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A Trip Into the Unknown Everything
by Erik
Citation:   Erik. "A Trip Into the Unknown Everything: An Experience with LSD (exp68392)". Erowid.org. Oct 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/68392

4 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
This event took place on a Saturday night with 4 of my close friend. Previously we had all been using acid for about two months. We started off by just doing one hit when we first started and then gradually building our way up to a higher dose comfortably. And we had been doing acid every weekend for the past two months.

This day was very different though than before. Previously we had always ended up dosing at night. We planned it out for this particular weekend to dose as early as possible so we could experience our trip during the day and go for a hike. I had gotten out of work early and woken my friends so we could meet up. I called C and E and told them that I was out of work. E picked me up from my house and we went and picked up C, B, and J. We picked C up at her house and B and J were at the Wal*mart down the road from us. When we picked up B and J we dosed ourselves. E took 3 hits, C took 3, B took 3, and J took 2 strong sugar cubes. I took 4 of the same kind that everyone else had taken after me and E had a quick rock, paper, scissors match to decide who was to get it. As we drove away from the Wal*mart we headed back up to Cís house so we could get our things together for the hike. We arrived at her house in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. We proceeded up to her room to grab some batteries for the stereo we wanted to bring along with us. After we got the batteries we started our walk.

Having only been in the house maybe 10 minutes and walking another 5 I was already starting to feel the body high. Although I wasnít yet seeing or really hearing anything yet. I just felt good at the moment. We kept walking through the woods for another 15 minutes or so until we got to a stopping point and decided to settle out in the middle of this large grassy field. As we sat there I realized that I was beginning to hallucinate and apparently everyone else was beginning to as well. C put on her stereo and we began listening to music and talking about life, the field we were in, how cool the sky looked, and all the rainbows we kept on seeing all around us.

My mind set at this point and time was that I was really happy. In fact I was overflowing with happiness at the time, I even mentioned to everyone that I was extremely happy. As time went by I started noticing the trees off in the distance starting to split into different trees and wave back and forth as if it were breathing. At some point and time Cís stereo had died due to lack of battery power. My friend J though had a mandolin with him though (itís a kind of folk instrument). He at first began strumming it in the most awful way. It made this horrible screeching noise that caused me to see the trees in the distance grow eyes and glare at him. We all told him not to do that. So he started playing something on it for real for a few minutes until he decided that he just couldnít concentrate enough to play. We all agreed it was for the better because of the fact that it would create some horrible noises if he were to mess up.

Soon the sun started setting and we had been out in the field for at least 2 or 3 hours. So we decided it was best that we started heading back to Cís house for the rest of the trip. And besides the dark it was getting really cold. We all managed our way back to Cís house with little difficulty other than the face that I kept on noticing or rather not noticing certain fences. When we arrived inside Cís house her parents at the time had company and we all had to greet them which was extremely hard to do because I kept losing my concentration.

Previously though before we left the field I got a bit worried about a phone call that came in and I was unable to respond to who ever was on the line. I thought it was something important because I didnít recognize the number and it happened to be a business number.

After dealing with Cís parents we all headed up to her room where we were locked away from any outside distraction and could really be as loud as we desired which was a very good feeling.

At this point and time though I think I really started tripping. Previously I was only hallucinating and hearing different things. To me my trip and my hallucinations were two completely different things. I have a really hard time remembering most of it though.

I do clearly remember though that as I was tripping I would get these waves of energy a type of surge of body energy. Each time this happened I would completely blank out. I would forget who I was, what I was, who was with me, where I was, and what I was doing. Each time this wave of energy hit me I only had a few seconds to recollect myself and try and remember everything. But as soon as I would collect any information I would get another wave of energy. I remember though that it was a sort of game in my mind. Where I would do something or say something that would cause these waves of energy to travel through me. It was really interesting and different. Before this night I had never experienced anything like it.

I felt very inhuman to the rest of the world. I felt though as if everyone else around me was playing the same game with me. Each time I would get a wave of energy it felt SO good. It became the point of the whole trip as soon as I figured it out. It was sort of like my being was just reoccurring some type of active stimuli. I canít really explain it because each time a wave hit me I would forget nearly everything. But as time went on things became more and more in depth. The best way I can lay out my mind at that time is like having options really. In the beginning of the trip I only had 2 or 3 options. But as time went by I had 20 to 30 options. These options though were not really options they are just an example of how much detail I had in my life. Everything was extremely simple in the beginning then slowly became more complex. From the start I only knew that I was human and I was alive. Soon a began to know that these other beings around me were human and that they were my friends. I started to remember I had cigarettes, a phone, a wallet, and other possessions. After a few hours of doing this I started to come out of it all. It was probably 4 or 5 hours after we got to the house that I felt like I was back at least somewhat into reality.

