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An Intensely Beautiful Experience
Morning Glory & Cannabis
by Waking Dream
Citation:   Waking Dream. "An Intensely Beautiful Experience: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp67715)". Dec 29, 2009.

T+ 0:00
350 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:00 400 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


December 9th, 2007

I had wanted to try a hallucinogen for quite a long time, but since none were available in my area, I figured I was out of luck and just stuck to smoking weed once or twice a week. It wasn't before too long, though, that I discovered morning glory seeds, and the LSA contained within them. I knew there was a morning glory plant growing outside in my yard, but it wasn't even close to being ready to bear seeds or anything, so I just waited until it was. After a few months and a lot more research, the plant was ready to be harvested, so I went out and collected 300 seeds and stored them in a little baggie until I was ready to take them.

Later that week, I went up to my dad's house for Thanksgiving, but I left my seeds at home because my dad is a cop, and if something happened with the seeds, I didn't want to be around him because I'm sure he would kick my ass up and down the street, despite the fact that morning glories are completely legal here in California. So anyway, the weekend rolls around and I'm back home after having a great time at my dad's house. I had washed my seeds thoroughly with cool water and a little dish soap and set them out to dry before I went to my dad's house, and when I got home, they were ready to be ground up and eaten. I had my sister be my sitter in case something happened, so I was all ready to eat my seeds. I ground them up in my coffee grinder, mixed them with applesauce (which made it look disgusting, but it tasted fine), ate them, and then waited around for the nausea.

The nausea never came. Nothing happened at all, actually. I was very, VERY disappointed, but I didn't really let it get me down. Instead, I went online a few days later and ordered two ounces of heavenly blue morning glory seeds from a really great online dealer here in California. My seeds arrived on December 5th, and I had planned to try them on the 8th. I divided up one package of seeds (one ounce) into two piles: one with 350 seeds, and one with 400 seeds. I had about 120 or so seeds left over, so I ground those up and ate them that day, not expecting too much, and that's exactly what I got. I got a VERY slight body high (like I had taken one hit from some bad weed), but that was it. However, I was excited that I felt anything, because I didn't feel anything at all from my homegrown plant.

So the weekend rolls around, and I woke up feeling pretty good after a really bad day the day before (my birthday, actually). I needn't go into the details, but I was feeling sick and pretty depressed for my whole birthday, but when I got home from work, I went straight to bed and slept for 12 hours, so I woke up on Saturday feeling very good mentally and pretty good physically, though I had a bit of a cough from the day before. I worked for a few hours and came home feeling even better than when I woke up, so I knew that it would be a great day to eat my seeds.

I ground up my pile of 350 seeds, mixed them with applesauce, ate them, and then started waiting for the nausea. Again, it never came. After two hours, I still wasn't feeling anything so I thought, 'Great, I wasted 12 bucks on these stupid seeds, and they're not even working.' I decided to up my dosage, so I ground up the remaining 400 seeds that I had set aside and ate those, then waited for the nausea that I was sure to experience. Once again, it never came. At this point I was getting annoyed that nothing was happening, so I packed a bowl of some really good weed and took 4 pretty small hits, then just chilled out and played Rock Band with my sister, her bf, and her bf's friend who was over.

Several minutes later, I was feeling pretty good because of the weed, but I felt something that I knew wasn't weed. I went into the bathroom to check my eyes, and I was delighted to see that my pupils were completely dilated. While looking in the mirror, I could focus on different parts of my face and kind of zoom in and see the stubble of my beard that was growing. It looked to me that I could actually see my beard growing, but when I blinked hard, that feeling went away. I went pee while I was in the bathroom, and it didn't feel any different than normal, nor did washing my hands feel any different from normal. When I looked at the towel, though, it shifted ever so slightly, but, like the water, it didn't feel any different on my hands.

When I got back into my room, my sister's bf handed me the guitar for Rock Band and said that he wanted to play the drums and that I should play the guitar. I was feeling extremely agreeable, so I took it and started playing. I discovered that I could focus on the game better than I ever could before, and when the song was over, I looked down at the rug on my floor and saw it waving back and forth. I sat there staring at my rug for what seemed like an eternity, but it was actually less than a minute. I heard my sister say something like 'You really like your rug, don't you?' I said yeah and described what I was seeing, and then I showed everyone my eyes. Their reaction was something along the lines of 'Holy shit man, your pupils are HUGE.' I just smiled and said 'Yeah, and I feel pretty amazing, too.'

After about 30 to 45 more minutes, my sister's bf and his friend left, so it was just my sister and me. At this point I was pretty hungry because of the weed, and because I hadn't eaten since Thursday the 6th (I was fasting for the trip), so I threw a frozen pizza into the oven. I stepped outside to grab a chair that was put out there and brought it back inside. I looked down at the wood grain, and this is when my trip REALLY hit me, because what I saw completely blew my mind. Looking into the wood, I saw shapes that looked like rippling water. The shapes shifted and rearranged themselves until it became something that looked like space in all its infinite vastness. In the patterns, I saw the shape of a man slowly appear, and this amused me greatly. The man was then pressed against what appeared to be glass with his cheek and hands pressed against it. I was utterly fascinated by this, but my sister asked me what I was doing and pulled my attention away from the visual. I looked up and told her what I saw, but when I looked again, the vision was gone, so I took my pizza out of the oven, sliced it up, and took it into my room.

My pizza was orgasmic. It was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten in my entire life, so I wanted to eat more. I had picked up a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups because they're my favorite thing to eat when I'm stoned, so I went out into the kitchen and grabbed the bag. I ate almost the entire bag, but I had my sister take a bunch of them to make sure that I didn't make myself sick on them.

