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Relief From Everything
Buprenorphine with Naloxone (Suboxone)
Citation:   NeverName. "Relief From Everything: An Experience with Buprenorphine with Naloxone (Suboxone) (exp68027)". Apr 9, 2012.

16 mg   Pharms - Buprenorphine (daily)
Well, I won't go through the long story of how I became addicted to opiates and marijuana. Well maybe a little. I started with poppies and shwag weed and for better or worse I began using pills starting with codiene graduating to Oxycontin. Meanwhile I aquired a definte taste for the highest quality homegrown. Socially, and economically I went through a brief period where I lived the junky life style. However, I decided at one point that there was no reason why I couldn't work and go to school and still use. In fact, without a little chronic smoke and line or mouthful of crushed OC I was a lousy student and a bitch to work with. I was making money, going to school, and enjoying it in a haze of stoniness. At the end of the night I would even throw a little of the crushed OC on the top of a chronic bowl and nod out better than any opium I ever smoked. I even was doing a little selling of some other nefarious substances so the money was flowing.

Well, without going into details. I got busted, and faced random drug testing once a month. I bought Whizznator so I could maintain. I loved OC, and I loved chronic even more. I've gone cold turkey on a variety of opiates before, with great misery, but with some lasting success when necessary. But for me, High quality bud/quieve(sp??) was a medical necessity. From my standpoint when I first started smoking I went from a wild, violent, erratic, hyper, overly hormonal adolescent to a calm, well focused, responsible member of society. For example, prior to my pot use, I had a wide variety of traffic violations/warnings, and would break and enter into places like a movie theater, not for money, but just to steal their entire candy stock just for kicks. This was only the tip of my hyperactivity I'd display day to day. The day I started smoking herb, I never did anything so stupid again and have never had so much as a warning on my driving record.

Well, one day I went in with the piss apparatus as I like to refer to it, and didn't warm it long enough, like an idiot. Busted. Now I had to not only kick my favorite vice for 9 months, I couldn't smoke my beloved herb, my medicine, my lifeline. There was no way around it, I was going to have to quit or get prescriptions legit. Now, it is quite easy at this day in age to get just about any pharmaceutical product off the internet nowdays, Except marinol. Nevertheless, I can't find anyone who would prescribe it. I went to a shrink, who would prescribe me kolonpin and adderall and in vast quantities, but no marinol. I could go online and get buckets of morphine should I desire, but no marinol. It defies all logic. Marinol is nowhere near as strong Good chronic, or even codeine. It is more like a very mild anitdepressent. It wasn't even that good at stimulating my appetite. However, possessing a script would permit me to test positive for THC and therefore I would be able to smoke without violating my probation.

I got fed up and started looking into methadone and/or subuxone maintenance. At least I could just dope the crap out of myself for nine months till I can leave the US for Canada and relative cannabis freedom. I decided against methadone, after much research and bioassay, I concluded that that shit was probably more dangerous and addictive the heroin. There wasn't a rush, but it sedated the crap out of me to the point of blacking out. I've blackout on benzos due to my own stupidity. But I've never blacked out on an opiate, I might go into a deep nod, but not a blackout. But I didn't even see it coming with methadone, my girlfriend just found me comatose on the floor of the bathroom after dosing once, with almost no pulse. Plus methadone withdrawal can exceed a month.

I was still stressed though, opiates are simply a pleasure. Pot is like my sanity medicine. When I stopped smoking I found myself acting like the spoiled little asshole I used to be before I started smoking. So resolved to figure out someway to get marinol but in the mean time I would at least treat my oxy addiction.

So I went to the clinic and got my script for suboxone (8mg buprenorphine and 2mg of naltraxone). Now I know pot is not 'physically addicting' but with out it I crave it, I want to be the person that pot makes me be. I got home and took 8mg twice a day and found that not only was I enjoying the narcotic effects of the Bupe, but I have had no pot cravings and more importantly, I'm still that calm reflective well spoken individual that I was when I was smoking pot. There is no rush involved with the bupe, like I would get from smoking or taking oxy. But I have a constant feeling of well being, peace and happiness and it never really fades. It doesn't quite measure up to oxy or chronic in terms of a high. But, it's an extremely close second and wonderful legal alternative. Basically, it's more of a constant euphoric state of being than an up and down sort of high.

Come this August, I will have my degree, and in November I will be off probation. I will definately start smoking my beloved cannabis and I'll probably stick to prepping my own natural opium supply. I am gonna stick to botanicals as much as possible. But bupe is a great maintenance substance not only for opiates but weed as well. I have also heard from cocaine addicts they have had success at cessation of their cocaine habits with the use of Bupe.

So, if you find your back against the wall, and the man won't let you do what you want with your own body (I thought that was why abortion was legal. If you can't control your body, how free are we really) Buprenorphine can be your savior.

One note, having watched other people use bupe for pure recreation. It won't really work that way. I know it's hard, but force your self to go a full 48+ hours without any of your drug/s of choice. Then begin the maintenance process. Then you will have the fun and euphoria you seek. Some people are less enthusiastic about it's recreational potential because of this reason and the lack of a rush. Don't let that discourage you though, I guess if you need a rush you can get away with snorting small quantities but snorting more than 8mg can start to activate the naltraxone which quite literally is a giant buzz killer. Besides, it's about the expierence and state of mind, not a 2 minute thrill ride.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68027
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 9, 2012Views: 28,646
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Pharms - Buprenorphine (265), Naloxone (339) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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