But my mind was extremely messed up from it all. I kept thinking about the trip and what it meant to me. What it all was. What was the point? It bothered the hell out of me and I couldnít figure it out. I proceeded to start walking around in Cís room and back and forth to the bathroom to help clear my mind and think a bit. No use. I tried expressing this to my friends. And as soon as I would get a clear definition in my mind of what had happened I would try to explain it and I would shortly forget almost immediately. It was really aggravating. After a while I started to have my friends worry about me a bit. This really didnít help me at all. It made me more irritated because I knew I wasnít having a bad trip, just a very strange one that had my mind very messed up.

Sometime later in the night though B and J had to leave. They promised to hangout with some other friends and they had to leave. This though has to be one of the weirdest things about acid. Saying goodbye. For whatever reason while we were saying goodbye we always had one last thing to say. It made it difficult to go our separate ways. At some point and time though we all managed to say our final goodbyes and they left. At this time I was no longer tripping and I was only hallucinating still. My strange trip was over and I was with C and E. I was still trying to figure out the trip though in my head. It had to be one of the most complex and hardest things that Iíve ever thought about in my life.

At some point and time though I came to a conclusion about humans. I felt like people were just this plague. All we were is a being with desires, needs, and wants all the time. Always consuming always complaining about something. It started to get to my head and I tried my best to just not think about it anymore.

Near the end of the day (sometime around midnight) E wanted to go. She had to drop me back off at my house considering she was the only way I would get back home. I went back home reluctantly because at that point and time I still wanted to be with my friends and try and figure it all out. Although I didnít express my reluctance I still was. When I got home I greeted my parents real quick and headed up stairs with my dog. When I got upstairs I started petting my dog and received only love back. It was a good feeling to have something there that would just give you love back
I started petting my dog and received only love back. It was a good feeling to have something there that would just give you love back
as long and I just petted it.

I logged onto my computer and checked out some stuff online and got uninterested fast. I noticed C was online and decided to start talking to her a bit. We talked about our experience and how we were feeling at the moment for a little bit. But soon I decided to start to watch a movie to help calm my brain and get it off the thoughts of this trip. I figured if I got some type of outside distraction from my trip it would kind of phase out of my head. I only watched the movie for an hour before my mother had come home from work. My parents started getting into a fight that got loud after a while. This really started to freak me out. I started thinking that my parents were going to get divorced and they were going to move away and Iíd have to leave all my friends behind. So I decided to head downstairs to get them to shut up. And they did. Apparently my presence being there while they were fighting was enough for them to stop and just go to sleep.

After more time went by I realized it was around 2 in the morning. I was still hallucinating too. I decided to call my from R because I heard he had a bad acid experience the week before and I wanted someone to talk to about my experience and get some advice in case anything happened. He calmed me down a lot by saying things like, ďDonít worry man, in the morning all the bad and strange thoughts in your head will be gone. You wonít be thinking the same anymore. Just put on some good music and relax as best as you can.Ē I took his advice and went upstairs on my computer and started listening to some of my favorite artists. It really did calm me down a lot. But I soon got bored because all I was doing was just sitting and listening. I decided to go into my room and just watch TV for a while.

I still couldnít get the trip off my mind, but I wasnít so worried about it anymore after talking to R and listening to the music. I laid in my bed and started watching some movie on TV and got really comfortable. I must of laid there for a few hours because I remember looking at the time again and it was around 4. I went back to my computer to check and see if anyone had tried to contact me. But no one had. I went straight back to bed and started watching a different movie. My head though was still on constant thought of the trip. Shortly though I was able to fall asleep. Although I didnít sleep for very long. I woke up around 9 in the morning. My parents thought it was odd I was up so early considering I usually sleep until around noon. I told them that I must of been just getting used to waking up early throughout the week. When I woke though I was still hallucinating. But for the most part the thoughts of the trip were completely erased from my mind.

I felt a lot more at ease with the rest of the world and felt so much better as a whole. I donít think I could classify my experience as a ďbad tripĒ but I know it wasnít good. It was somewhere in-between. More likely a borderline bad trip. Iíve decided though that whenever I do acid again Iím not going to take the same dose as I did that night, Iím going to dose myself a bit lower and Iím going to take a break from it for a week or two just to give my head sometime to think and recoup.

I have learned a lot though from the experience. I learned that acid is not something that you want to take very nonchalantly. Previously I was taking it like it was candy. I know now how serious this stuff is and how badly this can really mess with your head. Iíll take more precaution in the future with my dose and my surroundings.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 13, 2019Views: 697
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LSD (2) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Music Discussion (22), Various (28)

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