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Couldn't Have Asked for a Better Trip
LSD & Cannabis
by MadHatter
Citation:   MadHatter. "Couldn't Have Asked for a Better Trip: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp67274)". Erowid.org. Apr 24, 2012. erowid.org/exp/67274

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Before I begin, please excuse my english, I realise it is not so good, but Iím trying my best to explain how the 2 settings that matter (mind and enviroment) didnít really matter here (at least not to a certain extent, as you will see, it makes all the difference in the world after a certain point, I can still see how this could easily had ended up in a VERY BAD trip). And since this event took place in the beggining of the year, Iím unable to recall all the details and every single thing I felt/saw/thought. I also did not have a watch or any consern for time because that would only stand in the way of the experience I was hoping to have here. I decided to report my experience because I love to read the experiences in this website and never saw one where the person had both settings wrong and still had a positive experience.

I have been a weed smoker for quite a while but what always fascinated me was the world of psychedelics. Even though I had never actualy taken any to that point I had researched enough to know everything that there was to know about triping, from how to deal with a bad trip to what to avoid in order to not have one, or so I thought back then. I believed I knew exactly what to expect from these experiences, but what happened blew me out of my mind, in a way I was only able to fully realise during the trip.

It all started at a private rave a few friends told me about in a valley a couple of hours away from the town I used to live in Brazil. As lots of people know, this whole psychedellic trance trend that was introduced all around the world brought all sorts of drugs with it, but to explain how I had both mind and enviroment settings fucked up, I have to give some insight into what was going on at the time. To summ it all up though, I will limit myself to state 2 facts:

1st - Due to complete lack of responsability and common sense, I was moving away from Brazil where I lived my whole life, to U.S. where I was born. This night that this experience took place in, was about 10 days away from the date I was finally saying goodbye to everybody and moving to the place I least wanted to be back then, therefore, I was not so happy about what was about to happen in my life and as days went by I became more and more anxious and unhappy, desperatly trying to find a way to get around all this and get to stay in the place I loved the most with all the people I loved.

2nd - Upon arrival, we came to find out the rave was nothing private, it was full of conservative people from a little town close by in Brazil that were there just because it was a trend, and that they would not have any kind of respect for people that were triping there, as it always is when you get people that never heard about psychedelics and put them in the same place other people are experiencing all kinds of different drugs. They saw people triping as bad people that would eventually harm someone because of that, and in all their ignorance, I was profoundly upset by that, wich fucked up my mind setting even more, but I still didnít give up. And I would later realise, nobody actualy gave a damn about the people tripping there, but I didnít know that given the fact I saw people like them discriminate people on drugs.

Now, on with the experience, it was night time (about 11:00 pm) I had several people with me, both close friends and acquaintances, but I will talk only about those who were mostly around me, who I will reffer to as L(very close cousin), B(good friend), R(acquaintace), P(acquaintace). Immediatly after my arrival me and L met a friend who had clean acid (2 blotters with a Hoffman picture printed on both sides, he did tell us how much micrograms was in the blotter, which was really high, but I knew he could never tell precisely, so I won't even state that) and was willing to give it to us for a fair ammount of cash, we payed him and took the acid right away after wishing each other a nice trip (1 blotter each). While we were all going down the misty and dark path that leaded to the rave right in the middle of the valley I felt really good, the walk down there was so soothing and conforting that I felt different already, even though it had been 5 min since I took the drug.

When we finnaly arrived, we were met by loud pumping speakers playing pleasent music and people dancing around fires, wich brought me to recall some sort of little Woodstock. Although still then I couldn't shake the feeling that all that would be gone soon, and I started feeling like shit again, all I could think about was the beautiful girl I was leaving behind and the other amazing one I had just met a few days ago, how my life would change in a way I really didnít want it to change, and how I couldn't do anything about it at this point for my own good.

But before I knew it I was standing alone in the middle of the crowd with no one I knew close to me and I began looking around, I realised I had been standing there traped in those bad thoughts, completely unaware of what was happening around me, people were bumping into me and almost throwing me to the ground all the time, thats when I felt like getting out of there and by then I thought that from there on everything would just go downhill.