Soon after that I wanted to play a game, so I put on Between the Buried and Me's 'Colors' (which is an amazing album, by the way) and fired up Geometry Wars on my 360. When my eyes were open, I could easily look past the playing field into the stars beyond it (if you've ever played the game, you know what I'm talking about), and this completely blew me away. I saw the universe in its entirety, and when I focused hard enough, I could zoom in on anything I wanted, which allowed me to move around the entire universe freely. The visual was gone, though, when my sister handed me the controller and told me it was my turn to play, but the game was still completely fascinating to me.

Eventually, my sister's bf called her, so while she was talking to him and playing the game, I closed my eyes and focused totally on Between the Buried and Me that I had playing in the background. When my eyes were closed, I was treated to the most beautiful and intensely real closed eye visuals I have ever experienced, and I can get some really good ones from weed. Anyway, the visuals would shift when different songs came on, or when the song I was listening to would change from heavy screaming and pounding riffs to softer singing and acoustic riffs. Here is what I saw as best as I can remember and describe them, though nothing I say can EVER come close to what I experienced.

I was a fox in a meadow, and I distinctly remember looking around and sniffing the air. It smelled sweet, and as I looked around more, I could see that the smell was coming from all kinds of wild flowers. However, I wasn't in the meadow to smell the flowers. I was hunting, and I picked up the scent of a rabbit as it moved through the high grass and flowers. I started to chase the rabbit, and the chase led me into a forest, where I eventually caught it. I looked up, though, and saw a little girl who looked very cold and hungry, so after I took a couple decent bites from the rabbit, I gave the rest to the little girl and ran back out into the meadow, where suddenly my visual changed (the next song had come on).

I became a bird. At first I couldn't tell what kind of bird I was because I was in a first person view, but with a little shift in my mind, I was able to switch to third person, and I saw that I was a bald eagle flying over a thick pine forest. I think that the reason I became a bird is because the music had turned very, very soft and kind of floaty, and it was very mellow and pleasant. My sister asked me if I was a bird, and I kind of nodded, totally amazed that she had been able to guess what I was feeling purely by watching my movements and body language.

When the next song came on, it was much heavier, so my visual changed again, and I was a cheetah on the plains of Africa, chasing an antelope. I caught it and started eating it, but the visual abruptly changed before too much could happen, and I became man. The thing that's strange about this visual, though, is that I was not a predator. Instead, I was the keeper of a lighthouse during a heavy storm, and waves were battering the rocks that the lighthouse was sitting on. This visual was completely different from the other three because it was third person the entire time (the other ones would switch from first to third, sometimes by will, and sometimes on their own), and it seemed somewhat cinematic. It reminded me a lot of one of the trailers for a game called Alan Wake, but it still looked and most definitely felt very different than the trailer.

Anyway, after the fourth visual, they stopped and didn't return for the rest of the trip, but when I opened my eyes, I was treated to some amazing open eye visuals. My walls were breathing slightly, the rug I was looking at before was moving again, only more intensely, and the visualizations for the music player on my 360 were incredible. One of my sister's friends wanted to hang out with us, so we both got ready to go get her. When I stepped outside, I was utterly fascinated by the clouds, and I stared at them for a very long time on the drive over to pick up my sister's friend.

When the clouds I was looking at were totally out of sight, I started focusing on my hands, watching them disappear into my leg and into the dash of my sister's car. After that, I moved on to forming my hands into kind of a sphere, with my left hand on the bottom, and the right hand on top. My fingers were all spread apart and I rotated my hands, catching the light from the oncoming headlights and making them explode when I moved my hands apart. I was also able to look at the lights from the town ahead and form them into almost any shape I wanted, so I made them look like a dog looking up at its master. This gave me much joy, and I smiled very big to myself.

When we finally arrived at my sister's friend's house, I spent some time in her room just looking at a few things, and the walls were breathing ever so slightly (my breathing felt very slow, so I think the walls were just breathing with me). Soon I was kicked out of the room because the friend had to change, so I grabbed her cat and took him out to the living room with me, just petting him and looking around, and this is when I got my first, and only, scary visual. The cat had jumped out of my lap, so I was able to focus more intensely on whatever object I was looking at, so I thought it would be cool to look at the Christmas tree. I was wrong. The tree seemed to slowly turn to flames, and in the flames I saw a mouth appear and move closer to me, ready to consume me and take me away to a scary place. I quickly closed my eyes, got up and turned away from the tree, then opened my eyes again and went outside into the crisp, cool air.

Outside I looked up at the clouds and saw all kinds of shapes, including a few skulls, but none of these visuals scared me because I knew they were very far away, and therefore couldn't reach me. I turned around and looked at the trees, and to my delight, they started to sway and rotate. I discovered that if I tilted my head to either side I could get the tree to twist slightly in that direction, which was really cool. Before I could explore this further, my sister and her friend came out and told me it was time to go home, so I got back into my sister's car and looked around as she drove. There's a crack in the windshield, and when I ran my fingernail over it, I felt the crack splitting my hand in half, which felt very interesting, to say the least.

When we got home, the visuals started to get less and less intense, and I could feel myself slowly returning to baseline. At around midnight, I felt completely normal, and when I checked my eyes in the mirror, they looked normal, so it was time for bed. Overall, this was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and I am definitely going to be doing these seeds again. It sucked that I had to take such a high dose to feel anything, but next time I do these seeds, I'm not going to do 750 all at once, just in case I start tripping on a smaller dose. What I am going to do, though, is just grind up my other ounce, split it into two piles, and do one pile at a time, waiting a couple hours to make sure that all is well.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67715
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 29, 2009Views: 8,489
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