Face of a Goddess
Salvia divinorum (20x & 60x extracts)
Citation:   Jebus Black. "Face of a Goddess: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x & 60x extracts) (exp67951)". Erowid.org. Apr 24, 2012. erowid.org/exp/67951

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During the early hours of December 14, 2007, I went on two trips into Salvia space by way of two different extracts, the first being 20x, the second, a much more powerful force of 60x that I hadn't experienced before. The plan, carried out, was to have a brief stint into salvia space with 20x, testing the waters so to speak, and within the hour of come down, take a trip with 60x.

My testing the waters with 20x was a nice trip, starting by me taking a nice large drag from the bong, lighting the salvia with flame most of that time until all I saw left was fine gray ash, holding and exhaling after about twenty to thirty seconds, quickly putting the bong and lighter down, and laying back. I left my eyes open for much of the trip, and not having taken enough to truly encompass my senses, was awarded only a brief stint into the rotating kaleidoscopic image of faces continuously opening there mouths beyond the normal limits, exposing a black abyss beyond.

From my perspective the faces were quite enormous, and towards the end of the primary visuals of the trip formed into the ceiling fan of the room, the fan blades being the abyssal opening mouths, the golden arms attaching to the fan motor emerging from what was white teeth, the center being the kaleidoscopic collage of faces. I was slowly eased out of the trip. Audio hallucination consisted of the background repeated statement, 'I can't find the password' over and over again, in the muffled speech pattern of a male.

Looking over to my sitter I saw him smirk just slightly, and began laughing as if in response to something quite funny. Calming down I looked over to him again and he looked up at the wall behind me vary briefly, which made the still not so cognitive me find something hilarious on the wall, and began laughing. At this point I'm relatively sure I hallucinated a ceiling daisy shaped screw thing on the wall, just one, which I thought was the course of the humor. The mirth felt this trip through wasn't like that of previous trips, where the laughter felt plastic and fake, but it felt genuine, like my first real trip with this drug. After calming down I, sitting up, and still kind of still on the trip, I began to explain to my sitter the specifics of my trip. We conversed for a while and my sitter eventually got up to leave the room, but first quickly flicked the lights in the room on and off (experienced with salvia as he is, he knew what he was doing), which provided my world an explosion of of small round kaleidoscopes of faces, in place of the after images of the room. It was quite an interesting effect.

Between my two trips, my sitter had a go with 20x. From my trip to after his trip and come down, we apparently experienced a bit of time dissociation, as we found we had gone an hour, and thought it had been a fair bit less of time (It's weird that we had taken Salvia at different times, but still had the same time issue strike us so...).

My blasting off into Salvia space with 60x was Awesome. I took a massive drag from the bong, and held it probably not as long as I should have, perhaps 15-25 seconds. While holding in the first drag I set the lighter down on the nightstand next to the bed, knowing this stuff was going to strike fast. Exhaling, I took in what was left in the chamber, observing the bit of salvia, still burning, glow bright before extinguishing and being replaced by fine white ash. I went to put the bong down on the nightstand (memory gap begin, filled by sitter) I failed to have the bong reach the surface of the stand, instead dropping it to the floor in transit. I abruptly lay back and had a little black-out time. I sat up, (/end memory gap) as I understand it now, my consciousness fought to remain out of the trip, I pulled at the blankets beneath me, and began sliding one leg off of the bed, when a break in the stormy mind of 'me' brought a bit of cognitive stability and I made the realization that I was unintentionally fighting the trip by keeping open my eyes.

Closing my eyes, I began to have a small bit of hallucinations, the problem that arose in this situation (and which I now realize has always been an issue with me and my trips) was that I didn't really trust my senses, in that, I was questioning as to whether or not I was actually hallucinating or, which doesn't seem logical due to my having known I had just taken a drug, either seeing after images of light from when my eyes were open and I quickly shut my eyes or experiencing a run away imagination.

After letting go of the question and forcefully mentally telling myself it was the drug, and not my imagination, I drifted into seeing some quite interesting visuals, consisting of the normal kaleidoscope of open mouthed faces, of a quite large size. But the evolution of this trip was a panning out from the these specific faces, to include thousands of faces, revolving in place, and in general being perceived as a giant plane that had the ability to change form as if like a piece of pin art (where each pin sits at a specific elevation to mimic almost any form pressed into it), each kaleidoscopic image represented a pin head, and as one the rippled and changed. In a significant part of the trip the pin art lookalike plane of kaleidoscopic faces pushed upwards and created the image of a smiling female face (I mark this as a significant part of the trip, it was quite detailed and rather pleasant to see).

In approximately the same instance, a wave rippled over the smiling face. The wave wasn't so much from a changing elevation of the pin art like plane, but from the kaleidoscopes of faces individually flipping in place, revealing a second side to them, devoid of color, unlike the other sides of the small images which were yellow, tan, and brown. Unlike the images of the refracted kaleidescope facial images, this part of the trip had a more natural feel (I think it's odd to say in light of the greyscale imagery I experienced at that moment), and less of a mechanical feel about it. It was at this point I was about 50 percent cognitive and was voicing my opinions of the trip as it had so progressed to my sitter, attempting to convey the extreme intensity and power of the trip, and of course what I could at that time see (although I hadn't quite processed all the imagery myself at the time)

By this time I was firmly pressing my hands against my eyes, as one would press against the glass of a window for a better view. The mental scene changed imagery past this point into the trip to an overhead view of parallel pillars, still composed of fractal faces. The overhead view was a moving one, going in between the pillars at a high distance, and made for quite an interesting effect. My trip sitter thought it prudent at this point to speak (he had obviously understood by now I was mostly cognitive and that I wasn't going to have a bad reaction to his voice), he asked me if he could say something. His voice altered my visuals in such a way as to produce one pillar in my vision moving independently of the others, the others having themselves not been moving in the first place, and unlike the others, composed of a great many white daisies. Of course I told him he could say something (an attempt on my part to recreate the variable that which had effect on my visuals), and he proceeded to something to the extent of 'Hi Steven!', which I can't recall having done anything profound to the visuals at that point.

The visuals eventually began to fade and I gave up on holding my eyes shut, instead recapping to my sitter what had happened. Throughout the trip, there was no true audio hallucinations, more like a feeling of pressure on my ears with perhaps a steady deep background noise. In all, the main part of the trip lasted fifteen minutes, an oddity by itself as I often have trips as short as 3 minutes, to usually as long as maybe six minutes. The comedown afterwards was a brief half an hour, and was a rather euphoric and happy time for me, definitely a result of the drug.

All in all, it was an intensely powerful trip, that in recap, was one of the most pleasant I've been through.. I learned this trip through that my rating system of trips had been previously wrong (a scale of one through six as described on the Internet) and that while most of this trip would have been considered a three on said scale (closed eyed visuals, not so much so regarding open eyed), it was more powerful than anything from before it, I learned abiding by this system only can hold myself back and that when blasting off to salvia space, I should simply let go and close my eyes (not looking for total open eyed immersion that I've experienced before). Additionally I came to understand that my questioning whether the trip is actually a hallucination or whether or not it was my imagination run wild was an example of fighting my trip, and that it too only holds me back, I need to accept better and not reject so readily. Overall, an Awesome experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 24, 2012Views: 10,516
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