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A Night in Hell
by fragmented mentality
Citation:   fragmented mentality. "A Night in Hell: An Experience with Sertraline (exp67848)". Feb 20, 2021.

400 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (pill / tablet)
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)


A night with sertraline: hell.

I've been battling depression for a few years, and at the bottom of one of my depressive swings I was in a search for some way to distance myself even further from reality. So, in said desperation, I took 4 of my 100 mg zoloft pills. Now, I can feel even 100 mg of zoloft in my system. So after I took the four, I decided to smoke a joint and wait. I did this at about 11:30 PM.

Dose + 1 hour: Severe nausea, uncontrollable body shudders. My mind has been sped up, and focusing is beyond me. At first I was convinced I could keep it in check, to no avail.

Dose + 2 hours: The nausea got so severe that I projectile vomited into a trash bag. This alleviates some nausea, but the ucontrollable shuddering and highly unpleasant feeling of being totally out of control stay. On an empty stomach, the intensity of the mental effects increased, to the point where I needed a baby sitter to keep me in check. So I called a friend who lived nearby who came to help me out. He kept me calm and brought some downers to chill me out.

Dose + 3 hours: Total blackout. I woke up the next day with blood on my sheets and a bag of vomit next to me.

To anyone trying to distance themselves from reality, I say this: there are better options. Some DXM, smoke alot of pot, hell even drink heavily. my acid and shroom trips were nowhere near as bad as this.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67848
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2021Views: 779
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Pharms - Sertraline (88) : Difficult Experiences (5), Depression (15), Alone (16)

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