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The Abort Button
LSD & Kava
Citation:   Technicolor Toaster. "The Abort Button: An Experience with LSD & Kava (exp68234)". Feb 2, 2008.

T+ 0:00
3 hits oral LSD  
  T+ 2:00 1000 mg oral Kava (capsule)
I once had taken three hits on a Saturday, but my boss informed me that I HAD to come into work for an emergency meeting. By this time I was 2 hours into the trip and in no shape to attend such an event. I downed 4 or 5 250 mg kava capsules, and by the time I got there, only a slight body stimulation remained. The visuals were non-existent and I had enough mental clarity to make it through the meeting. It sucked that I had to 'abort the mission' that day, but hell it saved my ass from looking like a fool in front of my boss.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68234
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 2, 2008Views: 10,213
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LSD (2), Kava (30) : Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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