Pleasant and Warm, but Nothing Deep
Anadenanthera peregrina & Tobacco
Citation:   Tryptamine*Dreamer. "Pleasant and Warm, but Nothing Deep: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina & Tobacco (exp68327)". Jan 17, 2008.

2.5 seeds smoked Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)
    smoked Tobacco  
I tried Anadenanthera seed for the first time today. I tried smoking it instead of insufflating it, because I did not want to deal with the pain and discomfort. I was in a slightly negative mood at the time. The seeds were prepared by heating in popcorn popper until they popped, then they were crushed. I took the tobacco out of a cigarette, mixed seed and tobacco, and stuffed the mixture back into the cigarette.

Below is a description of the effects.

T+0:00 I begin smoking a cigarette containing 2.5 Anadenanthera Peregrina seeds. The smoke is a little more harsh than a regular cigarette but much less harsh than salvia smoke.

T+0:01 Half finished, feeling similar to a mushroom comeup. Nice warm body feeling, a little bit of stomach uneasiness.

T+0:01 Finished smoking it. There is slight nausea, no problem. My mind is definitely altered, there is also movement around the periphery of my vision. I would say this is a lower +2. Pleasant, but nothing spectacular.

T+0:03 I go inside. Colors seem much brighter and there is minor patterning on rough surfaces. My mood is improved. Nausea has nearly gone. The intoxication is not particularly trippy. I don't know what to compare it to, it is just a general intoxication with maybe a bit of a psychedelic flavor. Maybe a bit sedating. I have a pleasant feeling through my body, similar to what I get with DPT but not nearly as pronounced.

T+0:06 Intensity is unchanged, but I just got a wave of strong euphoria which did not last long. It dropped off to a slight euphoria, still more euphoria than a few minutes ago. Also noticed a feeling at the top of my head. It is a pleasant feeling. It feels like something soft and warm against the top of my head.

T+0:12 Maybe starting to drop.

T+0:15 Effects definitely diminishing. Still feeling quite nice, a feeling of warmth inside and out.

T+0:25 I seem to have hit a second plateau. The effects are just as strong as they were ten minutes ago, about a +1.5. I am enjoying this, it really feels quite nice! I did not expect it to do much or to be pleasant if it did. I am in bed. My body feels great and a bit warm all over. Music sounds better than usual.

T+0:30 Dropping off again.

T+0:35 Effects have dropped off pretty rapidly. I still feel nice, but my mind is almost clear. Still in a much better mood, still have a really good body feeling.

T+0:45 Still a light residual mental alteration and still feeling great in my body.

T+1:25 It has now worn off. I am still in a good mood, but there is no noticeable effects from the rug.

Overall, I was satisfied with this. I did not expect much, but it turned out to be quite pleasant and stronger than I expected. I suspect that it would show significantly more psychedelic effects if the dose were doubled. It would probably work better if smoked on its own, instead of mixing with tobacco. I will be trying this again. I'll eventually try making the snuff, though I don't look forward to the pain that will surely occur when I snort a mix of crushed seeds and baking soda.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68327
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 17, 2008Views: 15,417
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