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Bland Crackers for the Soul
5-MeO-DiPT & Cannabis
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Bland Crackers for the Soul: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT & Cannabis (exp67780)". Jan 31, 2008.

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  repeated oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)

I had received a sample of 5-MeO-DiPT hydrochloride salt, a.k.a. Foxy. The appearance of the chemical was a very fine, shiny white powder, nearly identical to the appearance of my DiPT hydrochloride powder. I enjoyed DiPT and was hoping this might be similarly interesting. Since I expected Foxy to have effects that would be mostly recreational in nature, and given the high occurrence of indigestion with Foxy use, I used cannabis while testing out Foxy. The following are my first three Foxy trials.

- Note on Methodology-

I have recently noticed that my usual process of taking gel capsules has a flaw to it. Standard gel caps appear to delay the onset of symptoms with any psychedelic by about 20-30 minutes. This was determined by comparing the timelines of a 4-AcO-DMT gel cap experience with an experience taking 4-AcO-DMT powder mixed with water and swallowed directly. Dropping a 'test capsule' into a cup of acidified water also confirms, it can take quite a while for a capsule to break open and release its powder in a stomach-like environment.

Starting with this report, whenever I use gel caps, I now puncture each capsule with a needle immediately before swallowing it. I believe ‘punctured pills’ lead to a more immediate onset, as the powder spills right out into the stomach. It works the same as parachuting without the unpleasantness of swallowing toilet paper, and it allows for more accurate time lines.

-First Trial: 8 mg-

At 10:10 AM on a Sunday morning, an 8 milligram capsule of Foxy is punctured and swallowed. I had an empty stomach at the time.

At T+0:25, First effects were noted. There was warmth and movement in the stomach. A feeling of “resonance” was noted; echoing vibrations in the body. My head felt slightly fuzzy.

At T+0:35, I started feeling extremely heavy… and there was a sudden, strong feeling in the chest. I was momentarily worried about my breathing, but after a couple of minutes, whatever it was had passed. Around the same time, the first visuals were noted… objects appeared to shake or vibrate in a way that reflected the energy moving through my body.

I smoked pot at T+0:40, which smoothed out my mood considerably. It also did well to keep the slight disruption in my stomach under control. I listened to music at this time, but disappointingly there was no alteration to the sound. None of the strange auditory magic of DiPT was carrying over to the 5-MeO counterpart at this dose. The feeling in the body was very similar to a DiPT body buzz, although a bit more pronounced.

By T+0:50, any discomforting physical effects had faded away or been treated effectively with cannabis. My stomach felt warm, mushy and good. I had slight tremors but no serious side effects; the drug, at this point, had peaked. Colors, by this time, appeared very slightly sharper and brighter than normal. Occasional jittery movements were detected in my surroundings. The visuals were entertaining but mild.

Around T+1:10, I located some good pornography and had myself an orgasm. :) Unfortunately, while the substance certainly allows for eroticism, it doesn’t enhance the erotic as significantly as I had hoped. Sensations of touch were a little bit energized, since I can feel the Foxy in every inch of my skin at this point. But the orgasm itself doesn’t seem any stronger or more emotional than usual.

Around T+1:30 I went outdoors, and enjoyed the local imagery of my city. The color enhancement made trees, the sky etc. look nice, but none of it was anything fantastic.

T+2:45 I got back home from my brief excursion and the effects were starting to slowly taper off. The peak with this stuff doesn’t stabilize for very long at all.

Nothing particularly interesting happened for the next couple hours; the same effects just sloooowly died down.

T+6:00 Effects from the Foxy are definitely all gone… maybe a slight trace of a body buzz somewhere in the background but nothing more.

-Second Trial: 12mg-

The second dose of Foxy occurred a week later and it was a little less planned out than the first. I had been deliberating on when to take my dose and basically found myself carrying a pill around the city in my pocket for a few hours. I had spent some time at a friend’s house, chatting and listening to music.

Around 4:35PM on this particular day, I took my 12 milligram pill of Foxy, shortly before departing my friend’s abode. I figured it should make my journey back home a little more interesting. I had a partially full stomach at the time.

At T+0:30, first alerts were felt. There was a sinking sensation deep in my stomach as I walked, and then the progressing feeling of “stomach disconnectedness”. 5-MeO-DiPT makes me feel as if the inside of my stomach is transforming into different shapes. Whereas DiPT creeps from my stomach into my head and seems to transform the shape of my inner ears, 5-MeO-DiPT remains mostly in the stomach/torso. I find myself visualizing my own internal organs disconnecting and then reconnecting in new combinations. Yet at this dose there is not much actual nausea.

