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Very Memorable 4/20
Cannabis/Hash (Edible)
by MarleyFan
Citation:   MarleyFan. "Very Memorable 4/20: An Experience with Cannabis/Hash (Edible) (exp68326)". Apr 27, 2018.

  oral Cannabis - Hash (edible / food)


My epic 4/20 experience with hash cookies

I guess I wanted to share this story out of boredom. It was pretty much the most epic high of my life, or at least in the top 3. My top list consists of 1: 4/20 hash cookie, 2: about 6 or 7 ridiculously painful hits of killer chronic from Mexico, 3: a lot of good hydro from TN. In my number 2 experience, by the time I had my last hit, I could hardly hold the pipe without taking like 30 seconds to stare at it first, and I actually forgot how to speak English for a good 15 minutes. So that should put this in perspective for those of you who are experienced smokers.

This experience was overall better than that chronic experience. The high was much deeper and more meaningful than anything I had ever experienced before. I'm not really sure how much marijuana I ingested
I'm not really sure how much marijuana I ingested
. It’s really hard to tell the exact “dose” of a hash cookie/brownie unless you personally made them (which I didn’t), as they vary in consistency and potency. However, the friend I got them from pointed out the approximate sizes of “good sized” doses.

Ok, so this is why it was epic. First, I had never eaten weed before, so I was really hyped up about finally eating a hash cookie. Second, I planned it so I would eat the cookie at exactly 4:20 pm on Friday, 4/20. The entire day was just full of anticipation as I went through class. I had been so busy doing work for the past couple of months, without taking a break (even on weekends), that this would be the first weekend since around the beginning of the semester that I would be able to really relax and party. So I entered that great beautiful spring Friday knowing that this was going to be a fucking epic weekend. The weather was perfect, I didn’t have any work to do for at least 4 or 5 days, and it was also “Multi-Cultural” weekend at my college, meaning plenty of minority-race high school seniors would be looking to party. Why they scheduled that for 4/20 weekend, I will never know. I blasted Boston and Steppenwolf and The Doors all day in class on my iPod just to enhance the mood even more. I made sure to eat an early lunch at like 11 to ensure that my stomach would be completely empty by 4:20.

Anyway, class ended for me at 3. I walked back to my dorm, looking forward to finding out which of the high school seniors staying on my floor wanted to get high. My next door neighbor housed one who was interested. It would be his first time ever getting high, and he was not sure about it at first (due to philosophical aspects of trying drugs and stuff like that), so I did my best to explain to him the spiritual benefits of weed and how this would be an epic experience, without having to learn how to use a pipe, without getting any possibly nasty chemicals in your lungs, etc. He decided wholeheartedly to try it out. As 4:20 p.m. came around, I split up a couple of “good sized” doses of the hash cookies, which by the way, really smelled like hash/weed. Each “dose” was about the size of the center area of my palm, but these cookies were way thicker than normal cookies. When my clock hit 4:20, we each simultaneously ate the cookies. They tasted like juicy, juicy weed/hash with a bit of sugar mixed in. All in all, it wasn’t a bad taste.

We sat around for a little while deciding what to do next, listening to some classic rock for a few minutes. I decided to call some people and go to eat somewhere on campus. At around 5, my two next door neighbors, an Asian kid who had never been high before, and I got down to the restaurant where we ordered some steaks. On the way down, I was already noticing subtle effects, except they weren’t very subtle- they just faded in and out. They really reminded me of some of the strongest, best highs I have ever experienced while smoking; meaning that I would be walking, and suddenly, I would just become aware of myself, and think about how, hey, I’m just a guy immersed in society, and I’m walking right now in my human body, approaching a restaurant. And then I would go back to normal sobriety. It’s those kind of highs that used to make me say ridiculous things like “I’m a spacedude right now man,” after smoking good ass weed. It was then that I realized that, holy SHIT, I was going to be fucking mind-blowingly high when this stuff fully kicked in.

It had been about 45 minutes since we ate the cookies when we got to the restaurant. The Asian guy, who I will call A, was worried that it wasn’t going to kick in. I kept telling him to wait it out, as it seemed to work by slowly getting you higher and higher over time. Plus, he really didn’t know what he was dealing with or what to look for to determine if he was high. Anyway, by the time we were eating the food, t + 1 hour, shit was getting intense. I had seen my food prepared, hearing the meat searing on the grill, hearing people talking relatively quietly all the way back in the seating area, and shit was already crazy then. But now as I ate, I could just lose myself in the intensity of physical existence. A said that he thought he was getting high, and he was obviously enjoying it.

