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Broading My Perception
Morning Glory Seeds & Cannabis
by Kissintel
Citation:   Kissintel. "Broading My Perception: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds & Cannabis (exp6805)". Erowid.org. Feb 25, 2002. erowid.org/exp/6805

5.5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Well, to say the least I'm very pleased with my experience. I have been interested in legal highs for sometime, and decided that it was finally time to escape the idea that all my drug purchases needed to be covert and in the comfort of friends. Waltzing in to a nearby Target after smoking a couple (2) hits from a joint (and a long day at work), I decided to purchase a some seeds to try them. Memory a bit jarred from the marijuana, I couldn't remember what common named species of Morning Glory were possessors of LSA. I picked up a couple packets of Heavenly Blues (ironically because I thought they were very pretty), one pack of Royal Ensigns, and one mixed pack.

Again memory jarred, I forgot the dosage so decided to play it safe and indulge in a half packet (a mere 750 mg) in the parking lot. A half hour long and stressful drive home yeilded a sensation in my chest that was akward. At the time, I assumed it was the seeds, but in silent retrospect I feel it may have been some of the so called poisons used to deter amteur scientists and spiritualistic computer nerd-cats (like myself) from discovering themselves (and having a good time). Police were following me from a school were I ran through a yellow light, so paranoia set in gently and eased off when I returned to my apartment.

I decided the first step should be to see what doses are recommended and what amount I should continue to eat. 5 grams surprised me, so I ate all the seeds as my stoner friend watched wondering why this lion was eating packets of seeds. I smiled and kept eating. A grand total of exactly 5.5 grams had effects that I will try to relate. As I do so, it must be remembered that I have only shroomed in the past (and from what I have read on similar posting my shrooming experiments gave way to only mild trips).

I was browsing the internet while interspersing a hit from the stoner's bowl and packet of seeds. After I was only a bit buzzed from the weed and my seeds were gone I decided to sit back (6:00 pm) and wait. At around 6:40, I became a bit discouraged (as I did with shrooms) and went about life as usual. At about 7:00 I noticed the first visuals (a much faster onset of visuals, for me, than shrooms) which appeared in the form of shroom-like breathing, swrirling, and tracking (a term I use to describe the rivers that appear in my ceiling). I decided to strip down to boxers and lie in bed because of and excessive amount of heat build-up in my body (something else I attribute in retrospect to the poisons). I lied across the bed and regarded a poster of Tori I am quite fond of. I couldn't make out her words (which were later revealed to be 'Help Me'). As I attempted to communitcate with her, I lost all touch with my surroundings and stratgically placed hair on the poster turned into three dimensional snakes. Terrified I jumped and decided that Christmas lights deserved more attention, and they did. Hanging over my bathroom door, where the stoner was now in the shower, these bat-lights are in strong shades of three colors. I became engrossed in these as they began to melt down my wall and seep into the doorway.

All tripping was briefly halted with my friend opened the door. Only to restart again with some intensity. We decided to run to Subway before he had to go to work. I got some food and sat down on a chair that I had drug to the middle of the restaurant while my friend got some food for himself. This moment was the single best moment of my trip (8:00 pm). I didn't care that people were looking at me as I stared at a cardboard cutout of the infamous Jared and how the ceiling fans completed reduced the the room to black each time a blade passed over the lights.

Returning home I could barely eat and my friend had to go. It was then I had a bit of fear again; I was to be alone (save me sleeping roomate in the other room). At this point I notice a bitter taste in my mouth and began to eat some dinner. Stomach cramps eventually started, and in combination with the poor taste in my mouth I had a gentle touch of nausea. After I completed half my meal, I was drawn to a poster of my graduating class and how they were swaying with the Black Sabbath in the background.

I decided to lie in bed again and this time I watched the ceiling for what felt like a pleasantly long time (eg: lying in a field and watching the sky on a lazy afternoon). I looked at the clock, it was about nine o'clock and I had been lying in bed for 5 minutes.

At this point my roomate invited me to watch Big Momma's House with him, I consented with and unusal interest to see a movie I never had a desire to see. Watching the TV was the buzz-kill and after a while I felt normal.

In my usual experimental fashion, I attempted to recreate the visuals while feeling completely sober. At around 1 am I stared longingly into my previous visuals and came up null. At this point I believed the trip was a success, but I had one last test, get high and attempt to reproduce the affects. This I did (in my typical spiritual science fashion), and came up with no effects. Truly a success!


Compared to Mushrooms:
-What Mushrooms Do To Me That MG's don't:
-The heartfelt oneness with all
-A feeling of another world
-Time: shrooms = 9 hrs. MGs= 4

-What MG's Do For Me that Mushrooms don't:
-Visuals that resemble real-life objects
-Somberness, time to think

Side Effects:
-Extremely poor taste (attributed to possible poisons)
-Pressure (attributed to possible poisons)
-Gentle nausea
-Visuals, mentally replaced, 'tripping'

1. I will most definately be trying these again. A higher dose of Heavenly Blues, and perhaps different methods of injestion.
2. Perhaps mixing with shroom powder, wormwood tea, etc. Also, trying completely sober.

PS: Morning Glories are also beautiful flowers, save some seeds and plant them!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6805
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 25, 2002Views: 9,364
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