Next Time I'll Double the Dose
Citation:   Aeon Psyche. "Next Time I'll Double the Dose: An Experience with 2C-T-21 (exp68021)". Jan 12, 2008.

12.5 mg oral 2C-T-21 (powder / crystals)
Substance: 2C-T-21
Quantity: 12.5mg
Experience: First Time
Setting: At Home, Alone
Administration: Oral
Sex: Male
Age: 19

Note: I used 30mg clorazepate earlier today and I am still under the influence of it.
I don't know how this may effect the experience.

So I finally am getting better from being seriously ill. Great. Because I thought I was going to die at some point. I call this an oppertunity to try a substance I been longing for and so happen to have laying around. It's 0.02 as I am writing this. My mood is relaxed and I think this should be a positive experience and I'm looking forward to it as I haven't tripped in quite a while.


I swallowed 12.5mg wrapped in a rizla. Splitting 100mg in 8 even portions is how I eyeballed my dose. I don't want to make my journey too long since it's already late compared to how long it might take to come up and this stuff could last a while. Oh well. Here we go. I watch Lilla Melodifestivalen 2007 to pass the time while waiting for effects.


I believe I'm noticing the first effects. I haven't been able to focus on the show and there's a slight change in perception and generally how I feel. I have the idea that psychedelics their bodyload may be countered by benzos. Great if it's true. I don't know how my thoughts would be different yet I know that if I would watch the show sober it would be completely different.


Noticing the first visual effect. Everything is getting more glowy, if you know what I mean. Brighter.


Bodyload has increased. I don't like it. I never do. Mild visual distortions when I pay attention and look at the walls. Watching the show becomes more difficult yet I still know what's going on. Still trying to settle more into my trip. Thought patterns are definitly becoming more trippy. Just don't know how to describe them. I just realise that I'm on medication and still ill and that doubling my dose might not be such a good idea. If this one thing that I have been thinking is true I need to take responsibility. It could not be just my life. Yours and everyone else's too. This is not the 2c-t-21 talking though. I've had that idea before and maybe this trip can provide some insight. I won't give further details. Just go along and assume I'm crazy like you always do :) I think that the boadyload has a slightly more physical component to it than 2c-b or 2c-i. Maybe that counts for all the 2C-T-x's compared to the 2C-x's. I'm not sure. 2c-t-21 really doesn't like ciggarettes by the way.


Bodyload has decreased a lot. Is this what it is going to be? Yeah, the feeling of being restless within myself is gone now and I can enjoy myself much better. Having quite a few laughs at stuff while still being able to perform things on the computer and talk to people. Let's see. A gentle psychedelic. The visual activity is awesome if I stare at things but if I don't it's not apparent. The texture of my curtain allows me to see a million things. An infinity of ideas become what I see. It's just a curtain yet I can see the widest range of things in it. As much as my imagination allows me.
My imagination becomes infinite. So many ideas. Unbelievable.


In a state of mild divinity with mild visuals. The whole room and everything in my visual field morphs slightly. Visuals are still getting stronger? I'm not feeling like I'm still coming on. This becomes one more of my favourite drugs and I can't wait to experiment with higher dosages. The feeling throughout my body is enjoyable now.


I would definitely need a higher dose to be able to differentiate more between 2C-T-21 and other 2C-x's. Not that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I mean to explain more what each others differences and similarities are. But if I were to take that much I probably wouldn't be writing. Ok, my thoughts have gone all over the place thinking about things of my current situation in life, the future and other stuff. I go from one thought to another fast, quickly forgetting what I was thinking of before. The things I think of still make sense but are less organised. My body sensations feels very close to empathy but it isn't. It just feels very similar. Really nice. T21 bitch is telling me to quit smoking, and I want another one.


Listening to alina grosu. Music is nice as I expected but nothing is really enhanced. Only that I really hear it all. Not a single sound goes missing or passes me by. Unless I get lost in thoughts. Enjoyable as always.


I didn't expect for my visuals to go that far. In the dark I could see objects in my room completely dissapearing and much more morphing. Nice. I also had some great insight in stuff. Like: If I want to find out how drugs work I need to figure out a whole bunch of smaller things first. Like someone would ask how a computer works, he needs to be answered a whole lot more smaller steps first to understand it. And the two just might be more related than I thought. We are in a sense, after all, technology.
That's why trips appear so digital to us. Just try to see all the data encoded in your own hands ;) But this has nothing to do with T21 anymore :/ Shulgin puts the dose way too low in my opinion. I expect 20-25mg to do it for me. Although this is nice too. Let me space some more in the dark while listening to nika turkovic and I'll get back to this in an hour.


Wow..I went really introspective for that time. Thinking about the same things that have been in my head for the last week but from a different and much wider perspective.
Yet, I do not want to elaborate on what those thoughts were. I have not mentioned yet my intelligence is increased. I feel more open and honest. Getting to see how devine exactly everything is gives increased appreciation for everything. On T21 and other psychedelics you are shown the true beauty of things. You could read 'beauty' as intelligence. Think about it. Appreciation that leads to happiness.


I don't know what else to write. Effects have decreased and will continue to decrease.
And I am getting tired. *yawn* Not back to baseline yet but what had to be said has been said. It was a nice little insightful trip but next time I'll double my dose.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68021
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 12, 2008Views: 13,232
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2C-T-21 (290) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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