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30-Minute 'Dose'
Device (Binaural Beat Drug Simulator)
by AlvaySkiv
Citation:   AlvaySkiv. "30-Minute 'Dose': An Experience with Device (Binaural Beat Drug Simulator) (exp67927)". Dec 18, 2007.


I want to start out by saying I am fully experienced with real drugs including psychadelics, opiates, stimulants, and natural highs. I have also used Vicodin in amounts of up to 40mg of hydrocodone (prepared using cold water apap seperation)

Recently, I was amused while surfing the internet to find a Binaural Brainwave drug simulator called I-Doser that uses different frequencies of sound to simulate drug experiences. The exact quote the company uses is: 'Using proven, scientific and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves; a simulated state can be acheived through the use of our advanced Binaural Methods'

This device has 'drug doses' with names like LSD, DXM, Trip, RAVE, Demeral, Crystal Meth, Tranquil, and various others. In my case, I used Vico.

My mindset is slightly skeptical, for until now I had not had a noticeable feeling from other doses. Yet I am also willing to try it and to concentrate on the sound and not let my mind wander.

I begin by laying down, turning out the lights, and turning on a dose named 'reset' that is supposed to prepare and refresh your brain for a dose. I listen to that for a few minutes and then I turn on Vico. Through my headphones, I can hear different sound frequencies in each ear, creating a interference-type pulsing sound. It also sounds like a slight static is in the background of all of this. I lay down and try not to think of anything and just listen to the sound.

(Note: throughout the 30 minutes, my mind wanders slightly off track, but only for about a 30 seconds a few times. Otherwise, I am concentrated on the sound in my ears, listening to the rhythm of the pulses)

About 10 minutes into it I begin to feel a body-buzz-type euphoria in my legs and feet.

15 minutes into it, the pitch raises (intentional of the dose) and the pulse seems faster. It slowly rises over the next five minutes; the static decreasing in intensity, to a faint whisper. In this time, my body feel lighter than normal and my vision behind my closed eyes becomes increasingly whiter with the pitch.

20 minutes and the pitch peaks and my closed eye vision is almost pure white. Subtle waves of pleasure roll throughout my body.

About 25 minutes and the pitch starts lowering and the pulsing becomes more infrequent. I feel like I am lowered back to my normal body weight and maybe a little heavier. I feel a slight stoned effect in my head now.

After the 30 minute 'dose' is over, I am slightly dissapointed that it was not as strong as the company made it seem. I stand up and turn the light on; WOW! Was I wrong. Everything seemed so much clearer and simpler. All of the furniture in my room seemed less color and subject-labeled and more just there, just existing. My thoughts seemed pure and clear, sort of like a nosefull of cocaine, yet my head fealt heavy. My body started feeling warm allover and especially in my hands and face. A slight itch, not unlike Vicodin, developed in my whole body. My body seemed half on opiates and half marijuana high. This sensation only lasted for 10 minutes, yet it was worth the 30 minute listening session.

Now as I type this, 40 minutes have gone past and I am still left with a haze of calmness and clarity. Who knew I could feel high just by listening to sounds and static!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67927
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2007Views: 10,344
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