T+0:45: I’m on a bus, making my way home. It’s slow, but it’s damned safe transportation for a person who is tripping. There is a metal pole in front of me that occasionally echoes and refracts light about in odd directions. Some of my fellow passengers look a little strange (stranger than normal). What I’m more astonished by than the visual effects is the normality of my mental state. I really am not having any thought stimulation at all. Physically and visually something psychedelic is happening; mentally I am detached from it. I think normally.

T+1:45: I finally get home. The substance peaked maybe 20-30 minutes ago. There is increased tactile stimulation, mild color brightening, and very mild visual movement. Listening to music is fun but, again, there is no alteration of auditory phenomena. There is a little bit of tracering, but like most other elements of the substance, it is subtle.

T+2:00: I smoked some pot. It re-energized the color brightening effect, which was starting to fade a little already. I found myself smoking quite a bit of pot this time through. To alleviate boredom as well as nausea.

T+5:45: Effects had died down completely by this time.

Having food in my stomach the second time through did not increase the nausea from Foxy, though it slightly delayed the onset of effects.

-Third Trial: 20mg-

The third trial was about a week and a half after the second. At 2:40PM on this day, I swallowed a 20 milligram punctured pill of Foxy on an empty stomach.

T+0:25: First effects were noted. Sensual bodily feelings mixed with time dilation. Time appeared to be slowing down. There had been very mild time dilation with previous Foxy experiences but not like this.

T+0:35: Complex effects are coming on, definitely a little stronger than the previous trials. The visuals aren’t too much more pronounced but there is dizziness, chills, and shaking. For a time these effects get quite strong. I don’t feel nauseous in a pure sense, i.e. there is no need to vomit. But my body feels overwhelmingly heavy and my head is dizzy. So much so that I feel a pang of disgust towards the chemical that I just took.

T+0:40: I just smoked pot. It really helps with Foxy’s side-effects. The feeling of disgust is mostly gone. The dizziness is still there but somehow I no longer care about it.

T+0:45: Color brightening is setting in now. Objects appear to glow along their edges and flash with light. The edges of objects wiggle. The visual effects are stronger than with previous experiences, but the physical effects are far stronger than the visual ones.

T+0:50: Time is significantly dilated and it seems like I can’t feel my heart. It has melted and dissolved somewhere deep inside me, and I have no idea what pace it is beating at.

T+0:55: Listening to some music… I’m in no mood for “extreme” music at this time, I’m sticking to relaxing old tunes, gentle melodies and female vocalists… trying to soothe my nerves. Sadly, even at this dose, there is no interesting auditory distortion.

T+1:05: I feel that I have peaked. The feeling of my torso weighing an immense amount has passed. My state is quite stable. Again, there is very little if any cognitive element in place. My thoughts at this point are not really altered.

T+1:25: I watch part of a movie. The substance is reasonably entertaining, and so are my usual activities.

T+3:30: The effects are definitely fading now. The bodily feelings will take quite a while to completely work themselves out, but the visuals are almost through.

T+4:15: At this point there is massive pupil dilation and almost no visuals. It’s really kind of insulting. Anyone who saw my massive eyes would figure that I’m rolling, speeding, opiated, or having an intense psychedelic experience. I’m not really even tripping at this point, I just look the part.

T+6:30: The body buzz is still tailing off… at least a trace of it is still there pretty distinctly.

T+8:00: Psychoactive effects are completely gone now… no enhancement of touch, no visuals, no time dilation. Nothing now but a stomach-ache… ouch! My insides are so tight and irritated…

For most of the day following this experience, I had painful stomach cramps. My stomach just felt tight and sore. This after-effect was unpleasant enough to steer me away from repeating a 20 mg+ dose.


My high dose of Foxy was unpleasant, with negative side-effects that far exceeded the duration of the hallucinations. Lower doses were much better, and had some recreational value. But it’s just too subtle for my tastes.

I found Foxy a very marginal drug. The onset is an intense, but brief physical rush. Once the substance peaks, a little past an hour in, it quickly becomes fairly un-engaging. I found myself surprisingly indifferent towards the symptoms as they unfolded after that point. And rather than deepening with subsequent uses, it progressively lost whatever magic it had. If there were good auditory distortions to 5-MeO-DiPT as well as visuals, it would hold my attention a lot better. Good empathogenic effects would save it as well, but I found none.

This is like the psychedelic equivalent of a pack of saltine crackers. Once eaten, I can feel it on the intimate level of a psychedelic drug, effecting my body, my mind, and probably my soul as well. And I can tell that I definitely ate *something*. But it’s bland, and I’m left wanting something else to fill the emptiness. No chef in any properly-equipped psychedelic kitchen would want to cook a meal just out of stuff like this.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67780
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 31, 2008Views: 15,872
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