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Camera 1, Camera 2
by Sg. Shaft
Citation:   Sg. Shaft. "Camera 1, Camera 2: An Experience with Cannabis (exp67875)". May 17, 2012.

0.75 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


L, J, and myself, C, all in the midst of our high school years (about 5 years ago) started our experiments with marijuana. It was a fast few months moving from an elementary ‘noob’ to a full out experienced psychedelic tripper and with no time to spare at the beginning marijuana seemed to be our first target. We’ve all experienced marijuana on our own terms by this time, but have never really experienced its true colours. L and J were more of the… eager type where I was a follower of my friends. They took care of business where I always stood back and questioned the safety of our situation, which is one thing I think disturbed my trip.

To jump forward, J found this “killer hydro” through friends at school that was hitting up our small northern town. The three of us all pitched and got only 2 grams (young kids, no job… inexperienced). We had the weed and we had the place but unfortunately we started too fast. We all split the weed into equal proportions, to make sure no one got ripped off. We had no experience in the whole sharing of weed and having respect when burning one. I wanted to go right away. We got to our place early, about 6 or 7 at night. Being quite inexperienced we didn’t even have a proper smoking tool, so a home-made pipe would have to do. I was first, trying to act like the tough guy, packing the home-made bowl with about .5 to .75 g (my entire share, and it was a big bowl) and lighting as fast as possible. We had a couple guys lighting it considering the one lighter just didn’t cut it… oh, how I was wrong.

After about a half hour the affects fell great, just like my previous times smoking lights seemed brighter and everything seemed relaxed. My mind liked everything I thought of, only this stuff decided to creep up on me with more power. J, L, and myself all felt a little bit cramped in the apartment, as well as paranoid, so we decided to go for a walk through our small town to relax ourselves in our newest levels of psychedelic highs. As we got outside into the blistering cold air, I remember the cold didn’t feel so cold, more tingly (not knowing what was going on yet).

It was a short walk to an outdoor rink which many of my friends from school just happened to be at. I got on the ice with my shoes and started talking to them, most of them being pretty-boys not ever even ingesting a drop of alcohol before, I decided to show off a bit telling them how “stoned” I was. I didn’t know I was barely at the tip of the iceberg. We started leaving to a pizza place not too far away (munchies were very recognizable at this point). This is when I started to question why I ever smoked that much weed.

It came in waves.

The feeling was as if I were walking ten feet off the ground and I seemed to be looking through a camera at myself (a great new perspective on my surroundings). I was able to control when or when not I wanted to look through this camera. It wasn’t unpleasant, but at the same time wasn’t desirable. Kind of like sucking air through a cavity in your tooth, it hurts but you keep doing it anyways. Nothing through my own eyes felt proper.. or right at this point, just dull and old. Only through some imaginary camera floating around me did perspective start to make sense to me. The ground looked good and the crisp sounds from the snow all felt good, but only from up there in my camera. It was so new I suddenly ended up at an unknown fence without even realizing I was still walking. J and L told me I had to jump it but it felt too high. It went from an 8 foot fence to a 40 foot fence in my camera view. It felt hard, but somehow the feeling of getting over it was like an angel grabbing me by my shoulders and flying me to the other side. Effort was not an issue in my state of mind.

After a few more minutes (or maybe half hour, time was irrelevant) we made it to the pizza place. The only thing in my mind was getting as much pizza as possible, so I bought a whole one from the warming oven and split it amongst my friends. We were eating as fast as possible when I started watching some people play pool. I would watch the cue ball very precisely with my new camera view from the sky. I could slow it down and watch it travel across the table at turtle speed or speed it up like fast forward on my VCR. I didn’t know if I was liking my new abilities or if I was too entranced in it to realizes what I was doing.

Being so focused on these pool balls, I suddenly passed out unconscious on the floor (according to my friend, J and L, as well as the rest of the people in the pool hall who were about to phone an ambulance). My camera went black like I hit the power button, but audio was still there, but barely coming through like an un-tuned radio. Sound eventually tuned in and I could hear my surroundings.

I remember my mind saying “I don’t want to be in the hospital and die, my parents will be so disappointed if they found out... I’m so dead, I’m so in trouble…”. My eyes opened and I was laying back down on the floor with dozens of eyes gazing over me.

My camera view from the sky was no more, but I was still high. High enough to barely have the ability to talk. My friend J and L stood me up and carried me outside where they got me as far away from the pool hall as possible. They were paranoid, and all I wanted was some more pizza and an explanation of what just happened. They started to explain, by this point on our walk back I wasn’t jumping back and forth from my camera to my eyes, I was settled. I was calm, quiet, and thinking hard about things L and J were saying to me. My most comfortable state I have ever been while high was at this point. My mind was in its own THC trance but the rest of me was completely normal.

They somehow got a cab and we started to drive back to the apartment. My quietness was ended when I had a sudden urge to tell the cab driver about his driving skills and if he could show me some cool tricks with his cab. Not really knowing what I was saying, J got me out of the cab and into a Tim Horton’s for some coffee and doughnuts where we would stay for at least 4 hours to sober up all the while thinking how did this even happen.

. .
. .

I love marijuana, and I go through binges lasting many months on end in the past 4 or so year, nothing like some people who haven’t went more than a day without a puff. Even though I am more experienced now, I still cannot figure out what happened that night. I’ve smoked more, harder, and more intense bud since, but I cannot get to that state of mind. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I was young and inexperienced but it shows that marijuana, even being known as a run over pussy drug by many, has a lot of power in the hands of the wrong people.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 67875
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 17, 2012Views: 4,440
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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