Doctor Who?
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Doctor Who?: An Experience with DOC (exp67221)". Dec 11, 2007.

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2.2 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
I had measured out a dose of 2.2 milligrams of DOC diluted into 2.2 milliliters of water, filling the bottom section of a shot glass. It was noon on a Saturday morning. I held it in my mouth... tasting its bitter flavor against my gums for a couple minutes before swallowing it into my empty stomach. This was my second trial. The first had been at a significantly lower dose a couple weeks previously to establish a basic response expectation. Even my less-than-psychedelic dose lasted most of the day, only barely allowing me sleep.

The effects of the dose set in very slowly. At T+1h, the only noticeable effect was a strong buzz and slowly-progressing pupil dilation. At that point I felt warm and happy, with normal thought patterns. By T+2h, I was alternating between stimulated and sedated states. One minute I felt wide awake with racing thoughts, feeling compelled to tap my feet or wiggle my fingers. The next minute something shifted and I felt like I might drift off to sleep. Everything slowly developed a light hallucinogenic glow, and by T+3h the world appeared distinctly different from normal. There was a soft, amorphous cartoon-like quality. The world looked bright but flat.

There was only subtle open-eyed visual movement… I found as long as I walked around, worked on a task, or kept my thoughts properly occupied, objects stood still. If I looked at one place for too long, things would start to bend and warp. At one point I looked into my bathroom from my bedroom and held my focus for too long. Before long the door frame was transforming into some distinctly un-rectangular shapes. Effects like these showed themselves many times over many hours. With eyes closed, I could visualize the flow of energy from the drug. The visual effect, overall, was milder than expected.

There was a jittery feeling in the body. There was also temperature irregularity for the entire day; alternating between slightly hot and slightly cold skin temperatures. Around t+3h, I went into the bathroom and briefly vomited. The drug had not actually felt nauseating in my stomach, much less so than some of the other things I have taken. But when I thought about the prospect of feeling this way for the next 12 hours, and staying up all night for it, the drug left my body... as if it knew it was not entirely wanted. I felt better afterwards... but of course, the drug’s long tendrils had already crept deep into my brain. My day was still only just beginning.

I watched some television, drank some water, and recovered. Then I departed for the outdoors. I was full of energy, walking just a little bit too quickly in the general direction of the beach. My mood was weird. I was bored and frustrated with the surreal cityscape surrounding me. The buzz in my body had an uneven quality to it that made me edgy. As I went through the big city, I felt like I was the only normal person to be found. A drunk driver careened down a street here, a man in an oversized turban riding a unicycle flew by there. Everyone looked strange and different. I began to enter an egotistical mindset, thinking to myself, “Why am I the only person that makes any sense in this town? I’m the one that’s full of desoxy-chloro!'

Around T+4.30, a religious proselytizer stopped me on the street to ask me awkward questions about God and the afterlife. He was hoping to direct me to a meeting at his church study group and gain a convert. I talked his ass off for about 3 minutes about my own understanding of the individual search for enlightenment.

'I see hundreds of men with hundreds of study centers all over this country, selling ‘enlightenment’ by the dollar. And nine times out of ten when you're buying enlightenment, it turns out to be an empty batch! A lot of time spent staring at books but where's the enlightenment? I'm very busy on important studies of my own, there's little chance I can find the time for your study center. Why don’t you give me a business card, I collect information on little groups!”

The missionary was a truly nice individual other than having a job which I somewhat object to. I suspect he found me extremely frightening.

The street performers on the shopping strip, however, loved me! I watched their shows, applauded for their songs, and laughed at their jokes more than anyone else. I congratulated a female singer for the job she had done. She had set up a music show on the street for the sheer enjoyment of doing it, and I legitimately appreciated it. As long as I didn’t talk too much, everything went quite smoothly.

There was much to see and do, and it took until T+6h to finally reach the beach. The crashing waves of the ocean resonated with the electrical energy shifting through my limbs and torso. The water soothed my mind and re-oriented me with the universe. The sky looked broad and endless. I felt childlike and full of awe. I watched, listened, walked around, and soaked in the ocean for at least an hour.

I got home around T+8h and found that the drug had gotten a second rush… pushing harder and deeper into my mind than before. For half an hour, I lost myself deep in thought. I imagined the faces of friends I had not even met yet, and people who may or may not exist. I lived out fragments of interactions with various people, dreamed up phantom lives and relived moments of my past from other people’s points of view. This may have been the most valuable portion of the experience.

I had difficulty trying to express myself while on this drug. It was as if all the secrets were coming to me but I could not hold on to any of them. At one point I felt I could see all the things I had been trying to express in my mind and in my life, forming perfect sentences in front of me. But when I tried to write the sentences down or say them out loud, something would slip and a section of the idea was gone. I ended up with a notebook full of broken sentence fragments, partial sections of perfect thoughts. Multiple-page commentaries on spiritualism, social and professional society, drugs and pharmacology. Half-finished thoughts that could have been profound, but would not be worth sharing with the sane and sober.

Towards the end of the evening, the effects slowly started to die down. My articulation capability returned. One profound exchange of dialogue managed to occur during my hectic day-long ride on DOC. I had a much needed discussion with my partner about my psychedelic experiments. The woman who I will spend the rest of my life with does not have the same feelings I do about psychedelic drugs. When I experiment with some of the exotic ones, it can be difficult to explain what I am doing or why to my significant other. It’s not a matter of concealing the truth, as this person understands me to the core. But regardless, she worries a little bit about my health and safety.

We had a long overdue discussion. I explained better than I had been able to before why I must explore the psychedelics. At the same time I admitted to myself and my partner that sometimes I do them for little reason other than to have something to fill an empty day with. We managed to agree together that psychedelics are not bad things, and that the right kinds of psychedelics have wonderful potential when taken at the right time. She explained to me that some day she would be willing to go on the journey with me, but that the time to share these things was just not right. The world is intense and beautiful enough for some people without chemical additives.

After hours that night... I drifted in and out of *something*. I'm not sure that it was sleep. I could not even begin to get tired until 4:00AM. Six hours after that I was getting up, and could not tell how much actual sleep I had gotten. I felt slightly wired the whole next day, though after 24 hours my pupils had returned to normal size. There were no long-term after-effects and I returned to a normal sleep schedule the next day.

So about this chemical, Desoxy-Chloro, otherwise known as 'the Doctor”. It has been written that DOC has an extremely strong visual psychedelic effect. For me this was not the case. The only remarkable thing about DOC was its duration. I would describe the sensorial effects as more profound than 2C-I but slightly less so than 2C-E. There is some uniqueness to the mental state, but it is difficult for me to work into a productive social schedule. The commitment involved in taking DOC was high and the effect was not quite impressive enough to justify it.

I'll admit it was a liability to bring prejudices or expectations into a psychedelic experience. I have a snobbishly dim attitude towards stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine. Perhaps it disturbs me slightly that uppers and entheogens can be linked together into one inseparable whole.

In the 16 hours or so that I gave to DOC, nothing went uncontrollably wrong. And I still appreciate the psychedelics. But I don't feel any urge to explore dimethoxy-amphetamine chemicals further. I just don’t need the Doctor.

Doctor Who???

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67221
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 11, 2007Views: 33,708
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