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Lost For Words
Huasca Combo (B. caapi & DMT) & LSD
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Lost For Words: An Experience with Huasca Combo (B. caapi & DMT) & LSD (exp67591)". Jun 5, 2009.

T+ 0:00
20 g oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
  T+ 0:00 8 capsls oral Banisteriopsis caapi (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:40 300 mg oral DMT (extract)
  T+ 2:30 2.25 oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Recently my friend and I had a free weekend together and decided to make the most of it. We both have dabbled with a good variety of intoxicants, and in particular enjoy psychedelics.

I brewed 40g of powdered Banisteriopsis caapi, doing two washes and then combining the liquids and boiling them down into volume around the size of a double shot. This would be split evenly between us, we would be ingesting 20g of extracted caapi juice. We also took 8 ‘00’ gel caps of caapi powder, to ensure that we would be MAOI’d up to the max, even if the brewing was slightly botched. Surprisingly little caapi is needed for a potent MAOI effect in this manner.

40 minutes later we ingested around 300mg – a filled ‘00’ gel cap – of what I can say with some confidence is some very pure, good quality DMT, extracted from Mimosa hostilis root bark. The extract is white and clearly crystalline in appearance, and is potent enougth to produce impressive effects when smoked from a glass pipe.

We had the house pretty much to ourselves, and relaxed in the living room awaiting the on coming trip. I had cleaned the house and got everything ready so both the set and setting were optimal.

Around half an hour later I started to notice subtle, yet at the same time very detailed visuals, and a feeling like I was immersed in warm water. Around this time my friend had to purge. Around 5 minutes later, I also had to purge. The nausea suddenly came on intensely, I noticed my heart was beating a lot harder, and I had an incredibly intense electric feeling in my head. It was definitely time to purge! The purging was remarkably easy and hassle free, and I felt good to rid myself of my stomach contents, and enter the next phase of the trip.

I went back downstairs to find my friend lying on the floor near the downstairs toilet in a semi conscious state. While sitting next to him, I noticed how the visuals increased rapidly from simple patterning to intense visual patterning. DMT visuals are in a league of their own-extremely detailed, down to an almost molecular level-in this respect other psychedelics simply seem crude by comparison.

After I while I suggested we go and lie down in bed. We had both been quite literally knocked off our feet. There was no gradual, levelled coming up stage like other psychedelics-it wet from minor peripheral visuals and feelings, to purging, and then – BAM- we were in hyperspace. We both remarked that this was a level of intensity in quite a different order of magnitude to any other. DMT is a step up in terms of raw, uncensored POWER. It demands respect.

The start of the trip was quite an introverted time, and we both felt completely caned in a weird way, and far from high. But, at the same time for the both of us, a switch seemed to flick, and the trip shifted gears. All the feelings of uncomfortable-what have we got ourselves into-where the hell is this going to take us disappeared and we both felt completely filled by beautiful, cosmic light, and for the lack of a better word, and words in this territory are flawed - love.

My friend was in complete and utter awe and was constantly trying-and failing I might add-to put into words, just how unbelievably incredible the experience was. For me the experience was around the same intensity of recent smoked DMT experiences (from the same batch of extracted DMT). At times my friend was even reduced to tears-of joy-at some point. My friend is a seasoned tripper, and to see him brought to his knees so profoundly was quite a revelation in itself. He also described-while laying on the floor by the toilet earlier in the trip-having entity contact, and while so much was going on making it hard to remember it appears these entities had similarities to some of the Ancient Egyptian gods-half animal, half human. This was interesting as I’ve read similar occurrences on other ayahuasca experiences, and indeed Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics bear a striking resemblance to some DMT imagery. The Ancient Egyptians, basically viewed life as a training ground for death and the afterlife. This links in to theories about DMT released when you die. Anyway, there was much fodder for thought in the sober days following this trip.

We both noticed an interesting effect – the experience, while powerful – seemed slightly synthesised. This was very interesting to me. Despite DMT being the most natural drug in the world-a brain hormone required and produced in normal, healthy metabolism, we could both clearly detect that this DMT had been chemically extracted, as opposed to drinking proper ayahuasca prepared by a shaman. Next time I plan on brewing ayahuasca properly to see how the experience compares.

This experience was not recreational – even taken in this fashion, it was much more of a medicine than a drug – both the caapi and the DMT - and they demand considerable respect.

