Red Blood Cells in Party Hats
Amphetamines & Modafinil
Citation:   The Elf. "Red Blood Cells in Party Hats: An Experience with Amphetamines & Modafinil (exp67493)". Apr 18, 2008.

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 300 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 10 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 9:00 10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
Age: 17
Attending high school, year 12 - not sure what the US and UK equivalent is, but this is my last year of school before going to university.
Previous usage: repeated dosages between 5-10mg per day, irregularly for about 9-10 years.

I was first prescribed dexamphetamine when I was 7 years old for ADD. I took them irregularly until I was about 13, then stopped for 2 years, took them again for a year, then stopped for another 2. I have recently started taking them again, however I am alot more 'drug friendly' then I was back then, so I have decided to push the limits.

I use modafinil every now and then when I have tests coming up in order to maximize study time. In this case, I took a 300mg tablet of modafinil at 12am in the previous night, went to sleep at 4am, woke up at 8am and felt as though I had had 10 hours sleep. That morning I took a further 1/2 a tablet of modafinil (150mg) orally, 1 10mg tablet of dex and snorted 2 lines made from 1 tablet of dex at 8am, as I woke up, then took another 10mg tablet an hour later, just for the hell of it.

T-8:00. Took the 300mg modafinil. I know from previous experiences that there is no real 'high' from modafinil, other then a slight increase in concentration. Studying for a bio exam at 12pm tomorrow.

T-6:00. My tiredness is slightly alleviated by the modafinil, however it is only the 'sleepyness' that is gone, the muscle tiredness is still there.

T-4:30. Decide to go to sleep. I know from previous experiences that I will be well rested by the time I wake up tomorrow.

T. I wake up at 8am, take half a modafinil tablet, a dex tablet, and snort the 2 lines I had made the previous night. I have only ever snorted dex once before, when I had forgotten to take the dex in time for a test in the morning and needed a fast delivery system. The dex is not hard on the nose, and I had only very minor discomfort as an extremely inexperienced 'snorter' when insufflating the pill.

T+0:05. I have a shower, waiting for the effects of the dex to come on, I know exactly what it will feel like, down to being able to predict exactly what will happen and when. Although as I have never taken a dose of this size before (I usually take 5mg oral, or half a tablet) I was slightly dubious as to whether or not my timings would be accurate.

t+0:20. I have breakfast. I always make sure itís a large breakfast when Iím taking dex as I know I will most likely not eat anything for the rest of the day due to the side-effects of dex. I can slightly feel the dex on the fringes of my mind, but this is fairly normal.

t+0:50. I put 2 dex in my pocket and walk to school. Itís a 1km walk, and I unconsciously skip every crack in the pavement on my way there. If I physically try to make myself step on a crack, I have a moment of temporary turmoil where it feels like one half of my brain REALLY does not want to step on the crack, whereas the other half is trying to force it to.

t+1:00. I take 1 of the Dex in my pocket and quickly swallow it. My skin feels kinda tingly, and Iím most definitely on my way up. Itís not an uncommon feeling for me so I'm not particularly excited nor am I particularly apathetic.

t+1:30. First lesson, physics, learning all about theory of universal gravitation and its applications in ball throwing skills. I find myself intensely interested in the subject, usually Iím not very enthusiastic and am only half listening to the teacher, however today I am taking tonnes of notes, doing the calculations quicker then all of my classmates, and generally being the typical smart kid. I have less inhibitions with volunteering an answer, and I am fidgeting alot. I really want to write notes down, and I dislike it when I am distracted from my work.

I can actually feel the high, my head feels light, and my brain feels clear. I am talking to my friend 'T'. T is, like me, a computer nerd, Iím telling him about the effects of taking 3 dex, he has a prescription for dex as well, but insofar he has stuck to the prescribed dosages. I catalogue in my mind all the different pharms I know, and their effects whilst talking to T, and I remember something. I ask T if he still has any Ritalin, as I had heard that snorting it gave an effect indistinguishable from cocaine, and I would love to feel the effects of it. T responded with pessimism as he generally does, and I dropped the subject, however I asked him if he wanted to try some oxycodone that I may be able to source for the weekend, and he agreed.

t+2:00. I'm still coming up, and not quite peaking yet. Itís very pleasurable to simply sit and think about a subject, intimately dissecting it from every conceivable angle. My high is interspersed slightly with very slight bouts of panic that I have not studied enough for my biology exams, but these are quickly assuaged by an overwhelming confidence I feel that no matter what I do, Iím doing it well. Itís around this time that I start writing notes for this report.

T+2:30. The bell went for the end of the period 10 minutes ago, so I had packed up and left physics. The time is 10:30. I now have a free period until 11:40, at which time I have a 20 minute recess break, then a biology exam at 12:00. I go to the library to study for the biology exam, quickly get on (a website by students, for students in order to help them study for upcoming tests. Basically a website containing lots of notes and cheat-sheets for every subject) and read through the recommended study notes for the chapter I am doing in bio. I find it very easy to concentrate, nothing like my baselined self. However I get distracted quite easily, and Iím soon researching ways to make methamphetamine, or extract mescaline, or DMT, or potential ways of getting salvia into my country (itís illegal here). After about 20 minutes of being distracted I realise what has happened, and quickly revert to the task of studying for my exam. I am sweating a little more then normal, and my pulse is quite high, however Iím used to these effects.

