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When Lacking Senses Increases Senses
Alcohol, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum
Citation:   alleragnacs. "When Lacking Senses Increases Senses: An Experience with Alcohol, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum (exp67467)". Jun 25, 2018.

T+ 0:00
5-6 shots oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 1:30 3-4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 5:00   smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:25 1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard  
A short history: I have a moderate tolerance for alcohol. The amount that I drank on this night is pretty typical and while I am drunk I typically don't show too many signs of intoxication. I tend to be a pretty internal drunk, quiet and such. In the past I smoked a lot of weed (at one point about 5 times a week). However, since coming to college my consumption has decreased to once or twice a week. This has made it so that a bowl or a joint can get me high and so that I often get synesthesia easily (usually seeing sound) and other nifty effects. My appreciation of music is greatly increased. I usually smoke weed in order to facilitate self exploration and the like. I bought some salvia a while back but have never used enough to get any CEVs or OEVs (because I have not really had the opportunity or a sitter). I usually enjoy the soft sub-threshold effects and relax for a bit.

Set/setting: Typical Saturday night. I was looking to party and enjoy myself after a mildly stressful week. One last go before finals week, I guess. I was not really concerned, things were going pretty well with my girlfriend, my friends were doing alright and I was doing well enough in school. I was not affected by any substances or over the counter drugs other than the ones mentioned at the time.

[T=0] A friend and myself decided to pre-game for a party. We went to her dorm room and took a couple shots of Southern Comfort (I believe I took 5 or 6 shots) and listened to some music for a bit. After about an hour and a buzz we went to our friends dorm to wake her up and get her to come out partying with us.

[T=1.5] My two friends and I headed to that party. We got there pretty early and there was plenty to drink. We hung there for an hour or so while enjoying some very, very strong mixed drinks (I had either three or four, pretty sure it was four).

[T=3] We left from the party, it was less than stellar. No one dancing, not too many of my friends were there, etc. I was also a bit unhappy that I couldn't play any drinking games because they were all being played with beer. I avoid mixing hard alcohol and beer at all costs.
I avoid mixing hard alcohol and beer at all costs.
We decided that we should crash back at my friends dorm and listen to some music while talking about nonsense for a bit. My friends and I were pretty drunk at this point, staggering, slurring, the usual. Nothing out of the normal at this point.

[T=5] I asked one of my friends if she wanted to go smoke a joint, she agreed. I contemplated smoking salvia instead but I didn't think it would be a good idea for my friend (who hasnt smoked salvia before) because I couldn't find anything about the effects of alcohol on salvia. Salvia can have some pretty strong effects on its own and I had enough sense in me to realize I shouldn't let someone who had zero experience with it smoke it while drunk. However, after rolling the joint I figured that enjoying a couple sub-threshold effects would be appreciated. I took a little bit of weed off the tip of the joint and replaced it with a very small amount of 10x extract, probably less than .05 of a gram. I asked my friend if she wanted to do the same (advising her to smoke it for the first time while sober) and she declined. We went outside and smoked (I made sure that I was smoking the salvia and not my friend). The first hit of the joint tasted like an odd combination of salvia and weed (go figure) and I held it in a moderately long time. The rest of the joint oddly did not taste like anything.

Set/setting part two: I was very comfortable in my friends dorm. I was just planning on enjoying marijuana and those sub-threshold effects of salvia which I know and love. Maybe see the music, delve into my thoughts, etc.

[T=5.25] We came back inside and the three of us decided to take another shot of Southern Comfort. The taste of the drink was highly diminished. Someone turned on one of the new itunes visualizers (one of the ones which shipped with leopard) and I turned on some music, a mix of cake and spoon. We lit some nag champa incense, my favorite. Sitting there was incredible. Sound, touch, and taste were all diminished. I did not recognize the music that was playing (even though they are two of my favorite bands) and I could not feel the bed which I was sitting on. I had no desire to eat or drink any more. It seems the diminishing of these senses made sight and smell that much better. I saw colors like never before, they were incredibly intense. The swirling and pulsing of the itunes visualizer was a sort of sensory overload. I could not physically look at it for longer than what felt like 5 minutes but was probably 5 seconds. Time was vastly dilated. I start to notice the scent of the incense. It is beautiful. Throughout the night my sense of smell is heightened and I enjoy the nag champa. It seems as if I can go through the scent and pick out pieces of it that I love, isolating parts of it at a time. I can also put the scent back together and enjoy it in its entirety.

