center of the room I saw this eye. It was huge, and had blue all around it, then black around that.

I lost complete control of my body, I just started hugging my bf and crying. I couldnít stop. Then after a few minutes of this I started laughing, Because I didnít mean to cry at all, I wasnít scared in my mind, but my body was terrified. Then my bf and friend both left for a few moments. I was in the shed alone. I was trying to act very calm, and was looking at this couch, It started glowing black you could say, then had a purplish tint all around. in My head it was talking to me, but it was my own voice. I thought ' just go lay on the couch, its fine, isnít it a nice couch.. go on, what are you waiting for?' but these werenít my thoughts, so I never moved.

I started looking around the room, on the wall was some white paint, I tryed to think what it looked like. I decided it looked like a ghost, and as I thought that in said to me 'OoOooOOOOoO'. I started laughing thinking thatís was dumb. And the whole exsperiance I saw glitter made of light everywhere. Then my bf and my friend entered the shed again, I was talking to the explaining everything that was happening, and I glanced over at my friend and his face morphed. I was like he had two faces on top of each other. At this point in the trip I was completely fucked. Everywhere I looked things changed, and became extremely distorted. I could only look at objects for no more then 3 seconds or the would become distorted. And if I shut my eyes things would become even worse. I was looking at the room, and looked to my left, I saw a hacked up leg on the ground. It was very strange. Most of this trip I was trying to act very clam and tryed to fight what was happening because it was very intense.

I looked at the roof, and didnít try and fight the feeling. The roof shifted about a foot towards me, stayed there for a few seconds, the shifted back again. Then it did this rapidly for about 30 seconds before I looked away. Everything that I saw this entire trip seemed so real, it was an exsperiance I will NEVER forget. We then left the shed and walked down to a park, it was dark now. As I walked I could shut my eyes and still see. We got to the park and no one was there but us. I was looking around and I saw a person biking down a trail, and I went to move out of the way, but noticed no one was there at all.

We then walked back to my bf's and were sitting in his room, as I sat there I noticed I felt very refreshed and rested. Then it was 10:30 and it was just me and my bf, we had sex then at 11:15 I got walked home. On the walk home I didnít feel scared at all anymore, I felt very happy, and kept smiling for no reason. I got home at 11:30, and I layed down about to go to sleep, as it was Sunday and I had school the next day. It felt like eternity, thoughts raced through my head faster then ever. It felt like about 30 min I was laying there, unable to sleep, so I looked at the clock it was only about 7 minutes. I was suddenly very scared laying there alone. I had the blankets over my head, I started to over heat badly, but for an unknown reason I didnít want to move the blankets from my face. The night continued like that until about 1:30 am.

Iíll never forget that night on October 22, 2007. And since then I have used DOB only one more time on halloween.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67108
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 31, 2007Views: 12,148
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DOB (19) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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