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No-One Dies
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   PsillyBoy. "No-One Dies: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp6758)". Mar 24, 2002.

7 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (tea)
There is no need for blind faith when you can experience that in which you believe.

We were to pay the Head a visit; before departing: two of us consumed a brew, carefully prepared a few days earlier:

I had taken 14 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds and crushed them, leaving them to soak in boiled water before straining the liquid through an old t-shirt – Separating the none soluble, stomach-irritating fats, from the water-soluble psychoactive amide – being LSA, the naturally occurring precursor to LSD. Shared the tea with one other person.

I have some experience with the seeds and was expecting to peak in about three hours, to reach a mellow plateau from which I could soak in the surroundings.

An effigy of Buddha meditated on the brew as it brewed.

After a beautiful five mile cycle along the beach, we reach Hengistbury Head. We rise to the top as the sun sets deeper, casting fantastic reds & oranges into our atmosphere.

The third member of our group ingests roughly 80mg of MDMA.
In a place like the Head you could experience euphoria without ever adding extra chemicals to the swirling pool already you. We decide not to without ever making the decision…

One moment rolls on, before our eyes the intense beauty of day morphs to a beauty more subtle.

In the moment.

We lie a top the Head, a mellow plateau, sitting one hundred and eighteen feet above sea level…
Upside down, near the edge and all I can see is Sea,
And Sky!
And the curve of the Earth!!

In the moment.

The sky darkens, the wind chills…
We cover ourselves in a blanket plenty big enough for three.

In the moment.

The curtains are drawn back and we are allowed to gaze upon the greatest show on Earth,
The Universe…
We look out from a point.
We travel.

In the moment.

Three highs become one, then many.

I lose myself in the stars, the longer I gaze upon them – the more I see.
The only times I slip back from ecstasy are the times I tell myself:

‘It’s happening’
‘I don’t need to know thanks, I’m already there.’

Sitting here, writing this –
I am confronted by a memory in a different category to those recalling ‘everyday experience’. A memory less focused on what happened, more on what I felt. A memory that is crystal clear but open to suggestion, a living memory that I know still has the power to teach me…
I felt what happened,
It felt a bit like this…


I’m unreasonably happy.
I’m filled with the most intense Love I have ever felt.
Mad, directionless Love that flows out of me as it flows in:
It blows through me as the wind blows over…
And I have a feeling that, like the wind, its movement is circular.

As I lose consciousness of my body, I too become Love…
And I move with it.

Having experienced such Love, and all it inspires. I cannot doubt that God exists,
For I have known God in his purest manifestation, God as Love:
And so I realise that God is Love, the very same force –
That which inspires creation.
That which creates creation!

The Human experience of LoveGod, known to lie behind the words of the term ‘Mystical experience’, is both old & new, eternal & transient:
It is a fountain that human beings have been swimming in and drinking of as long as we have been apart – And we have always been a part…

The illicit truth of every Religion.
A muse that inspires the whole Human race.
The source of all existence –
As simultaneously spiritual and material beings, not only is our Consciousness born from it, Our Body as well.

My hand is inexorably linked to thoughts of my hand.
He is an expression of my consciousness, of its will to reach out…
To Touch.

One cannot exist without the Other because: One and the Other are One and the same.

LoveGod is a paradox, being every word we utter and the gaps in between –
Explained equally inadequately by ‘Good & Evil’, ‘Negative & Positive’,
Simultaneously both and neither –
It is being in the same moment as becoming, it never began and it still hasn’t ended…

And so we find ‘The Human Condition’:

I grow within
And on this strange world:
An impossible tapestry,
They try to unfurl.

Without knowing what to ask,
They question each thread:
Does it start when I’m born?
Does it end when I’m dead?

I grow within
And on this strange land:
An impossible tapestry,
Woven of its own hand.

Don’t search for the answer,
For the answer will come.
Stand back far enough:
Two merge into One.

And so we find the Human race:

In our relentless search for the ‘answer’ (which is so ridiculously simple no-one stands a chance of comprehending it) we have neglected the beauty of all that provokes question.

And so we find ourselves…

There is nothing as perfect for now as the ecstasy of the infinite question:
The eternal involvement of self with other; finding out without asking a thing.
A passive exchange of energies, of information…

If we concentrate on pursuing the answer, as opposed to cultivating a passive acceptance of the fact that the answer is immanent, we do ourselves no favours…

First: We miss out on the ecstasy of the infinite question, in other words –
We do not gain full enjoyment from our involvement with the outside and the inside worlds;
This involvement is to be marvelled at, celebrated, cherished and explored…

Second: As we dream of ‘the most sacred thing’, we neglect the fact that everything is sacred.
This, combined with an unawareness of the inter-connectedness of all things, has contributed to the widespread destruction of our Mother Earth, Gaia:

She is our Garden yet we trample her plants and slaughter her animals, we suffocate her skin with a layer of concrete, pollute the air she breathes and the water she drinks with our foul concoctions…

She is our Garden, the tree is our life – and we still forbid our children free run of her fruits…

How I yearn for free run of her fruits…

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds I consumed belong to a family of Gaias fruits termed ‘Entheogen’ meaning ‘God Within’:

Many Entheogens having been helping Human beings find LoveGod since we first looked outside of meat for food. They are gifts –
First from God,
Then from Our Planet.

There is nothing less human about looking to nature for ‘Mind food’ than there is about looking to nature for ‘Body food’ –
Yet the former lies well behind in the acceptance stakes – At least in so far as many Societies, with their Governments and Religions, are concerned.

* * * * *

The ‘drugs’ had worn off.

We emerged from the woods, into which we had retreated after our Mystical experience a top the cliff, and lay once more under the blanket.
The sound of the Sea, its partner the wind thankfully absent, soothed us to sleep.

I awoke cold & damp but energised & joyous.
Climbing back up the Head in order to reach the warming rays of the morning Sun, I was sent two messages – arriving as thoughts…

The first, from God, said:

‘No-one dies.’

The second, from Our Planet, said:

‘It’s not too late.’

copyright. Sam Ross. 2001.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6758
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 24, 2002Views: 18,804
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Poetry (43), Nature / Outdoors (23), Mystical Experiences (9)

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