The trip didn’t last long, and began to tail off rapidly around 2 hours after dosing on the DMT. While on the trip, there was a very strong anti drug message for the duration of effects. We both like our ganja, but we both had absolutely no desire to indulge whatsoever. There was also a strong anti alcohol message. The next day I had a small glass of cider, but could barely finish it, it really wasn’t what I wanted. And I do enjoy a drink now and again. But this message was clear, and has indeed carried through – I don’t drink much these days, and when I do it is not to get really drunk. I am more aware these days that when I’m drunk I’m simply poisoned – alcohol has taken a much lower rung on the ladder of desired intoxicants. I do enjoy weed however, but my use of this has also diminished, to the point where I can have a large bag of homegrown blueberry in my drawer and not have an urge to smoke it. Ganja no longer occupies my mind to the same extent as it did before.

When this trip started to wind down, we each dropped 2 and a quarter blotters of acid. I have found DMT and LSD to mix nicely – LSDMT – when used in ayahuasca, combination style, or smoking DMT having reached a plateau on an acid trip.

This trip was excellent. I’m not sure if it as the effects of MAOI’s or residual DMT, but the resulting trip felt especially clean and pure, and the detail on the visuals was incredible. The feeling of the come up reminded me a lot of good MDMA, back in the days when I indulged.

We went for a walk in the woods during the night, both of our night visions being severely impaired. The plants were all humming with energy fields, and the leaves on the ground all arranged into incredibly vivid fractal patterns. Just after sunrise we had an attempt at smoking DMT, which was largely a failure, although we both felt a change, and I noticed a certain DMTesque nature to the acid visuals for a while, and colours were incredibly intense. The sun was rising, which was a beautiful spectacle to behold, and I remarked how I had never noticed just how incredibly green the grass was on the lawn.

The trip was a resounding success, even better than we could have hoped for, but it did not come without side effects. We both noticed that we needed a great deal more sleep than usual, and would wake up still feeling tired, and it was hard to fall asleep early.

It took around a week to reach some level of normalcy again. A few times I would wake up during the night to spot DMT visuals. I’ve had this once before a while back, likely following ayahuasca experiences in Peru. However I’ve had this happen a few times recently. I definitely think that endogenous DMT is involved with the visions in dreams, and perhaps indulging in DMT, makes my brain slightly more sensitive to my own levels. This is just my theory, but I think I might be on to something.

DMT may be an ally to those interested in lucid dreaming, as I am. The feeling of ayahuasca is clear, yet dreamy. I recently had a dream where I suddenly had a feeling as though I was in a dream. This is unusual in that usually, a trigger is required, such as reading something, looking away and finding it has changed, or seeing a mythical beast – like a hybrid between a giraffe and a cow – that is just too ridiculous to exist. Not this time however, it was just a feeling. I remember looking out over rolling green fields, and in the air there were the same type of DMT visuals I see sometimes during the night! This is interesting as it is similar to some of Terrence McKenna’s experiences – sometimes in dreams he would dream he was smoking DMT and experience completely realistic effects, which is amazing enough. A few times though he would awake to find he was completely immersed in a DMT experience! This also suggests that DMT is involved in dreaming.

Caapi has changed. I often use a bit to potentiate mushrooms, and now I am much more prone to nausea and purging – often I’m not actually sick at all but the result of dry heaving is an immediate increase in visuals, feelings, and usually a vanishing of the nausea.

One final side effect I have noticed is a visual potentiation of one subsequent psychedelic experience (and my only one since). On 8 ‘00’gel caps of caapi, followed by 0.6g of dried ‘Hawaiian’ Copelandia cyanescens, and a tea brewed with a variety of fresh cubensis mushrooms, very soon after coming up I noticed that the intricate, molecular detail of the DMT was clearly present on this trop. I found this very interesting. Caapi followed by mushrooms is quite similar to ayahuasca in many ways, and psilocybin is 4-Ho-DMT, very similar to DMT. It seems like my brain may be slightly more sensitive to psilocybin following this experience. This is interesting, as I have read similar reports in Rick Strassman's ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’.

It is my opinion that ayahuasca is an ally and has a potential for healing beyond those of the other psychedelics. It also shows me there is another dimension near yet far that is definitely worth exploring for those who seek.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67591
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 5, 2009Views: 14,474
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