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A Series of Events
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
Citation:   Jebus Black. "A Series of Events: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp67171)". Nov 3, 2011.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Saturday morning (early), April 7th, I tried Salvia divinorum 20x Standardized Extract for the first time.

Experience 1: Saturday, April 7th - I had a friend trip sit for me, He packed the bong, we made sure the environment was as correct as we could get it (low ambient lighting, no noise, no electronics running, my body correctly positioned for an easy lay-down, etc...). The Salvia was of the 20X variety.

I began in a sitting position on my sitter's bed and took a hit (mind you this being my first ever attempt at using a bong, I failed to do it well), held it for thirty-ish seconds and took a second horrible hit and held it... lying back I placed a folded shirt over my eyes for enhanced effect, as per my sitter's advice. Over the next 5-10 minutes I had an extremely mild effect of my body feeling sort of like water, no visuals, and I became rather warm, clammy. For a moment I did have feeling of falling, but, having left the window open to his bedroom, my trip was distracted by the sound of the dog eating its food. It was quite agitating actually. In all I was rather disappointed in the trip.

Experience 2: Saturday, April 7th - Same situation, this time with computer fan running to compensate for noise issues from other sources, 20 minutes to a half hour later (from the first trip), with a little more understanding of the use of a bong I began, thanks goes to my 'a bit more than experienced' trip sitter, I began again by taking a hit and holding it. I remember taking another hit but apparently the effects of salvia had already hit hard by then, because in real-time my sitter tells me, the second hit consisted of me lighting the lighter about an inch away from the salvia (failing to get any more from the salvia itself) and inhaling the last of the smoke that had been left in the chamber... (/memory gap begin, filled by sitter/) I set both the bong and lighter on the closely placed table aside the bed (/memory gap end/)

I remember looking at my sitter and raising the folded shirt toward my face but failed to for whatever reason, (/memory gap begin, filled by sitter/) I layed back slowly (/memory gap end/) and began to experience full, open eyed, immersion in visual hallucination. The visuals consisted of a 2-dimensional kaleidoscopic vision of my sitter's face in constant moving frame, a little ways into the trip, this 2d plane stretched into something like a wide-screen TV view, and in ending, did a kaleidoscopic type of shift, spinning out into the two walls and the ceiling, with various features of my sitter's face merging and exchanging themselves into those features found on the walls and ceiling. The audio hallucinations were a general flange of the computer fan, which took form in the hallucination as an attempt at communication by my sitters face... while the trip lasted, the only distraction was when I breathed deeply (not really a controllable concept), it was agitating and gave a sense of time where there hadn't been one before... as the visuals left me I began to giggle and audibly laugh, completely ripping me from the reality I had just been in, sitting up I looked at my sitter laughingly stating,'I'd buy that drug!' From that point onward, I felt compelled to attempt to explain my experience to my sitter, and felt mildly unsettled and and expectant regarding my surroundings for the next 20 or so minutes...

Experience 3: Sunday, April 8th - Same general situation again, same sitter... trip mildly different but extremely similar, I still fail to remember having put down the bong and laying back, and had the same kaleidoscopic facial effect, but this time viewed like it was a stereogram with the 3 dimensional effect of being in a room with a doorway, the auditory effects were a flanging effect on the sound of the computer fan, kind of weird as if like a loop based sound in a electronica piece. I remember opening and closing my eyes throughout the experience and occasionally playing with the lighter I failed to put down (sitter did note this), also during the trip I had the sensation of falling like with my first trip, I assume it was me lying back... As I came out of it I didn't come out laughing, and as I sat up I looked at the bong and realized it still had some smoke in it. Not being one to waste (and having seen my sitter do the same thing twice) I breathed the last of the smoke, which prolonged the come down period and made it more difficult to describe the trip to my sitter as I apparently came in and out of focus...

Experience 4: Wednesday, April 25 - Same sitter, but I had the environment mildly changed this time, instead of a yellowish ambient light, I had the light both turned down a fair bit, and instead of yellow, had it changed to blue. This time I began by taking a hit, holding it, and having believed I had gotten all the salvia in a single hit, let it out and took in the last of the smoke residing in the chamber... (/memory discrepancy begin, filled by sitter/) I held the smoke in a while, maybe 30 seconds (/Contrary memory/) I held the smoke in a second or two (/contrary memory/discrepancy end) let out, sat the bong down, (/memory gap begin, filled by sitter/) set the lighter down and lay back,... through out the rest of the trip my arms were positioned to where my elbows were generally perpendicular to my side and my fists were in the air, slowly moving down toward my chest, likely as a result of eventual lack of stamina to hold them up...(/memory gap end/)

My actual trip started with the blackout phase, and formed into a massive plane of revolving faces (comparison made based with regards to what else I saw, my perspective never has form) with the visual as if looking up the faces from the chin area (had there actually been a chin) replacing where the jaw and the roof of the mouth should have been was a perpendicular plane to the faces, this is where everything else was. The term everything else, in this situation, applies to the various things that formed and reformed into something else in such a way as to melt into each form, such a cascade of glistening green grass into bright white picket fencing with a light blue sky and other things just barely outside of my memory. All the while those things were going on, the faces themselves would turn clockwise on themselves revealing a new face as the other disappeared and then would turn backwards on the axis of the ear revealing yet another face as the other fell away into nothingness... Somewhere in the middle of the trip the sitter's dog chased the sitter's kitty away hissing and screeching, particularly agitating but now I barely remember it.