t+3:40. Recess. I go up to the field, put my bag down, and start playing some footy (rugby). I notice I have a much better reaction time, and much better hand eye coordination, however it is difficult to control these new-found skills and as a result I make a few mistakes with mis-timing catches etc. 5 minutes before the bell for the end of recess (t+3:55) I talk to a fellow classmate in my biology class and do some quick revision before the test.

t+4:00. Biology test. I am very confident that I will do well. I had made a bet earlier in the year that I would come top of the year in the major exam (about 2 months ago) without doing a single minute of study, which I won, and as always, I was supremely confident in my skills to do this test off the top of my head. It is a great feeling to be confident that you will do something well, even if you have no reason to feel so. My biology teacher hands out the test papers face down and goes through the pre-test routine of telling us no cheating, 2 people per desk, at opposite ends of the desk to ensure no copying, etc.

t+4:20-5:20. Test time! I turn the paper around and put down my name and teachers name, then move onto the first section, 10 questions of multiple choice. I blast through these without much trouble, its extra-ordinarily simple questions, or at least, they seem simple to me. I am getting quite annoyed by about question 7 that none of these questions have really tested my knowledge, which is quite unlike me, as usually I am happy to be doing as least work as possible.

I finish the multiple choice, and move onto the response questions. Again, these are easy for me, however itís very pleasurable to answer them as I am able to go extremely in-depth to the point of writing about things well outside the syllabus, and probably even outside the grasp of 1st/2nd year university students. On a few questions I use quite alot more then the space provided for the answer. Squeezing every last bit of information I can into the margin, and in small writing below the end of the question. I have the urge to write smart-arse type answers in addition to the correct answers, one such time when I indulged in this urge sticks to memory.

It involved the last question of the test, which was, simply put, to write up the experiment that we had done earlier in the term to measure the length of a single red blood cell. After writing the proper aim/method in 5 steps I added a sixth as follows, this is from memory, and is not 100% accurate:

'6. After experiment has been concluded, a party was thrown in honour of the RBC's that had passed away in the process of doing this experiment.'

We were also meant to draw a scale diagram of a red blood cell, so I did this, however I drew it with a party hat, one of the things that you blow in that make the warbling noises, a banner behind it with 'PARTY' written on it, several balloons, and a coffin containing red blood cells.

Once I had finished the test, I did something else that I have never done before. I went back and checked my answers. Usually, whenever I attempt to do this on a more moderate dosage of dexamphetamine, I find that I am unable to due to me automatically thinking I have written the right answer in the first place. However this time I was able to go through and pick out if I had made a mistake or not (I hadn't) and add any more information that I happened to remember.

T+6:00. I get home from school, and plan out all the things I am going to do today, I have been filled with a sense of importance, as if I know that I am going to be someone that matters, however I am aware that I will have to work to get there, and I am perfectly ok with the idea of hard work. In fact, I am looking forward to it.

My mum has gastro entoritis, and is craving macdonalds, so we get into the car and head there. I have to get the food as she is in her pajamas, I havenít eaten in 5 and a half hours and I donít feel like eating now. However I know that I will get hypoglycemic if I donít ingest something soon and that will result in unpleasant headaches, and shivering/uncontrollable muscle spasms. So I get a frozen coke and start writing up this report.

T+6:30. I am still quite high, and absolutely loving it. I have never felt this 'high' on dex in my entire life, and itís a good feeling. I always have problems with the come down from dex, which is the reason I stopped taking it all those other times, I get quite angry and sometimes go into rage attacks. I still have some semblance of control, enough to stop me from hurting someone, but only through extreme force of willpower. However when I previously had taken modafinil in conjunction with dexamphetamine, the come down was much less pronounced and very bearable. According to my estimations, I have at least another 2-3 hours of amphetamine induced goodness before I start crashing.

T+7:00. I feel very good still. Very confident, and I am really getting into this writing. It feels alot easier to write about my feelings and my experience. I feel like I could keep writing about this forever. In fact, I have had to force myself to stop writing too much about one subject or another so as to stop this report from becoming tedious. I am pretty sure that I have failed in that, especially related to the biology test, but I canít bring myself to edit that part out. I feel like I want to show off to people, make people laugh, and generally be better then other people at whatever I do. It may sound like I am a very arrogant person, however I am not, when I am on dex I just feel very confident in my abilities and I always want to improve on them.

This report will stop at T+7:00 as that is where itís at now. And I donít want to make this report any longer then it already is. In retrospect: taking 3 dex has produced the most pronounced amphetamine-like effect I have ever had. I have never taken any illegal drugs, only prescription ones (although I donít have a prescription for modafinil) and I am yet to try adderall, which seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment. I may try 4 dex later on in the week for my math and legal studies exams (this Friday) and see how much more that effects me.

Although it is a great feeling to be high on amphetamines, I will not be taking this dosage on a regular basis. I will most likely revert to my 1/2 a dex(5mg) per day and only take 2 or more (>20mg) on special occasions, tests, or if I decide I want to get alot of work done on that day.

Some time over the summer holidays (coming up in 2 weeks) I will conduct an investigation on the effects of high levels of dextroamphetamine (40mg+ or 4 or more tablets) on me, and find out what the best method of ingestion is. Tomorrow I will attempt to crystalize the dex and smoke it in a home made vaporizer (lightbulb) to see if it produces an effect.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67493
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 18, 2008Views: 49,494
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