The Upper Level
Salvia Divinorum (30x)
by Jess
Citation:   Jess. "The Upper Level: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (30x) (exp67243)". Dec 26, 2015.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
My boyfriend, D, and I bought a few small packets of 30x from the local convenience store. We had tried Salvia before, but smoked it in a pipe with a Bic. He felt hardly anything, and I had what I thought was a pretty good trip (that was before we tried it again). So this time we were intent on smoking it correctly, out of a water bong with a torch, holding it in like crazy and having the most intense trip possible.

We settled into the floor of my room and opened up the packet. I noticed a small list on the inside of the package that read something along the lines of: 'instructions for smoking salvia: do not smoke on a balcony or near sharp objects, lay down and stay down, do not smoke in public places'. We laughed as we read it, how intense could this trip possibly be? I'd done mushrooms a few times, and LSD... there's no way that this tiny 1/4 bowl of black matter is going to mess me up much more than either of those. I was in for quite the awakening, in more ways than one!

I packed up a little bowl of the Salvia and lit up. I swirled the smoke around in my mouth letting it sink into my salival glands before inhaling.

I don't remember exhaling.

Before I knew it I felt myself being sucked upwards, and in a flash I was facing a magnificent landscape; very simple, just a completely clear blue sky and vast, solid-green grass (I can’t quite remember whether it was flat ground or rolling hills.)
I suddenly became very aware that I couldn’t move. I looked down and discovered that I was connected to a giant reel that was half-buried in the ground. I was part of the reel.

It became very obvious to me that something terrible had happened. I realized that “I”, or what I had come over the “years” to identify as I, was but a tiny section of the giant reel that is 'the world' or “life”, and REALITY as I knew it had been nothing but an illusion! My family, friends, my boyfriend, house, none of it really existed. I had broken the reel, escaped somehow, into this “real” world that I was never meant to see and would most likely never see again.

I felt an undeniable force attempting to ease me back down into the reel. I looked down at it, endless sharp, rectangular slides, how could I possibly be expected to fit in there? I vaguely sensed the door to my right and tried to get up towards it, but I couldn't, I kept getting pulled back down to my seat. I turned to D, but it wasn't him, it was someone else. I tried to speak, but being only a tiny piece of the world-reel, I could only make one sound, a kind of short moan, my boyfriend described to me later. 'Ah, Ah', I repeated, but the man beside me just said 'No... no...' (which he tells me he definitely did not say) and tried to guide my shoulders down to my left, back into the reel.

At this point, I figure the best thing to do is to try to get back into the reel. Maybe I'll be able to just fit right back in and I won't even remember any of this happened, I thought. So I leaned over and tried to force myself back in. I tried a number of different approaches, going in headfirst, diagonally with my head and left shoulder at the same time, but I couldn't seem to get back in. In the last second of my trip, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I opened my eyes (I have no idea if they were open already or not), and I was leaned over to the left with my head to the ground, my legs crossed and lower body firmly affixed to my seat, and my hands in front of my face in a diving motion.

'Are you okay?' D asked and pulled me upright.
I slid back towards the wall, confused.
'... I don't know if I like that..' I managed.
'yeah...' he responded.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so in near silence, trying hopelessly to convey to eachother what we'd just experienced. We didn’t have any pot, so we remained in this sketchy unpleasant state for the next little while.

We haven't done Salvia Divinorum since, but definitely intend on it! I’ve never experienced a substance that produces such intense and vivid hallucinations, like I was transported to another dimension entirely! The amazing thing about Salvia is that unlike any other psychoactive substance I’ve experimented with, once I was high, I completely forgot that I did this to myself, that I smoked anything, or that I even do drugs in the first place; I was just Fucked. Utterly fucked, and horrified and I just wanted to go home. I really want to try it a few more times and see if I can experience some lucidity and maybe even control my actions (in a safe place with a sitter, of course!).

I now understand why people use this as a meditative aide. To this day I wonder if what I experienced was real, if my third-eye really opened and saw a world I wasn't meant to see.

Life changing, I recommend it to anyone. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the package!! ;P

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 67243
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 26, 2015Views: 2,276
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