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It Rules!!!
Citation:   MaanVis73. "It Rules!!!: An Experience with Piracetam (exp68705)". Apr 23, 2008.

T+ 0:00
3.0 g oral Piracetam
  T+ 1:10 100 mg insufflated Piracetam
  T+ 2:20 3.0 g oral Piracetam
  T+ 0:00     Alcohol - Beer/Wine
In general.
For the feeling that I could use more energy and a desire to lift my mood, I would take 3 grams and after 2h30 again 3 grams. Maybe it is more efficient to take 5 gram at once instead, but I didnít test it that way. In my experience, the initial effects of 3 gram are mild, I felt a bit more clear and calm. After the second dose I experienced a short phase of dizziness and then I wanted to lay down. Listening to music is very rewarding at that stage. After one hour I started feeling clearly more energy and happiness. At this stage dancing was delicious.

Depending on the rate of metabolism, one will start to come down after 4-5 hours, but one may want to prevent that. Therefore I would take a small third dose of f.i. 2 grams, 3-4 hours after the second dose. This will lengthen the beneficial happy-phase. When I came down, again the dizziness return for a while, but it is not bad as long as I didnít move my head to much.

During the energetic phase, my blood pressure rose by 40%, therefore it may not be recommendable for people with high blood pressure. Another effect on the body is that my poo became a little thinner, but nothing worrisome.

My experiences with mood enhancing substances involve: MDMA/XTS, THC, SSRI (Sertraline), SSRE (Tianeptine), SNRI (Mirtazapine), NDRI (Bupropion), Buspirone, Phenibut, Psylocibine (Mexican and Dutch Magic mushrooms), LSD, cocaine, codeine, Ritalin, Amphetamine (Speed), 2-ct-2, 5HTP, phenylalanine, L-Thyrosine, Ephedra, Modafinil, Peribedil, valerian, ginseng, ginko-biloba many not-so-effective herbals and God knows what elseÖ

My detailed report about Piracetam:
21 December 2007.
The mental precondition before my first time use of Piracetam, is that I feel a bit tired, fatigue, slow and dull. I mixed 2.0 gram Piracetam with orange juice and took it orally on empty stomach. I took it because it is known for its ability to chase away brain fog, which was needed.

After 45 minutes I started to feel slightly more inner calm and clear. After 1hour and 15 minutes I noticed a little light-headedness. Later on no more effects were noticed. All together, I was disappointed about its effects.

26 January 2008.
I was having a dull day, which I considered excellent to give Piracetam a second try. Letís see if it can help me out!
14h20: This time I took 3 gram (orally).
15h20: I feel a bit more clear and calm. In the mirror I notice that my eyes appear to be more relaxed.
15h30: I was not astonished by the effect until now. Iíve read that Piracetam could have a better effect when taken nasally, therefore I snorted 0.1 gram. This is a small amount, but hey, my nose is not a parking lot! It felt not too sharp in the nose, softer than other substances which I sniffed up before. Maybe I started to feel a bit more active, however Piracetam still didnít deliver any obvious desirable effect.

16h20: Iíve been to my local supermarket, always a good place to go in order to check how a new drug is affecting my functioning and my experience of the outer world. I noticed myself to be more alert and still relaxed as well.

A very pleasant effect was that I felt more in direct contact with my surroundings. The wind felt fresh, healthy and nice. Normally I would prefer gloves, a shawl and a cap (its winter in the Netherlands), but this time it felt good to be in touch with natureís raw elements of freshness and clarity. The world appeared to be a more open place and I felt in touch with it. My body posture became more upright and I felt more strong and energetic. My feet are obviously warmer; the blood circulation has increased. I felt more on the ground, connected with mother earth. Even smells were clearer.

16h40: I decided to take an additional 3 grams. This may be much, since the previous 3 grams are still building up and thus a cumulative effect will occur. In general it is recommended to take the next dose 4-5 hour later, but that would be to lengthen an appreciated effect. Since I was not satisfied by the first dose and had concluded that the first 3 grams were not sufficient to result in a truly recreational effect, I choose to add now.
17:30: I noticed that typing on the pc goes much faster and fluent.

