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1000 Times; the Cost of Half Mistaken
Clonazepam & Cannabis
by Resnemetan
Citation:   Resnemetan. "1000 Times; the Cost of Half Mistaken: An Experience with Clonazepam & Cannabis (exp67412)". Aug 28, 2009.

6 mg insufflated Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Be very careful with Klonopin, especially if you're not sure on the exact dosage of the pill(s) you are consuming. I recently (mid-October) had a very unfortunate experience with this substance resulting from irresponsible use and lack of knowledge concerning the strength of the pills. I will share my experience with you here, though I must stress that I am doing so for informational purposes only, and to provide you with an example of the trouble that making bad choices regarding this drug can lead to.

It was about noon on a seemingly normal day in mid-October (around the 20th I believe), when a friend of mine called me up and expressed his elation over having found a cheap connection for Klonopin pills from someone with a prescription. As the avid fan of drugs that I am I had no hesitation in providing a ride and forking over a few bucks for what I knew to be a great relaxing high from past experience with the drug. So after running my buddy across town he returns to my car from his hook-up's house with a handful of green klonopins which he believed to be .5 mgs each (which upon later research I found to be incorrect, as they were actually 2 mg pills, though I'm not sure what had led him to believe otherwise to begin with, as he should have taken a look at the bottle anyway). So, long story short, we end up snorting three of the pills each (MAJOR FUCKUP #1) and thereafter make the impaired decision to drive to another friend's house to obtain a quarter bag of some good mids. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Unfortunately, I failed to realize just how impaired I was due to the relaxed and uncaring state of mind this drug puts me in (and the fact that the dosage we'd insufflated was significantly higher that what we had intended upon or were accustomed to), and I decided that I would be fine to drive across town to our friend's apartment (MAJOR FUCKUP #2). Well, all was going fine (or so I thought), that is until I managed to hit someone's bumper while pulling into a parking space to turn around due to lack of coordination and misjudging the distance between my vehicle and the parked one due to my impairment. While initially struck with the urge to take off and hope no one noticed, it was quite obvious (even as impaired as we were) that several people had seen the accident and that we were fucked. So I proceed to back up and correctly park in the space I was trying to turn around in, and approached the owner of the car, who by this time had exited their apartment and was walking our way.

I immediately apologized and offered my information to the woman, asking only that she please not notify my insurance and ensuring her that I would indeed pay for the damage within the next two days. After a short discussion she said all was fine and that she would call later in the afternoon, unfortunately my friend and I hadn't realized just how fucked up we were and that we appeared blatantly intoxicated to the owner of the vehicle as well as many bystanders. As we proceeded to return to my vehicle and exit the parking lot, a police cruiser drove directly past us in the direction of the woman's house without their lights or siren on, and in the mindfucked state which we were in we paid them little attention and decided to go ahead and continue to our friend's house (MAJOR FUCKUP #3).

Somehow unbeknownst to me (as my memory fails me from essentially the point which we left the accident scene on, due to my significant impairment), we managed to make it safely across town without further incident and were happily toking away in our friend's bedroom when the state police come pounding on his door demanding to see me outside immediately. This scared the living shit out of my friend, as he was sufficiently stoned and his whole house reeked of pot, and he ordered me to get out there and 'deal with them' before we all ended up getting busted. At this point, I, accompanied by my equally fucked up buddy that rode with me, exited our friend's home to approach the police.

Immediately upon exiting the house we found ourselves in the presence of two state police officers and three local officers who demanded we walk straight forward and put our hands on the hood of one of their cruisers. In the fucked up state I was in, somehow I thought that the officers had said to put my hands in the air instead of on the car, which agitated the officers and led them to issue me a sobriety test (which I failed with flying colors) immediately, and confiscate my keys before cuffing me and stuffing me into the back of a cruiser. Thereafter they preformed an unauthorized search (I did not give permission, nor did they bring out the drug dog to check around the perimeter) of my car whereupon they confiscated 19 grams of marijuana (plant material mind you, not bud, though I was still charged with possession, of course) and drug paraphernalia in the form of a 2 ft tall glass water bong from my trunk.

After several minutes one of the officers opened the rear passenger side door and informed me that I was being arrested for leaving the scene of an accident (as a bystander in the parking lot had immediately called the police after witnessing me hitting the woman's bumper earlier, and car's owner told them we had just left), driving under the influence of an unspecified substance (as I refused to submit a urine test, which I foolishly thought was the best thing to do at the time, but in actuality only added aggravated circumstances to my charge) as well as possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Long story short, I was hauled off to jail (completely incoherent, uncoordinated and somnolent at this point) where I spent the night and the majority of the following day in a freezing ass detox cell (though honestly nearly my entire memory of the experience is absent due to blacking out, I just vaguely remember shivering uncontrollably on the floor of a concrete cell for hours with no blanket) before I managed to make a phone call to get myself bailed out.

All in all the poor judgment I used to make the bad choices I did on that day has cost me around two grand ($183 in court costs, $500 for a lawyer to get the leaving the scene charge dropped and the possession charges deferred for a year since they didn't have permission to search, a $600 fine, $250 for DUI Classes, as well as $40 to get my license back and $20 for each piss test I have to take every month now for a year to get those other charges deferred) as well as my license for 30 days with its return dependent on my attending DUI classes.

My freedom now essentially rests on paying my fines off by the end of the year (oh, I'm an unemployed student by the way, which makes this task especially difficult), attending all of my DUI classes, and pissing clean on all of my monthly drug tests for a year. I have 180 or so days now resting on the shelf which I will have to serve automatically if I get busted again, as well as 2 years of probation and constantly depending on others for rides until I've completed my DUI classes so I can get my license back.

Hopefully I haven't wasted my time by typing all of this up, and that my having gone through this shitty experience due to one poor decision regarding Klonopin will influence at least one person who reads this to use caution and intelligence when and if they ever plan on using this substance. It can impair you to a much greater degree than you might anticipate, and actually blind you to how fucked up you really are due to the relaxing and carefree nature of its effects.

Additionally any statements users here have made which convey the message that snorting this drug is ineffective are quite mistaken, and though I now realize the amount I insufflated that day exceeds the stand amount most would take for a standard high on the drug, I know from experience that even snorting 1 or 2 mgs of Klonopin is enough for one to experience a significantly noticeable effect from them.

Finally, not to be preachy, but merely to reinforce what I've already said, PLEASE be CAREFUL with this drug and do not underestimate its ability to impair you, and above all DO NOT DRIVE after ingesting this substance or any other. If you drive impaired it's only a matter of time before YOU WILL GET CAUGHT, and as soon as you do none of it will have been worth it at all. I've learned this from experience, so please take my word on this so that you don't have to.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67412
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 28, 2009Views: 49,723
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