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Like My Whole Body Is in Motion
by dilated_pupils
From Bluelight Collection
Citation:   dilated_pupils. "Like My Whole Body Is in Motion: An Experience with DXM (exp68356)". Dec 18, 2016.

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700 mg oral DXM
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


Well I have been wanting to do a 3rd plataeu DXM trip for a little bit of time now, and last night I finally got there. I wrote up a live journal as everything was happening last night.

February 26, 2006

12:40am - Ingested 700mg DXM

1:00am - slight euphoria starting, as with a barley noticable light headedness

1:06am - Noticing patterning on the posters on my wall, most likely a slight placebo effect as it hasn't been too long since ingestion...

1:09am - Eyes are feeling like a tingly/growing sensation, I usually feel this when they are starting to dilate, and I just checked them and they are starting to dilate.

1:14am - My body is becomming light, the euphoria is building, I am feeling like I should go lay down, and can also tell this is just the beginning of a very intense trip to come.

1:46 - I just got back from puking, in the past hour or so I have felt incredible otherwise, I now feel even better after puking, and keep thinking about cigs but then realize I can barley move. Typing this right now is very hard, my body is in such a drunk state I have never felt like this before. I was laying down and felt like I was entering another 'universe' but I got to scared and pulled myself back to reality. I'm going to go back and lay down now and see if I can maybe force myself back into it, now that I have puked already. *Note: walking/moving/talking/thinking are ALL very hard and complex right now, well thinking is decent, and can be very deep if focased on, All motor skills are completely obliviated, I am typing this God only knows how.

1:55 - I can barley function right now, however when laying on my bed my mind is so clear at this point I almost feel that I should call it 'sobor minded'. I am having some vivid imaginations, my memory is very bad right now. I barley remember being sick, but do know it was one of the greatest experiences ever, and it felt wonderful I am still trying to divulge myself into the 3rd plataeu so I will go lay down now.

2:31am - I just experienced something incredible. I was laying in my bed, and memories just started pouring our of a tube which I could see in my head
memories just started pouring our of a tube which I could see in my head
, and I would sometimes stop to see and ponder one, and it would be amazingly real, until eventually I get back to infincy where I was a baby again, just able to walk, I went upstairs, crawling up each each, slowly, and eventually making it to the top, this is in my old house, I walk straight into the bathroom climb over the tub then back out and then walk into a bedroom this is when I'm torn from this realm and taken to yet another reality. (*edit next day: This was a very weird occurance, I actually was in the body of my self as a baby and was somewhat able to control what was going on, very cool though*) I am not sure what I am even saying at this time, but I knew I had to get the energy to get up and type this before I forget it.

I also find when laying down I can easily go in and out of another world, that would be the only way to describe it. I also partaked in what may have been some sort of ego death, and it was the most horrible, yet refreshing thing that has ever happened now that I look back upon it. My body got very tingly and very cold, like liquid nitrogen was poured inside of me, and this continued to grow and and grow, like that feeling of death when I think of it sobor, but then I thought about it, and I didn't mind it, it was okay, everything was okay, I can not even remember what I typed last sentence holy crap this is insanely incredible. I am in another world, and yet I have such a clear and profound thought process almost at all times, if not ALWAYS. I have never experiecned this. My body is somewhat numb and I do not have a clue what is going on. It is now 2:36 and I'm going to go lay down and drink some mountain dew while listening to Incubus on my mp3 player.... wow this is just incredible.

*EDIT: some nice closed eye visuals, haven't been focasing on any open eye visuals (*Edit next day - Don't really think there was any open eye visuals other then maybe one that I bring up later I believe?*), but closed eye visuals are very intense and are whatever I want them to be. Started seeing a swirling redish light somewhat like a fan spinning, but under the blanket. I started to feel that I had a lack of oxygen so I took off the blanket and just laid there blankly. Emotion has no definition right now. I guess I could say I'm happy, but what the hell does emotion mean? What does anything mean? More importantly, who am I and why am I here? I have a feeling there is a lot more to everything then we can see. Okay going to go lay down now and get drink 2:39.

2:59am - Wow just wow... I cannot remember what I was going to say... I do remember I divulged myself with a cig and I am about to have another. However, there is something important I wanted to say... I do know I was just in a different world, and I was able to basically think about whatever I wanted. OH yes! I just remembered what I wanted to say! The last half hour or so I have been lying on my bed in what seemed to be a weird sleep state where I was still conscious, and yet I could control EVERYTHING I wanted, I was aware I was awake, and yet I felt asleep, and I also felt that my body was resting, and it felt marvelous. The bodyload no doubt feels a bit odd, but it is not uncomfortable, I feel completely fine right now, definitely not sobor, but physically I am okay. If I were to close my eyes and lay down, I would almost be able to think I am just very stoned, and have a very focased thought process going on at the moment, since when laying down with eyes closed my mind feels 'sobor' but my body obviously is not. However, I know my mind is not either, since I am able to see things and venture into them when I am laying down. Upon realizing that I could do this, I basically stared into a meaningful bliss of rupturing mountains of red and gray over and over. The weird part was, one eye was closed (left), and one eye was open (right) while laying down, and I saw this. I am going to go have another cig, this may be the last I type up tonight because I may not be able to power myself up enough to type up more. It is now 3:05am.