After the initial trip, I sat up tried to explain my trip to my sitter, with at the time an almost complete failure to comprehend the imagery. Following my sitter out of the room to wash out the bong water in the bathroom sink, I got some interesting purple fractals on the wall next to the door, until my sitter, to my dismay, turned all the lights on. Once again during the trip and in part of the comedown period there was a particularly specific flanging beat to the background sound of the computer fan... I did not experience any effect or feeling of my my breathing or movement, when questioned as to whether or not I had open eye visuals, I could not recall as to whether or not my eyes were open or closed, the trip encompassed everything,... In all, I find the imagery to have been rather disturbing, but at the same time, most fascinating, I rather enjoyed this trip...

Experience 5: Friday, April 27 - Almost exact same environmentals as the last experience, save for, in this instance I decided to have my feet hanging off the edge of the bed. I began by taking a deep hit and holding it, fractals began to cross my vision and I took the second hit, (/memory gap begin, filled by sitter/) I never lay back onto the bed, which is unusual for my trips but I assume it happened this way as a result of my having feet hanging off the side of the bed, contrary to every other time I've tripped... In addition, I failed to put down both the lighter and the bong instead bringing both close to myself, the bong brought to my chest and the lighter held below, closer to my stomach. At this point my trip sitter stood, ready to help should I begin to spill the bong water, or light the lighter (I had apparently fiddled with it once or twice during my trip...), my sitter continued standing throughout the rest of my trip (/memory gap end/). The trip itself consisted of all open eyed visuals, and began with the blackout moment and evolved into a cascade,of people (by cascade, I mean from my perspective they were marching on one physical plane marching at me, and continued over an edge to a perpendicular physical plane into infinity), representing walls of three passage ways, my perspective was from above. The people features were rather ambiguous, all looking the same.

During the trip I came to the understanding that this trip was the representation of those parts of the other trips I had forgotten, those moments of brief blackout at the beginning of those other trips. It was fascinating really, there was a moment later in my trip where I realized that nothing agitating had happened during the trip, and I came almost to consciousness as a result (I tend to overanalyze things to the point of distraction) but mentally fought to continue the trip. The trip ended soon, ending like my second trip with the objects represented in the trip melting into the real time environment. Looking around I observed the alarm clock sitting next to a nearby T.V., reading 1:22am... looking further around, I found my sitter still standing and was greatly confused for a while (not just for him standing, but additionally for myself to have come out of the trip in the sitting position), around that point I fell back into the thoughts of my recent trip, zoning in and and out I continued to look back at the clock, in my mind in relatively quick succession but seeing the clock each time was surprising, being a minute later than the last... later I stood, asked my sitter (who had since sat back down to his original seat) questions and reached to turn the light on. I was advised not to, and a slightly brighter ambient light was created for me. I found my trip was fairly shorter than my norm, and mentally I found the come down to have lasted a fair bit longer than normal...

Experience 6: Friday May 25 - This trip had the normal environmentals of faint blue, ambient lighting, computer noise, with the starting point of sitting on the bed, feet to the front and not hanging over the edge. I began by taking the hit, but overfilled my lungs and failed to keep the smoke in the average 30 seconds, but such was not to the determent to my trip... (Memory Gap Begin) I failed to put down both the bong and the lighter as I lay back, causing my sitter to have take the bong away and watch me closely, as usual, regarding any actions with the still held lighter... my forearms held forward throughout the trip, eventually coming to a rest close to my chest. My trip was actually quite short in real time, contrary to the mental experience...(Memory Gap End) The Trip itself consisted of a expansive plane of ever morphing faces, with particular emphasis on faces morphing out of the opening mouths of the previous which would in turn meld into the new face or dissipate, it felt as if this trip were an evolution on those previous, feeling more natural than those trips prior. I had no flanging effect on the computer noise, no focus on the computer noise at all really... In all it was a nice trip...

Trip 7: Thursday august 9 - Complete new environment setup for this trip; remote dirt road, nighttime, stars out and bright, no moon, on a blanket and pillow with two friends. Additionally, a new bong was used, purchased from a legitimate store in Oceanside, California. I began by taking the hit, discovering halfway through that, unlike the plastic bottle I had used in times past, this bong had a fair bit less water, and as such, less of an ability to cool the smoke. It took some quick getting used to and I managed not to cough as my lungs mildly burned, I proceeded to hand the bong and lighter to a friend and spent the rest of the trip sitting in the upright position. The trip itself had no blackout phase, I took in neither enough smoke, nor enough drags to achieve by any comparison the high I normally do. Visuals consisted of a superimposed facial closing mouth effect on all open spaces between perceived objects, lasting only a short time. Looking over to my right, I recognized the face of one of my sitters and perceived something out of the ordinary (said person was attempting not to laugh or look directly at me) I believe such brought me back to almost full consciousness.