17:40: O-o-o dear, I start to feel dizzy! For a moment I fear what might becoming, deeply regretting the decision of taking this second dose. My eyes are having more difficulty to focus. I am feeling really tired in my head and my eyes want to close. My natural way of walking is slower, however my feet still feel on the floor. My face appears a bit pale and I feel faint. I measured my blood pressure:
136/85 &70 bpm. This appears to be elevated, 115/70 is normal for me.
I needed to lay down on the couch and decided to listen to music.

19:00 YES YES YES! It has been so relaxing! The music sounded more clear and detailed than usual and my attention was completely in it. The dizziness is totally gone and I feel unusually fresh and fit, no more tiredness! Suddenly I started to dance spontaneously in my room (on music), just because it felt good, very satisfying! I was much more aware of /in-contact-with my body and felt that it desperately lacks exercise in my regular life. I felt clearer that I was getting stiff and rusty and felt what is good for me: movements. Suddenly I felt that I had to pee and this feeling was much stronger than usual, compelling and urging me to go.

Because of a more intense body awareness, I noticed that the right side of my body is more closed up than the left side and it seemed that I was able to direct an inner energy-flow so that the right side could open up and I became more balanced.
Blood pressure is still elevated.

I telephoned a friend and I was more outgoing than usual and uninhibited, I could flow and express unhindered. Piracetam has LIFTED me out of the dullness and boredom, into a sphere of feeling Alive, open and ready for it! I now clearly feel how precious life is! Physically I feel great and dancing feels so good and expressive. Normally I am too worried that the neighbors will blame me for making noise, but this time I felt the right to live and to claim my space! I just turned up the bass and enjoyed it like hell! I feel FREE!

I am not used to have this much energy and now I could do things more easily. I even started to multitask, which is close to impossible in my regular state of mind. Now, ideas are popping up spontaneously and it is no effort to execute the corresponding actions. I also feel more self-esteem, confidence and feel in The Zone: Flow. I feel attentive, centered and motivated. My eyes are more energetic, powerful, wide open and present. I have glowing blushes on my cheeks, a smile on my face and I feel happy, it IS just great!!!

Blood pressure is still climbing: 161/96 @75 bpm.
Normally I would feel tense and in a hurry, but now, in spite of the active mood and doing many different things, I still feel relaxed, at ease and enjoying a lot.

21h00: I am coming down and this is accompanied by feeling fatigue, a little light headed again, close to nausea. Blood pressure is back to normal (now 118/73 @65 bpm). My eyes are looking less energetic, but relaxed. I am also getting tired and slow in my mind. It is getting harder to think and to retrieve memories. The excessive happiness declined and I am starting to sigh at the prospect of landing into my usual state of dullness. I also started to feel more tense again.

22h30: A friend dropped by. I felt calm and at ease, closer to myself than usual. We were on the computer and I noticed seeing things more quickly than normal.

23h00: I ingested an additional 1.5 gram of Piracetam.
2h00: This time it took 2-3 hours before I got in the state of energy. But it came back and again I felt my feet getting warmer and I became more cheerful. My friend noticed it kicking in! Unfortunately it was less strong than this afternoon. We left home and went out into town. We were until 5 am in the disco and after that I went home with another friend and we were awake until 7 am!!! I felt more at ease than usual.

16h30: WOW I can never sleep that long, it was deep and refreshing. Even when I get in late, I always wake up early and rarely sleep past 12 pm. This time I slept until the amazing time of 16:30. WOW, Piracetam, youíve impressed me! Even more impressing is that normally after going out, next day I feel like crap. TodayÖ. guess what? I feel great and confident and energetic again (while I didnít take any activating substance today, not even caffeine). Interesting to know is that Piracetam tolerates the use of alcohol, I had a few beers, however I think it flattens the energetic and cheerful effect, since alcohol is a downer while Piracetam is an upper.

When I left my friendís place, I had to walk home. I was surprised to see that again the colors appeared more bright and alive, everything just looked more fresh and clear. It was like my eyesight was enhanced. When I called a friend I immediately took the lead instead of my usual kind of passive reactions. During the walk home I noticed that there was more energy in my calf muscles and my walk had little jumps for joy in it!

In short: Piracetam Rules!!!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68705
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 23, 2008Views: 86,934
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Piracetam (95) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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