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Grooved (The Character)
by Slingo
Citation:   Slingo. "Grooved (The Character): An Experience with DMT (exp67505)". Erowid.org. Apr 15, 2021. erowid.org/exp/67505

45 mg vaporized DMT


Grooved (The Dmt Character)


In the summer, friends of mine had come to a large amount of LSD. After buying multiple doses and experiencing acid many times, I had a conversation with them about how they were going to make DMT. At the time I only knew that it made you trip hard (hard should be an understatement). After reasearching the drug, I realized how amazing this experience would be, and thought I could handle it. I mean I had taken LSD many many times I should be able to smoke some DMT and be fine right?


Months after, around the end of auguest they had finished making some DMT. They originally had lived in my town but have now moved to a farther town which is a nice little drive. As I visited their apartment I anticipated having a great exiting trip. I hadn't really heard or read about any experiences, so I didn't know what to expect. Though I was prepared how exactly to take my dose. The room I was in had a song playing by Tea Leaf Green called One reason. My friends (lets call the girl Betty, and the Boy Bob) loaded up the DMT into their vaporizing homade pipe. I was on a couch and the room was a pleasently lit.

The Trip:

As I took my first hit, I felt that the smoke was harsh, but I expected even harsher. Being I smoked alot of weed, it wasn't hard to hold it in. It tasted like old man and lemon. I acually like the taste. I held the 1st hit in for about 15 seconds. After breathing it out, I felt like I was almost floating. It was very nice. But I was really starting to trip as I put my mouth to the pipe to take the second hit. As I breathed in the second hit, every second was almost like an eternity. I held in the second hit as long as I could which was about 10 seconds. But as I held in the hit, things were starting to get weird

All colors had morfed into my mind, and I saw patterns that were unbileveable. It was almost like the peak of an acid trip. But unlike the illusion patterns of an acid trip, every patters was in full detail and ridiculously real.

This was only about 5 seconds into the trip, and I had just been breathing out my hit.

A second or two later, I layed down to realize that I had been transfered to what one would call DMT world.
I closed my eyes and saw patterns more intensly just like I had seen with my eyes open. The music (One Reason) had almost been guiding my trip.

What a I realized right away, was that when I closed my eyes, I had not closed my eyes. Meaning that when I did closed my eyes, I still saw through them. I kept repeating outloud HOLY SHIT, quietly, and WOW through my breath.

Again, only about 15 seconds or 20 into the trip.

Then it happened.


There was a car license plate on my friends wall that said GROOVED. As I mentioned before, when I closed my eyes I could still see the whole room, just with my detail and trippy colors

Then I was sent on an almost rollar coaster sleding ride. Exept I moving through moments throughout my life. The word GROOVED has been toatallly morphed into patters and colors.

Then my life was changed forever.

Someone, or sometthing had appeared to me.
Was it God?
No I don't think so, I think I would had died if god talked to me.

But then he showed me every moment of my life.

Showed me all the good things, but mostly the bad things I did.

This groovy character mentioned to me how drugs could take over my life, and that God is watching. He was telling me 'do you know how powerful God is? He could take away your life any moment.'

Then I listend to the song in the backround. I almost heard the Dmt characters voice through the song.

In this songs chorus the words are,

Just Give Me One Reason.

But the Dmt character made me hear this

Drugs give me on reason.

I was so scared at that moment because I had realized that my whole life I was living in fear. And how I have abused certain drugs the wrong way.

That night I new God and Jesus were real, because I had felt saved. Near the last time the character was showing me my life, I felt dead. My heart had been beating irrregurly fast (to me it was, but not in reality) but I had felt like a God gave me a chance. A burst of happiness and hope had overcame me.

The trip was amazing, and very scary. But ill never regret it, because DMT has really taught me to be a good person, and to respect drugs and use them as tools to expand my mind. Journey's of life. DMT is the most impportant drug to me because I feel in our brain, the DMT is the holiness we experience. Maybe it's just our sixth sense. All I know is that we are all good people and I'm going to be ok when I die. That was my biggest fear and DMT relived that.

I have now tripped on DMT many many times. Little doses, high doses. Some are very similiar and some are so new and crazy.

But the DMT character, that GROOVED me comes back to tell me things that are helpful in my life. I will post more trips soon, but wanted to start from the beginging.

DMT is you.
It's everything you've thought about and done since you've been born.

There's no way to escape DMT because it's in us already

But using DMT can help me learn about myself early, and make a change to my life.

The only drug I do right now is DMT

And this is because I respect alot of drugs like acid and mushrooms, and I want to wait till I am much much older to do them in my own home.

It is scary.
It is amazing
It changed my life.

Find yourself.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67505
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 15, 2021Views: 101
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