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Visual but Shallow
by LTS
Citation:   LTS. "Visual but Shallow: An Experience with 2C-B (exp68407)". Erowid.org. Nov 4, 2008. erowid.org/exp/68407

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-B
  T+ 3:00   repeated insufflated Cocaine
I had been curious to try 2C-B for many months since I first heard about it through some friends. I had been at a music festival one evening, sat around the campfire by the tent, and a group of my friends had returned in fits of giggles to the point where they could hardly talk. I asked what they had taken; they said 2C-B. A more sober friend informed me that it was like 'giggly, trippy MDMA.' I became immediately interested.

I spent a few months reading up on it and wishing I knew where to get this chemical. The descriptions of 'a cross between MDMA and LSD' sounded right up my street. I'd been fascinated by the effects of LSD but have always been worried that I would have a bad time - when stripped bare, my emotions tend to nosedive. I felt the MDMA-like mood elevation would secure me a more positive experience.

It emerged, a while later, that a friend of a friend from the festival was a 2C-B dealer. Excellent, I thought. And so the night before Christmas eve, I acquired 40mg 2C-B, split into two capsules, for me and a friend.

We went to a house party, with the intention of ingesting the 2C-B after we returned home. I had a few beers and a pink Motorola ecstasy tablet, my friend (A) had a few beers and two of these pills. The party died down fairly early and the host encouraged us to stay with the few that remained. We told her we had intended to take 2C-B later that night. She ensured us that we could take it there and she would act as a sober sitter. At around 1am, we obliged, and ingested 20mg 2C-B each.

I felt a little nervous, but decided the best idea was to forget I'd taken anything, let alone anything new, until I actually felt it kicking in. So I did. Sure enough, around 30 minutes later I felt the first waves of something. Difficult to describe, but just a sense that something was happening, a sort of buzzy, off-baseline feel. This came in waves over the next 30 minutes or so, building up into a speedy, energetic, sociable feeling. Some time after this, the visuals began.

Nothing particularly pronounced, and they came on slowly enough not to really be noticeable at first. A sharpening and definition to everything around me. Colours intensified and edges looked 'drawn', with a sort of 'black line' effect on the edges of objects. Everything took on a slight sci-fi feel to it: I felt a little as if I were in a movie or videogame. Walls breathed slightly and surfaces shimmered as if a bright light were reflecting off them.

Outside, the visuals were generally less pronounced, softer. I relaxed my brain and let my mind wander. A tree's branches grew and curled before my eyes, before returning to their original state. In the distance, the city looked bright, glowing, alive. Street lights trailed as I moved my head.

Basic motor skills were virtually nonexistant. Walking felt sluggish, rolling a cigarette became a ten minute challenge. Everything felt very clumsy, which sent us both into fits of giggles. Everything seemed funny, regardless of what it was. Talking became disjointed and nonsensical, as our short term memories disappeared - what was I going to say then? Why did I come in here? With this came a little restlessness, but nothing unmanagable - I just felt the need to keep moving around, talking to new people and not settling to anything.

At around 4am, the effects dropped suddenly, leaving me feeling a little cold and anxious. The visuals had mainly subsided but a slightly trippy sensation remained, though it was hard to put my finger on what. A and his girlfriend returned home at this point, and A later reported that the closed-eye visuals were too intense still for him to sleep for a good few hours. I was offered some cocaine to help settle my nerves, which I accepted. Myself an the host (the only people left in the house by this point) sat and talked in her room for a few hours, taking a little more cocaine every now and then. The effects of the 2C-B, I thought, had worn off by now.

At around 7am, I returned home and tried to sleep. I couldn't, to begin with, perhaps a combination of the cocaine and the 2C-B, and the fact that I seemed to still have residual effects of the 2C-B, including slightly audio hallucinations, where I felt sure I heard people talking downstairs in my house, but there was definitely no one there. I finally drifted off at about 8am and felt extremely fatigued upon waking at 1pm.

In retrospect, 2C-B was exactly what I wanted at the time - a visual psychedelic with little of the usual 'messiness' of the psychedelic headspace. But I came away from the experience feeling a little disappointed. Whilst I wanted a grounded experience, which I got, I had hoped for a little more depth, maybe a little introspection, while still experiencing the positive mood lift and distinctive visuals. Next time I shall try a little more, perhaps 22-25mg, to see if this produces a 'truer' psychedelic experience.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68407
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 4, 2008Views: 14,477
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2C-B (52) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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