[T=5.5] I could have sworn that hours past. Nope. It was just 15 minutes. I expected the effects of salvia to diminish by now and was surprised that they hadn't.
I expected the effects of salvia to diminish by now and was surprised that they hadn't.
I was aware of my twitching and inability to sit in one place for too long. I stood up and sat down and lied down and continued to switch every 2 minutes or so. I still had no sense of feeling so it felt as if I was floating. However, Salvia gravity hit me very hard, I was being pulled from my head in whatever direction I looked. Space warped with this pull. This was incredibly enjoyable. Almost like a virtual rollercoaster. I was babbling on and on about the meaning of life or something for probably 15 minutes, I wish I had recorded what I was saying. At the time I felt as if my thoughts were incredibly insightful. There were not many transitions in what I was saying and my thoughts were very disjointed. My friends do not remember what I said (they were both still rather drunk at this point. In retrospect I realize that my friends weren't fully registered by my brain making conversation tricky). At one point I got up and typed my friend a rather strange message on her computer:

'hello [name of friend]! I'm really, really, really wasted. I blame it upon three substances. The sound in this room is fucking intense. Dont make me a target. Dont make me a target. Dont make me a target. Holy shit. Blowing me away. My mind is flying. But I hope you have fun tonight. And I hope that you try salvia sometime soon. I dont understand my inputs. There are too many.'

[T=5.75] One of my friends misread the clock a bit back and correctly read it now. I was utterly convinced that we had gone back in time. I thought that the distortion of the world from the salvia gravity was actually us traveling back. At this point these distortions and the gravity had pretty much stopped. I was very proud to have traveled back in time and shouted out something about doing the impossible. I closed my eyes trying to experience the synesthesia which I normally felt but was unable to find the music around me. I was not at all frustrated and decided to enjoy what I could, mostly the stunning colors in the room. All lights were beautiful. Shadows created dimensions to objects that I have never seen before. Time is still dilated, it feels like I have been tripping for four or five hours. I expected this so it was not as disconcerting as it sounds. In fact, I was happy to have been graced with such an intense experience.

[T=6] The effects seemed to be slowing. My sense of smell was still heightened but I could look at the itunes visualizer without a mind-fuck. Conversation with my friends became a lot easier now, I talked to them about how much we all drank and about how intense my experience was. One of my friends was very drunk and lying down, mumbling about how much she enjoyed the night while trying to convince me that she isn't drunk. My other friend seemed to have just gotten out of the shower (odd, I never realized that she went to take one. I was probably to busy rambling when she did). She seemed a bit on the irritated side (I think she was getting tired). We figured that it was probably okay to walk back to our dorms and let her get some sleep. I left with my other friend and we went to our respective rooms. Walking was a bit of a trick, but I made it up three flights of stairs okay. Somehow I remembered to take my shoes/coat/incense/alcohol back to my dorm with me. I got ready for bed and turned on The Mighty Boosh (a TV show on the BBC3) and watched this for a few minutes. I closed my eyes with it still on and fell asleep almost immediately (I seem to be experiencing a bit of insomnia recently. However, the second I drink/smoke I can fall asleep almost instantly).

[T=15] I woke up feeling okay. I was a bit lethargic, nothing a cup of coffee couldn't solve. I slept through the night without waking up once.

[T=20] I was on my computer writing something while listening to The Beatles. All of a sudden time slowed and the warping of space (albeit without the salvia gravity which coincided with this feeling last night) returned for probably 5 seconds. Sound also warped. This stopped as abruptly as it started. This was probably my mind's invention when I recalled my experiences from the night before.

In retrospect: I had no intentions of have this intense of an experience. I was in the completely wrong setting for a usual salvia trip, far too many distractions. However, I greatly enjoyed the alteration of senses and fantastic lights. This is definitely going to lead to more experiments with salvia. Also: when heavily drinking and smoking marijuana, I would dose down the salvia. They both intensify the experience in different respects. Had I had a typical salvia trip while as drunk/high as I was I have no idea if I could have handled it.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67467
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 25, 2018Views: 904
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Alcohol - Hard (198), Salvia divinorum (44) : Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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