I moved away from the crowd and saw this girl siting with a handful of people around a fire, she had her eyes closed and when se opened them her eyes had an unatural sparkle and she started grining to me in a way it would be impossible for a human to do because her mouth was about 10 times wider than a few seconds before, thats when I realised the acid was kicking in.

I saw my cousin wandering about near by and jumped up to him and said 'L! How do you feel by now?' and as he was gazing at the sky, he simply replied 'Look... Up there! See those clouds?! They're talking to each other... Although I can't really tell what they're saying from here...' And continued wandering about so I came to the conclusion he was having a good time even though it was impossible for him to be that high already and talking so clearly, that was pretty confusing, maybe he was just trying to play tricks on me but I had no clue about how much time had passed by since the time we took the hits, so I just left him alone after telling him in what direction he was to walk in case he needed me.

As I continued to walk around just observing my surroundings I didnít feel any changes in the way I felt inside, the bad thoughts were fading away and giving place to this strange need to walk around and just observe the place I was in, it was a incredibly beautiful night, with very few clouds in the sky and a huge full moon that iluminated everything that the fires didnít. I was met by B and R in this little hideout so to speak, it was a small area surrounded by tall trees wich felt really confortable, almost as a sanctuary, I couldn't be more glad to be there with them, and I felt really good about knowing such interesting people, that would actualy take the time to look around and find such a nice spot to hang out, just like I was doing.

They were trying to start a fire but R kept telling B to be careful and place the fire in a good spot so we wouldn't set everything on fire. B sucesfully started the fire right in the middle of the place and we sat there for a little bit, I realised B and R were triping balls as well but weren't really peaking so they talked to me for a while.

After we stoped talking (through grins and gestures, actual words at this point were hard to get out of my mind) I took the time to contemplate this little sanctuary around me, I started staring at the trees and how they were some sort of extension of the earth, I began to observe this energy flowing from underground into the trees, the trees started changing shapes, getting ever smaller and closer to me, to the point where they were embracing me and feeding me that energy, that white, clean, amazing energy that took a hold of me, it started working its way from my shoulder to my head, and when it reached my head all those bad thoughts about leaving came back to me, and that little bad trip alarm (or what I believed to be an alarm) ringed in my head as to prepare to deal with these thoughts, that's when I began to hear this soothing voice coming from the trees.

I couldn't see any lips moving in them or anything like that, I couldn't tell in what language it was, but I still could understand it, from the tones it was using, and the impact each word had in my mind, it was telling me to let myself go, forget about everything else and just embrace what I had in front of me. After understanding what message that voice was trying to send to me, I realised I had my eyes closed to hear the voice and opened them, only to see B holding his hands in front of me with a sheet of acid that had little computers with that 'E' logo from Internet Explorer in them, I reasoned if what the voice meant by embracing what was in front of me was the acid, and for the hell of it, I took another hit, B assured me it was clean as well so I wouldn't feel strange body sensations and stuff like that, wich made me feel even better about taking more.

Right after taking it we all realised we had no weed with us, and to my amazement we couldn't find any with the people close by as well, maybe because we were already too high to make any sense out all those laugs and gestures we were making in order to ask if they had weed. So R pointed towards the tallest hill in the valley, we all got the idea he had in mind, to climb up there and look over the whole landscape. L was in the middle of the crowd at the same spot and as soon as I realised he was still wandering about looking at the sky, I couldn't help but to roll on the floor laughing histerically at him, he laughed too and I felt good at meeting him on our way up and how everything was working out so conviniently despite the people around us and the negative thoughts I had in mind before, and we proceeded to go uphill, only to meet P on the way up, who just happened to be smoking a huge blunt all by himself, as to offer something in return for the weed, B offered P a few hits of acid, he took two, passed the joint around and we kept going up.