Auditory hallucination consisted of the normal flange effect, which I felt to be odd, as I had thought such resulted from computer background noise in previous trips. I did focus more on said effect this trip through, and notice the sound seem to consist of the second half of the word for 'w', or to be more exacting 'double-you', repeating in a loop sequence, as in 'ble-you, ble-you, ble-you'. After effects lasted until I got into the car, and, looking through windows of the car, I could see purple fractals imposed on the windows until the headlights of the vehicle were turned on. In all, the trip was short, due to inexperience with the new bong. I learned more from this trip and its relation to previous ones, and as such, am rather content with it.

Experience 8: September 14th - This trip into my mind started off with some change of environment, the chief one being, me in the front passenger side of a RAV-4 SUV, my mildly experienced sitter in the driver side seat, I, slightly leaned back, started my trip by having my sitter light a match and hold it to the bowl of my bong. The reason for this strange set up of environment was more about convenience then being comfortable, I don't trip when the parents of the house I live in are near, so I get out to a rural dirt road and have a go at my bong. In my trips, it's been observed that I'm not huge on moving about, so I was deemed safe for tripping in the car. The plan was to take two drags, the reality was that I took one drag and went under fairly quickly (On a side note I am finding it easier and easier to get high on salvia).

Visuals consisted of the average black out phase. Not an actual blacking out of vision, as would be usual, so much as a forgetful period between the 'you are still in reality' nicety of life and the welcome sign to 'You are trippin'' reality. This happenstance reemerged into my mind as the world being made up of faces (big surprise, but wait! There's more!), all facing me, lying on their left cheeks, their mouths opening and closing. The mouths opening representative of the void or lack of matter between all perceived objects, while the closing of the mouth, and furthering this, the clenching of the jaw (a mirror action I'm relatively sure to my own opening, closing, and clenching jaw) representative of all perceived objects. In all actuality, at any one point in the trip, it was rather difficult to differentiate as to whether or not the scene was composed of just one, or a slew of faces. Overall coloration of this trip was as if through a yellow filter, with soft whites, browns, and yellow skin pigmentation being the dominant colors, while during the come down this switched over to blues, purples, and reds...

I acted mildly odd this trip around, running my hands twice through my hair (with tangles this should have been at least mildly discomforting with a little scalp pain, but salvia stays the pain away) I gripped the arm rest pretty tightly, I gripped the bottom of the bong (the plan had been to have the bong taken away from me when I went under but I didn't give it up), looking around a lot, and from what I'm told, I guess I had weird breathing patterns, either regarding rhythm of deep inhalation....
There was a distraction in the trip at sometime that I think was a distant car, but it didn't really detract, it just momentarily held the focus of my attention...

Audio towards the end of the trip (where it usually shows up at) was kind of odd, but I understood it to have been the same as in some previous trips. Sounds came out as a layering of two phrases. The first phrase, louder of the two and more attention payed, were the words, 'You do', which trip-wise sounded more like, 'Eeeeooooooowwa Teyeeeoooowwa,' in a whispered and spoken through a clench jawed manner, looping in what seemed like six second intervals. Psychologically my mind added the words 'what did' before the beginning of the phrase a number of times, to make it more like a question format, I understood this not to regard the current situation of being high so much as an issue with the failure of recollection regarding past recent experiences (like, 'How did I get here?'). 'I can't find a(or 'the') password' marked the second layer of phrase, beginning approximately three seconds into the first layer of phrases, and was heard as if it were both muffled and far away, coming into and out of the range of hearing sporadically but in a organic and seemingly natural fashion (to be sure my experiences on salvia are usually composed of what seem to be organic/natural and unnatural/jerky and unflowing experience), and happened in approximately two second loop intervals.

I find that the come down period on salvia for me has gotten longer and longer, consisting of withdrawing into my thoughts in the attempt to rationalize and integrate my experience, spacing out while talking (not intentionally, more like an issue of being distracted by recent experience), and it has a separate set of visuals all its own, consistent of fractals and ghosting of images... this trip experience was soon followed by driving, [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] which was quite visually interesting, as it seemed like the road fell into place in front of the car from out of the darkness. Weird reaction this time was right after I peaked out, and came down a little, I was excessively hot and sweaty, it was odd, I don't usually have that...

Trip 9: Tuesday October 16 - Same environmentals as last trip, I didn't take enough this time through (as a result of failing to pack the bowl well). So I never actually made it to the point of psychedelic hallucination or anything like that, rather my perception altered for a short amount of time, I zoned out to the brink and slowly reeled myself back in... the altered perception made each touch feel new and interesting. Throughout, I felt nice and warm, cozy in a way, but coming down found me sweating and excessively warm... Audio this trip through sounded as if someone was walking in an empty building and the echoes of steps were bouncing off the walls... While coming down, I felt intensely happy and energetic, everything took on a stronger presence in reality, and I was particularly talkative. Not too bad an experience, though I was disappointed not to hallucinate...

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67171
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 3, 2011Views: 14,552
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