3:10am - I am now smoking my 2nd cig in a row. I have a decent amount of control over myself at this point. I basically just dropped from high 3rd plataeu to 2nd in the snap of a finger (or so it feels). Although my mind seems to be venturing into the depths of reality as it wishes still. My coordination is very off still, however this is one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had. I am having no emotional, physical, or mental problems what-so-ever. This is truely incredible. I am highly enjoying this experience. I do need to venture on but am taking a break for the sake of my mind and I believe curiosity is going to keep me going for a while. So I will probably write more... This mp3 player is a lifesaver, and has let my mind wonder into some very amazing territories. A song I like just came on so I'm going to go. *EDIT - I'm very thirsty, definitely need to get something to drink. My world is also very tilted right now if that makes sense. Very hard to explain but very neat. (*Edit next day - When I said my world was tilted, basically as I sat here typing this everything tilted about 25-35 degrees to the right as if I had my head tilted, but I did not.
as I sat here typing this everything tilted about 25-35 degrees to the right as if I had my head tilted, but I did not.
It was something that I believe happened earlier and I forgot about it, very odd, never experienced that before*)

3:20am - I am now starting to come down from the effects very easily, gradually, and nicely. That's that only way to describe it, because that's how I feel I feel amazing, happy, and in touch with myself more then ever as of this moment. My memory is still very bad, short term that is, as I cannot remember 5 minutes ago, however, I did want to mention something again let me try and remember. Ahh yes now I remember, I checked out my pupils, and they are very large, the size they are about when I am on MDMA. This has definitely been a worth while experience.

I'm very glad I've been typing this up because I can't remember the last sentance I wrote, let alone an hour ago and what was happening. Some of the big events I do remember, such as some as the visuals. This was a very realistic, and down to earth experience. At this moment I just feel like everything in my body is in tune, and I feel great. This is truely amazing. I'm probably going to go listen to music/watch tv/go to bed or something. I think this has a good amount of detail. I am still feeling very intoxicated, very drunk feeling, but also clean, much cleaner then alcohol. I overall am just feeling so happy and good with myself, but if this makes sense it seems like my body is a bit dizzy, not just my head. I constantly feel like my whole body is in motion like I am rotating. Very odd indeed, but very cool. I truely do love this experience and would not trade it for anything! I will add more later or tomorrow! *EDIT - Wanted to add, I did notice off and on eye blurriness, but it was always short lived, and only happened in the beginning of the trip and a little bit right before I typed this (3:27am). And I cannot extend the amount of comfort the mp3 player gave me, it was amazing how I would be in a different world, but still heard the music through the headphones around my neck at the same time. It was almost as I was in two different places at once.

My body was definitely torn apart abit tonight, only to be put back together properly with a lot more knowledge and experience. This mind trip is very overwhelming, but infact, I have not felt overwhelmed once! I have felt incredibly good, and somewhat numb, my extremities at some points felt nonexistent. Incredible. Moving my arms still feels light weight as well. Note - Walking is still a bit hard, and feels very neat. The floor seems to give a little push back at me when lifting upward. Okay now I'm going to go, maybe add more later or tomorrow.

ADDITION 3:30AM - It seems I am doing things automatically. My internet was out, for example, so I unplugged my wireless adapter and plugged it back in without even telling my brain to do so. This was very amazing to me. I am very surprised in myself for doing this without having to tell myself to do so. It seems I am almost viewing myself in third person, and noticing my routines and traits from a new view. Very very interesting, seems like I may be getting somewhere with this. It's currently 3:36am.

4:00am - I am still feeling very good, slight headache, but nothing major. I am a bit tired, but also a bit restless as I do not know if I want to go to bed yet. I just finished up another cig. I feel I can keep myself and thoughts together right now, but they are still wondering a bit. My mind does not have a 'mushy' feeling at all, but feels solid and whole. My body is relaxed, but a massage would be great right now. I wish I wouldn't have said that, because now I want one. I definitely think I could fall asleep if I wanted to right now, which I might just do. I just yawned while typing that, pretty coincidental... Anyway, I had a very good time, and I look forward to future DXM trips like this, since I feel I did not gain all I could have from this drug, I think maybe a little bit of a higher dose may do well for me. It's 4:03am. Goodnight.

---Next Day---
Wow I just went and edited that whole thing and it was funny to see some of the mistakes I make while under the influance of DXM. I didn't end up being able to fall asleep until after 5am, and I awoke early at a little after 10am. I actually feel completely fine, minor headache and that is about it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 68356
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 18, 2016Views: 2,496
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