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Chuck E. Cheese Trip
by Furious George
Citation:   Furious George. "Chuck E. Cheese Trip: An Experience with LSD (exp68350)". Jul 25, 2017.

2 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)


I always work at 8 oíclock on Saturday mornings at Chuck E. Cheeseís. The job has always been fun because I work in the kitchen with a lot of my friends and the managers there are amazing. I have been working there for a while and the job is basically second nature, so I thought Iíd try to have a little bit of fun. One Friday night a friend of mine told me he had some LSD but didnít want to take it anymore, so he sold it to me so I could see if I could successfully have an acid trip during work the next day. Now I am by no means a drug addict, or anything like that, but I do like to experiment with different types of drugs, especially psychedelics to explore my mind and learn more about myself and my environment.

I woke up the next morning at 6:45, just like every other Saturday morning to prepare for work. I took a shower, made breakfast, and got in my car almost forgetting the two magical pieces of paper wrapped in aluminum foil in my wallet. I put the LSD on my tongue on the way to work, knowing it wouldnít kick in for about another half hour or so. Luckily there was another guy opening in the kitchen with me so it wouldnít be too ridiculously busy. I took care of a few things that needed to be done before anything, like sweeping the parking lot and stocking up on all of the toppings for the day. Then came time to roll out dough. This is usually an easy task, but this was not a usual morning. The LSD had started to take effect.

The uneasiness of realizing how intense acid really is is a feeling you donít soon forget. Itís like climbing to the top of the biggest slide at the playground, and then looking down nervously to see how high the slide actually is. I walked to the bathroom to try and cope with what was happening to my body and mind. I had to get over this feeling so I could get to work. I sat down on the sink to try and catch my breath when I started to hallucinate. The tiles on the bathroom floor danced in a very peculiar way. They moved right on beat with the thoughts racing a mile a minute in my head. Seeing this ballroom of waltzing tiles calmed me down enough to go back into the kitchen and try to get back to work.

By the time I took control of what was going on customers and more employees had started to arrive. The first order of the morning came up, and I took some pizzas off the dough rack to sauce and cheese. The color and texture of the sauce was very strange. As I looked down the line of toppings, they all seemed to turn animated, like a poor cartoon drawing. I started to laugh to myself at the sight of it all, and the more I laughed the funnier everything became. As the smell of fresh baked pizzas filled the kitchen I realized why I was feeling so uneasy; I hadnít eaten all day. So I threw some breadsticks in the oven to have something to snack on. Just then one of my good friends who also works at Chuck E. Cheeseís came in, coincidentally she is also the girl I have been secretly in love with for about a year. We always flirt at work so I ran up to her and threw my arms around her. It felt like my arms had stretched out to wrap around her tiny body two or three times and I squeezed her tight. As I let go of her she looked at me and smiled the prettiest smile I had ever seen. She seemed to have a sort of extra glow about her today, I couldnít put my finger on it. Whatever it was, I really liked it. The weariness of the acid had almost immediately vanished and I was comfortable again.

Then I went to the sink to wash my hands and saw a glorious light show. The water splashing about on the stainless steel sink made a rainbow of colors only seen in space. I had never seen anything so beautiful and vibrant. I had always been a sucker for pretty colors, but this rendered me utterly speechless. I ate my breadsticks with a huge grin on my face, replaying the beautiful colors along with my friendís gorgeous smile in my head and felt a satisfaction like I had never felt before. It felt like there had been something missing, an empty part of myself that had been filled by these images and the warm breadsticks. I was extremely thirsty and decided I would go out into the dining room to get a drink and take a look around at all the kids and families laughing and playing.

The instant I opened the swinging kitchen door and saw the mess of screaming children and the personified rodent robots playing goofy songs about pizza and games I couldnít control my laughter. It was such an embarrassing laugh that I had to immediately run back in the kitchen so nobody else would hear. When I came back into the kitchen however, the laughter immediately stopped. It seemed I had entered a different place completely. There was a mixed tape of 90ís hip-hop and great dance hits from the past decade blaring from the speakers in every corner of the kitchen. It looked like twice as many people in the kitchen then there really were, and Iím sure the music was nowhere near as loud as I remember it. But it no longer looked like the standard kitchen scene at Chuck E. Cheeseís, but rather a giant house party. Everyone was dancing around and singing, having the time of their lives.

Time was flying by, and before I knew it about four hours had passed since I had gotten to work. I was reaching the climax of the LSD experience soon, I could tell. The dishes needed to be washed and I didnít want to have the responsibility of making or cutting pizzas at this point, so I quickly volunteered to take care of that. The stack of large pizza trays was taller than I was, so I knew I was going to be stuck at the sink for a while. I didnít look at the clock before I started washing the dishes but Iím guessing it took me a good two hours to finish. Cleaning the sinks was the best part about doing dishes that day. I used a small squeegee to get all of the water off the sides of the sinks and again saw the beautiful display of colors only seen before by the Hubble telescope. The colors intrigued me so much I spent close to another thirty or forty minutes throwing soap and water on the sides of the sink and making invisible light patterns with a dirty rag. Iím sure everyone at work thought I was mentally insane that day, but thankfully nobody said anything.

I finally finished the dishes and realized I still hadnít gotten a drink. I got all of my laughs out before going out in the dining room this time, and seriously prepared to witness the mayhem of Chuck E. Cheeseís on LSD. Grabbing my cup, I stumbled out in the madness. The atmosphere was more painful than I remembered. About five times as many screaming kids had arrived, each with two arguing parents. The music playing on the PA was loud and painful; I couldnít wait to get back into the kitchen. I walked to the soda fountain staring at my feet the entire way hoping no ex-acid head from the 60ís would sense what sort of influence I was under. I quickly scurried back into the kitchen after saying hello to the girl who had been in my head all morning.

I did it! I had survived the most chaotic scene I had ever witnessed in my life. I was not prepared, however for the change of scenery in the kitchen. The music had been turned off and everyone was diligently working. Everyone was assisting everyone do everything. I had never seen so much order and perfect work structure before. It was too strange so I closed my eyes and shook my head, hoping to erase the scene like an Etch-A-Sketch. Sure enough it worked. The scene now was kind of familiar. I knew I had been a part of it before, but it was still new. Then I figured it out, I had seen this in a dream before! Not only had I dreamt it before but it was a recurring dream. And not only was it a recurring dream but it was the subconscious vision I would picture every time somebody said the word ďpizza.Ē It was the typical ďpizza place.Ē Everybody seemed to be on roller skates. Iím not sure if itís because of how they were walking or because of the queer scenery I was imagining.

Before I knew, it was time to leave. I couldnít leave without saying goodbye to my friend, so I searched all over for her. Finally I found her and told her all of the strange things I had witnessed throughout the day. She still had that beautiful glow about her, and I couldnít take it anymore, she was too beautiful. I said goodbye and turned around to leave, when I felt her expression change and saw her glow change from a gorgeous red to a soft blue. I wasnít sure what that glow meant, much less the change in color of the glow, but I knew I had to change it back. I turned back around and looked her in eyes and kissed her on her lips like something you would see in a Cary Grant flick, very classy. As I walked out of Chuck E. Cheeseís that day I felt a warm sense in the air, and everything around had a tiny hint of the bright shade of red that radiated from my loveís lips.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 25, 2017Views: 2,307
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LSD (2) : General (1), Relationships (44), Workplace (51)

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