I Was God
by JMT
Citation:   JMT. "I Was God: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp67193)". Erowid.org. Nov 20, 2007. erowid.org/exp/67193

1.0 mg buccal Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
I first read about Bromo-Dragonfly about a year ago and just passed it off as one of those substances I would never come close to trying. Recently I found an online vendor claiming to be selling it. I took the gamble and bought 20x 1mg blotters (I presume this was the stuff you refer to as the american batch due to the dose on the blotters, I am in europe though). I have a full time job so finding the time to take this substance was difficult. Nevertheless I took it on the first available opportunity; last saturday evening at about 5pm (it is now tuesday).

T 0.00 Ingested 1 tab of Bromo Dragonfly blotter, I swilled it around my mouth for around 15mins, the taste is comparable to 2C-B.

T+1.00 This was around the time that I first felt that I had ingested something, nothing specific, just felt slightly different.

T+2.00 This was around the time that I first noticed visual distortions, mild colour shifting and the patterns on my floral carpets (trippers delight!) were also slightly shifting.

T+2.00 - T+5.00 This period was a very slow 'come up' The visuals gradually got stronger, I noticed very obvious audio distortions developing and also my senses of touch and taste were greatly increased. I was in a very good mood, finding things extremely funny, I have not laughed as much as I did on this chem for a long time. I was also feeling very content and euphoric.

T+5.00 - T+10.00 The main body of the trip, I felt sociable, the giggles had gone but I was still making a lot of jokes and just generally seeing the funny side of life. I had trouble concentrating though, there were points when I suddenly realised that I had been staring at something for quite a long time. My friend, who’s room I was in, wanted to sleep so I went to sit in another room with another housemate who was staying up. However, I kept my other friend up longer than she wanted because I kept forgeting what I was supposed to do!

T+10.00 - T+14.00 I sat with my other housemate, our conversations turned more serious. We were looking at photography on the internet, every picture looked beautiful! While we were talking about serious issues such as poverty and war, I noticed the way this drug helped me to look at the world in a different way. I wish I had written down some of these 'enlightening' thoughts as I don't remember any of them now! At T+14.00 it is now 7am, I feel like I'm coming down slightly, I was wrong!

T+14.00 - T+17.00 I decide to lie down and maybe try to sleep (haha). The first thing that happened when I lay down was total silence, I tried really hard to make out some sound but I heard nothing, this really freaked me out because my house is on a main road and I really should have been able to hear something! When I close my eyes I am transported to a dream land, I am aware that I'm not asleep but I have visions of mountains and lakes and other natural looking features, I think that everything I am seeing is part of me and I feel that everything that has happened and ever will happen is because of me. Every so often I would snap back into reality and realise I was just a human in a bed. These three hours passed very quickly.

T+17.00 - T+24.00 The next day. My body feels rested but my mind is still tired. The effects seem to have pretty much gone at around T+19.00 but a trip to the shop reminds me they're still there. I have no trouble eating a fairly large meal at T+20.00 then the effects tailed off and I was back down to baseline at T+24.00.


This is a very intersting substance. It was very different to anything I've tried. From the reports that I read before trying this I was expecting something fairly mild, I would not describe this as mild in any way, apart from the fact that sometimes I seemed more sober than I actually was. The visuals are quite colourful but not very intricate. I got an interesting affect that I have not experienced on anything else; sometimes when I was looking at something, when I looked away, the object would flash up in my peripheral vision but enlarged. I realise that pretty much all psychedelics affect my sense of hearing, this is usually manifested as enhanced appreciation of music but this was different, music still sounded better but sometimes I noticed that things really sounded different (deeper or quieter etc). The way this drug affected my perseption of time was also very different to anything else. When I was doing something, things seemed to take longer than usual, I was noticing every little thing. When I was in bed time seemed to pass very quickly, I was very suprised by this since before this time seemed to be taking longer than usual to pass.

In my opinion this drug does most of the things that other psychedelics do but it shows me them in a way that is differnet to the others, it seems more obvious. I went to bed early that night and was up for work at 6.30am (ouch!) on monday, I felt very tired for the first half of the day but gradually felt better by around midday. I tried to keep this as 'to the point' as possible to help out anyone thinking about trying this as I really did not get a good idea of what the effects would be from reading the reports up here already!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 20, 2007Views: 24,334
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