My memory gets kind of cloudy at around this time. It happened a long ago and I apologize. But whatever was going on, it obviously involved no sense of time for a while. At around 5:45, T+1:25, we started just walking around outside looking for stuff to do. Then I suddenly started hearing this weird freaky music coming from afar. I said that it sounded like it was in another language, like Korean or something, and, no, I was not hallucinating. We approached the sound’s source and it was then that I noticed that, holy shit, it REALLY WAS IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE, and it really was in Korean! I found that absolutely hilarious. What was even funnier was that we walked to the back of the crowd to listen to this Asian rock band, which consisted of skinny, rich Asian guys trying to act all hardcore, yelling in Korean, with spiked hair and black clothes, and I noticed that I was seriously the only White person there in this crowd of around 100 people. That kind of weirded me out, so we decided to leave and find something else to do, like listen to music in someone’s room. By that time, I was in what I consider to be the “super-cartoon world”, which is where nothing really looks real, I can perceive most things in 2D, and I am consciously aware of my mind’s depth perception. The depth does not actually exist in front of my eyes; it is created and inferred by the brain. This sensation was especially awesome since I had never been this high before during the daylight hours. I saw the sunset, and I just saw it as some streaks of different 2D colors in the sky.

Then a most absurd and important revelation started to occur to me at around T+2:00. As I examined the physical world around me, I noticed that the colors and all this stuff that I perceived did not, in themselves, hold a meaning. It was all just what people added to it with their “knowledge”. Everything felt empty except for the little infinitely small space that my soul, my thoughts and my mind took up in this 3 dimensional world of existence. This took on a special significance to me, as I was taking a Buddhism class at the time, and recently I had talked to the professor about the Buddhist concept of “emptiness”. He had told me that emptiness means that everything in itself lacks meaning; everything in existence can be divided by zero. It is all made up of the same meaninglessness and zero. I would nod and say, “oh yeah,” but it never really made sense to me at the time. That held true, until this experience.

A was mentioning how he felt weird when we walked past people who looked at us. This made me think deeply about social interactions a lot; I thought about how people automatically judge each other based entirely on initial appearances and impressions, and told all of this to A.

As we entered my friend's room to listen to music on his awesome system, I think I was peaking. This must have been around 6:30. I looked around at everything, and it seemed that the same stuff I normally see had become subtly different. Like it was all the same, but everything was more of itself than ever. I could look at something and easily imagine perceiving it from all different angles, focusing on objects in different ways, and focusing on different parts of the same object, all of which had different meaning. I could lose myself in a single moment of reality. It was all so beautiful! An entire universe really is contained in a grain of sand, once you forget to judge everything based on knowledge and just see it for what it is. The world was like a painting. It all looked like everything had been covered in something.
The world was like a painting. It all looked like everything had been covered in something.
Everything true and meaningful had been painted over with these meaningless colors and shapes and other such things, which will always be in permanent existence. It had been painted over me and my friends A and B who I was with, and all I could do was act and think and express in order to reach other souls across this painting. Distance did not matter. I could never physically *touch* a soul, even if I were physically on top of someone else. I could only use expression and art and action to really reach out and affect another being.

In terms of actual perception, I remember that the world looked like it was all striped with blue and white for some reason. But anyway, everyone could *decide* what they wanted to do. That was the only way of freedom in this limited prison of a world called existence, where everyone is trapped in finiteness-- being able to consciously decide what to do and how to react to things in the world around me. I noticed that A was just staring off, obviously completely absorbed in thought, and therefore possibly in danger of falling asleep and ending the epic experience. So, I told A, who was sitting on the carpet, to raise his arms and flail them around. We just sat there, saying “What the fuck…what the fuck!”

I have no idea how high A was at that point. I feel like maybe his cookie was a little less potent than mine was, but hey, he was really high. We got up from the setting and left to go back to my room to just chill and think. I think I just sat there in my computer chair, thinking about things and the world, and maybe typing a few important things out (which I have lost since then), for around an hour or so. Me and A were just really quiet. I noticed I was slowly coming down. It was then around 8:30, T+4:10 and yes, I was still decently high. By the way, I had at the time, lost track of A, who had apparently gone on a walk outside by himself to just collect his thoughts about what had happened.

So overall, the high was awesome. I started off with a good high, then I slowly get higher and higher, then I peaked, and I slowly came down to the same level I started at, all over a period of around 4 hours. It was powerful. It was this instead of what I experience when smoking which is, nothing, nothing, high, higher, peak, come down, and then sober, over a couple of hours.

It definitely was a very memorable, life changing experience for me. Since then, I have become more interested in Buddhism and learning about myself and society. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68326
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 27, 2018Views: 755
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Cannabis (1) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4)

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