Once up there it was just amazing, I cannot begin to explain what I felt looking at the grassy hills that extended for so much miles ahead of us, they all looked as if they had something moving beneath them, but it was still very beautiful, and I had I feeling of accomplisment in me, as if I was at the peak of my life, standing there with 2 very special people to me and two that just became very special as well, what I felt was beyond accomplisment actualy, it was some sort of happyness, but happyness always has been a state of mind to me, no one can be happy 24/7, even though at that moment I felt like that feeling would be with me for the rest of my life, that I had finally realised how beautiful everything in the world was and I had found my place in it, I was ready to go wherever I had to go so long as I had that feeling with me I would be safe and at home somehow.

I also was overwhelmed by this thought that all that I was looking at was mine somehow, that I was a human that was in a place that was never visited by civilized man, and I could claim that for myself and live with all my loved ones there, either in person or in spirit, somehow that would be our home, and after realising the sillyness of that thought, it made more sense to conclude that Brazil in itself would always be like that. Shortly after I began to have a weird sensation over my body, I was bursting with energy, that energy from the tress had worked its way throughout my body and was seeking some way out, I wanted to scream of excitement, cry of joy, dance, run, sit, stand up and fly. I could do all that if I wanted to, because I was one with this beautiful place we were in and anyone that truly understood the concept of being one with nature could do that.

But then I realised what was bringing this energy out, the DJ was playing a track from one of my favourite electronic music DJs: Electrypnose. I ran down to the dancefloor and I really dont know if everyone followed me but as soon as I got there I just couldnt stop dancing, I found a space in which I could dance among all those people and just closed my eyes and let go. What seemed to be hours actualy went by in seconds, I would close my eyes and dance only to quickly observe everything around me and realise the same track was still playing. I also noticed the people around me were kind of dancing like I was, looking over their shoulders every now and then to see what move I was doing so they could do it too, and that only made me feel better about letting myself go and feel the music.

After a while I felt I should go back to the spot we were all at, and everybody was sitting there smoking more weed, I sat down and had a few hits on the joint when L starts telling this joke I already knew but never heard him say before about the Rabbit in the jungle that makes everybody run after him when he's on Ecstasy, even though I already read it, I couldn't help but to just laugh my ass off at every single word of the joke, it wasn't a hysterical laugh though, it was a really good one, the type of laugh you would have with your friends on a bar after a few drinks or so.

For a while I thought about how much life I still have ahead of me, how full of potential it all is and how things could be better from now on, even though I had to go through all this, I saw meaning in all of it, which I could not before, being overwhelmed by the sadness of leaving all of that behind. I had my eyes closed the whole time and I was laying down, for a while I saw collored patterns swirling around my eyesight and then I saw myself in different awkward but funny situations in the future, and it only made me feel better about everything that was going on. When I opened my eyes again I saw it was almost morning and I couldnt tell if I was between peaks or coming down because I had absolutely no sense at all of time. The sun was starting to come out and the landscape was even more beautiful, the sky was geting as colorful as it never had been before and the clouds kept changing shapes very slowly, at the time I didnít pay atention to that, but soon I realised clouds dont change like that so I was still pretty high.

Finally when I was really coming down we all just talked about the time we had there, and I remembered I had a pack of cigarettes in my pocket, only to remember as well, I had only 1 left and was frustrated that I couldnt buy anymore on the way to the rave, so I smoked the cigarette and felt better.

Later that day we left, I met my girl and went to another friend's house where I had a dose of mescaline that I don't recall the quantity, but the experience was nowhere as profound as this one so I wont talk about that so it wont make this report much more longer.

After it was all over and I was completely back to normal, I came to realise that the feeling that I first thought I would always have with me had vanished some time during my mescaline trip, and I could never keep that up for the rest of my life, it was all just a memory, no matter how profound it was when it was actualy happening, somehow it did give me all the guts I needed to take the challenge I was about to face head on. I have that experience to thank for not going through much more suffering after that. And I have tried to get acid in the U.S. quite a number of times but for some reason I never get a chance to actualy take it, so I came to conclude as well that maybe I should leave that for my vacations in Brazil.

This was my only LSD experience to date, I have been dying to do it again just to find out if I could get a trip like that one. It was all completely different from what I expected, smoking weed though is still very relaxing and I still get to feel a pinch of that happyness when I get really really high. =P

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67274
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 24, 2012Views: 7,855
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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