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Laced With Terror and Insanity
PCP & Cannabis
Citation:   Anthony. "Laced With Terror and Insanity: An Experience with PCP & Cannabis (exp67358)". Erowid.org. Feb 15, 2011. erowid.org/exp/67358

  smoked Cannabis  
    smoked PCP (powder / crystals)
What can I say? I was just a curious high school student who wanted to smoke pot. I've seen movies of people being high and I thought it was kinda funny. One day at school some random guy asked me of I wanted 2 smoke with him. He looked older than me and a little cool so I said why not?

We walked off campus and to an elementary school and went to the wood. He put a generous amount of weed in a soda can pipe and told me how to hit it. I had taken like 5 harsh hits and passed it to him. I then felt like I was in another world, the trees in front of me seemed like a path to a new world. It wasnt too bad so I thought I was just high.

I then took another hit and my legs seems kinda rubbery and loose. I began to laugh and was trying to say what the hell is goin on? But I came out saying 'duh, duh, duh, duh' and I looked back and everything began to spin and I heard horns and whistles and saw birds and colors and other thing just flying around my head. Then I blacked out and saw myself walking into a tunnel. I then came back to cautiousness and I didnt know where I was for a second and I honestly thought I was dead and lost not knowing where to go.

Once I realized I was with him still I freaked out thinking I smoked crack and he said no I dusted the weed. I ran as fast as I could through sticker bushes not feeling a thing. He called me back and I said no and walked back to school. I looked at the clock and I was thinking to myself it felt like we were there for days. Walking was so weird. I felt like I was trying to walk so fast but I was going normal speed. My legs felt like they were there but not on my body.

When I got to school it was just letting out and I was so paranoid. Looking at everyone thinking that they knew I was high. Students in the hallway seemed to be walking so slow and bunched together. I couldnt even see them, my vision was so blurred. When I got on the bus the bus in front of use seemed to be waving like a shirt blowing in the wind.

When I got home I figured it would be good for me to eat some food. I tried to consume it but I tasted like nothing and felt like it weighed a lot in my mouth. I spit it out and ran to my room. I looked online to see was dust meant. On the slang dictionary it said PCP ( powder or crytal embalming fluid) causing me to freak out and I laid my head on my pillow and slept for nearly 5 hours. I felt a little numb and tired but other then that I was just fine.

The moral of the story:

Know what youre smoking and who youre smoking with. Now I am 100 percent drug-free I still remember that day and take caution to everything. That was one crazy drug and I was one of the lucky few who came out okay. At no time did I feel violent but the whole time I was paranoid. I never want to feel like that ever again. Why did this happend 2 me? Well who knows but you learn from every mistake I guess...

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 15, 2011Views: 3,982
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PCP (113) : Small Group (2-9) (17), What Was in That? (26), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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