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Double Whammy Death Trip
LSD & Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Banana Lady Witch. "Double Whammy Death Trip: An Experience with LSD & Salvia divinorum (exp67528)". Jul 18, 2009.

T+ 0:00
2 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 10:00 1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
I had taken two hits of acid around 2 PM that afternoon, which yielded a decent not particularly notable journey (although all trips are fairly memorable). I have eaten ten-strips of Lucy in one sitting or over the course of a few days with little problems and no bad trips. I’m not even sure what a “bad” trip is. I only see trips as challenging, with some more daunting than others. That’s the acid test one must pass when, and if one does pass, they almost always come out that much stronger in a sense. This experience is the closest thing I ever have had to a “bad” trip, but I still can’t label it as such. This was an eye opening, shit-your-pants ego destruction fling. And it wasn’t entirely the acid’s doing. It was the Green Goddess who kicked it off. And she wasn’t happy to see me this time around.

I waited until midnight, the witching hour, to smoke the remaining apple flavored Salvia 10X I had. By this time I was slowly coming down off the blotter, but going to sleep was still way out of the question. I took some time to meditate before the journey. Well, really to brace myself for the mindfuck I knew was coming. I had never introduced Lucy to Sally before, and was quite unsure of the consequences, despite reading D.M. Turner’s literature on the matter. I got myself pumped up and ready to go, and took the first massive rip out of my bowl. I managed to take the enormous pack in one huge pull, resulting in a lung buster cloud of smoke. While I was holding it in, I got the last minute jitters, knowing full well that I was in for a crazy ride. This always happen when I smoke salvia, despite having done it countless times in addition to developing a respectful relationship with La Madre de las Hojas herself.

I was in dark of my living room. All was still and quiet. I pulled a blanket over my head to further reduce any interference from the moonlight outside the window. In the dark abyss of my blanket I began to see the first few textile patterns form before my eyes. “Here it comes!” I anxiously thought. “Just give yourself over, accept her, don’t resist” was my final sober thought. My body began to feel the Salvia spinning effect come on. I exhaled after 30 seconds.

There was no transition from the initial patterns. NONE. I was slammed into the hyper-real salvia dimension. Bewildered and totally disoriented with amnesia as to what I had just done to get to this alien world of alternating brick patterns in (every color at once). It resembled something from Super Mario World, but entirely unique in its own. Then those unintelligible voices I always hear began their chants. I can always understand them during the journey, but can only remember the gist of what is said when I return to this plane. At first they said something like “welcome back”, and then they began to get annoyed. “Get in your spot” they shouted, or something to that effect. “You know what you have to do” “Get back to work” (This expression has been a motif of several trips I've had) I saw the entities saying these things. There were the classic “gingerbread people” (or the “patrol” as I have dubbed them), as well as more intimidating, larger creatures who seemed to “supervise” the lesser being and were also bossing me around. They were the aggressive force bossing me around.

I suddenly found myself becoming a bowling alley. They were using me as their lanes. I would switch views from being an alien bowling lane, like the view of the ball coming straight for me, right down the middle. Then this view shifted to me being in the middle of some darkened slot of some sort. I have been in a toaster with the three little pigs during a past trip (no lie), but I quickly realized I was in some other device. It dawned on me that I was underneath the cover of a piano, right on top of the mallets that strike the notes when they keys are pressed. I was shot out of this contraption when a note was struck, and found myself back at the landscape I had first been transported to. The entities scattered in fear. Now there was a terrifying presence before me. It was HER! Lady Salvia herself. No loving embraces or mystic secrets to be shared this time. She was hideous and awesome in appearance; the closest thing I can relate it to is the Chiquita Banana Lady, except with gnarled, green skin, rough, green wooden hands, and instead of a fruit basket on her head, it was a two-dimensional top of a leafy tree with branches sticking out in all directions. A real witch indeed (had the 'witching hour' timing of the trip psychologically influenced her appearence).

Her expression was one of incredible fury and petulance. I was scared beyond belief. She approached me in a menacing strut. She spoke in that tongue only intelligible in Salvia space. This time I understood her clearly, and her intentions. “You know why I’m here; now it’s your time.” She was there to take me away. Permanently. She reached out for me, and cast a spell. I then was above a hollow plastic doll that looked nothing like me, but I knew it was me. Each piece of the doll-me was being lifted up and destroyed; imagine pulling files out a filing cabinet in a rapid motion. Each segment was being ripped out faster and faster. I was terrified. This was it, my last moments! I then got a view from inside the me-doll. There was other “me-s” inside, but from other dimensions. They were being sucked up with segmentation of the hollow doll, screaming and pleading for their life. There were two more segments to be ripped out before my turn came. I turned to run, but I saw her looking IN the doll, her face full of malice and anticipation. Her bony hand reached for me, but I managed to run through the doll and escape.

I ripped the blanket off of me, and in the darkness of the living room, I stumbled and fumbled my way around furniture, trying to run for my life. I turned around, and guess who was there? She was still in the living room, reaching out to grab me! She literally chased me in my living room for a few seconds, which seemed like 5 minutes of a horror movie, until she dissolved into the darkness. She could only briefly sustain a metaphysical form in this dimension. Before she was completely gone, she telepathically sent me a message “I’ll be back and I’m waiting for you.” I ran upstairs and locked my door. I knew death was inevitable. But she did not appear again that night, and I slowly drifted off to sleep, digesting what had just happened. This was a terrifying experience, but it taught me to re-learn how to respect salvia all over again. It was much more intense than my first few salvia encounters, and much more eye opening in many aspects. It made me think about my life, all the rotten things I have done, and instilled in me the values of “carpe diem” and “memento mori”, and as the AC DC song Hell’s Bells goes “your only young but your gonna die.”

Combing two hits of LSD with salvia is a VERY potent combination. It may have “only” been 10x salvia, but the experience was 10x X 10!(And that's for someone who can have a second 'A' trip on the S-A-L-V-I-A scale of intensity by smoking natural leaf!) If you learn anything from this report, let it be that Salvia is a plant and personality that MUST be respected and treated accordingly. Intention and deference are everything. Use it wisely, and you may benefit from it greatly. Use it with acid, and buckle up tight!

One more thing I would like to note; I don’t plan on using Salvia anytime soon. I feel it’s necessary to give it some time to let “her” cool off, and then try to re-establish our relationship. This may have been just the wake-up call I needed.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67528
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2009Views: 22,313
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LSD (2), Salvia divinorum (44) : Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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